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We believe that everyone has the right to an affordable, quality education.

As a society, we uphold the notion that it's a good thing – the very basis of hope and the key to the promise of upward mobility. But brutally high fees and an educational system slow to realize that everyone learns differently have created a paradox. Learning should be fun and accessible to everyone, but in many cases, it simply isn't. At, we aim to deliver a better way to learn – one that lets you learn what you want, the way you want, and in a way you can afford. We want to empower you to become that better version of yourself education is supposed to allow.

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Sterile Supply Technician Training and Education Program Overviews

A central sterile supply and processing technician stocks and sterilizes the supplies used in operating rooms during surgeries. Individuals aspiring to the profession can enroll in a Central...

Surgeon Education Requirements and Career Information

Surgeons require a significant amount of formal education. Learn more about the education requirements and job duties to find out if a surgeon's career is right for you.

Become a Behavioral Counselor: Step-by-Step Career Guide

Learn how to become a behavioral counselor. Research the education requirements, training, licensure information and experience you will need to start a career in behavioral counseling.

Salary and Career Info for an Industrial Design Masters Degree

Master's degrees in industrial design typically cover engineering, design and projects. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary...

How to Become an Insulation Worker: Career Requirements and Info
Learn how to become an insulation worker. Research the education requirements, training information and experience required for starting a...
How to Be a Banker: Education and Career Roadmap
Learn about the steps in becoming a banker. Research the various education and career requirements, licensure and experience required for...
Online Classes and Courses for Automotive Mechanics
Online courses for automotive mechanics may be available fully online or in a hybrid format. Due to the hands-on technical nature of...
Become an Immunologist: Education and Career Roadmap
Learn how to become an immunologist. Research the education and career requirements, licensure information and experience required for...
TOEFL iBT: Test Prep and Practice

Learn about the TOEFL iBT, the exam that assesses your English comprehension skills as a non-native English speaker. This...

How to Become a Certified ESL Teacher

Research the requirements to become a certified ESL teacher. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the...

College English Classes and Degree Options Online

Numerous colleges and universities offer online English classes and degree options. Keep reading to learn more about these...

Chinese Language Course and Class Information

The study of a foreign language is a requirement for almost all bachelor's degree programs. When used to meet this requirement,...

Recently updated content

Emotional Intelligence: Help & Review

This Emotional Intelligence: Help and Review course can help you get ready for an exam, complete a homework assignment or simply expand your emotional intelligence...

  • Government 101: Intro to Government
  • Smarter Balanced Assessments - Math Grade 6: Test Prep & Practice
  • UExcel Psychology of Adulthood & Aging: Study Guide & Test Prep
  • ACT Math Prep: Review & Practice

    As you prepare for the ACT Math exam, check out our comprehensive and engaging review course. The video lessons and self-assessment quizzes cover all the topics you could...

  • Ohio Assessments for Educators - Biology: Practice & Study Guide
  • US Citizenship Study Guide
  • Common Core Math Grade 6 - Ratios & Proportional Relationships: Standards

    Diversify your ratios and proportional relationships instruction and help your students meet the Common Core Mathematics Standards for grade 6 by including these lessons in...

  • UExcel Anatomy and Physiology I: Study Guide & Test Prep
  • UExcel Physics: Study Guide & Test Prep
  • Geometry and Trigonometry in Calculus: Help and Review

    The Geometry and Trigonometry in Calculus chapter of this College Calculus Help and Review course is the simplest way to master geometry and trig in calculus. This chapter...

  • Work Teams: Help and Review
  • 9th Grade Dramatic Literature: Help and Review
  • British Fiction for 9th Grade: Tutoring Solution
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire: Help and Review
  • Business Marketing and Marketing Research: Help and Review

    The Business Marketing and Marketing Research chapter of this Principles of Marketing Help and Review course is the simplest way to master marketing and marketing research for...

  • The Early Middle Ages: Help and Review
  • Elements of 9th Grade Grammar: Homework Help
  • The Legal Environment: Tutoring Solution
  • Review of Inorganic Chemistry For Biologists: Help and Review
  • Product Liability and Consumer Protection: Tutoring Solution

    The Product Liability and Consumer Protection chapter of this Introductory Business Law Tutoring Solution is a flexible and affordable path to learning about product liability...

  • Running Water: Homework Help
  • Pricing Strategy in Marketing: Homework Help
  • Fluids in Physics
  • Torts in Business Law: Help and Review
  • The Iliad Book 6 Summary

    Now that the gods have left the battlefield, the bloodshed continues between the Trojans and the Achaeans. Hector returns to the city for a brief time in Book 6 of Homer's...

  • The Mismeasure of Man Summary
  • Nature vs. Nurture Debate: History & Examples
  • What is the Excise Tax? - Definition & Overview
  • Paris in The Iliad
  • The Iliad Book 3 Summary

    In Book 3 of Homer's 'The Iliad', Menelaus and Paris attempt to end the war by engaging in a single combat for Helen, but the interference of the goddess Aphrodite makes the...

  • Optic Nerve: Definition & Function
  • Gil Scott-Heron: Biography & Poems
  • All the King's Men by Warren: Summary, Characters & Analysis
  • Kurt Vonnegut: Biography & Books
  • How Much Does the GMAT Test Cost?

    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is used by business schools to assess the academic abilities of program applicants. Learn about the cost of the GMAT and find...

  • Essay Prompts, Rubric & Instructions for English Literature
  • Sequence of Events Lesson Plan
  • How Long is the LSAT?
  • Script Writing Prompts
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