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We believe that everyone has the right to an affordable, quality education.

As a society, we uphold the notion that it's a good thing – the very basis of hope and the key to the promise of upward mobility. But brutally high fees and an educational system slow to realize that everyone learns differently have created a paradox. Learning should be fun and accessible to everyone, but in many cases, it simply isn't. At, we aim to deliver a better way to learn – one that lets you learn what you want, the way you want, and in a way you can afford. We want to empower you to become that better version of yourself education is supposed to allow.

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Anesthesiologist: Education Requirements and Career Information

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an anesthesiologist. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about training, job duties and licensure and...

Top Schools with Geography Masters Programs: List of Best Schools

Find out the degree and concentration options for master's degrees in geography at two top schools that offer these programs. Discover school rankings and programs requirements.

How to Become an Anesthesiologist: Education and Career Roadmap

Find out how to become an anesthesiologist. Research the education and training requirements, and learn about the experience you need to advance your career in anesthesiology.

How to Become an International Lawyer: Education and Career Roadmap

Research the requirements to become an international lawyer. Learn about the job description and duties and read the step-by-step process to start a career as an international lawyer.

Online Wedding Planner Schools: How to Choose
Learn about important considerations when selecting an online wedding planner school. Keep reading to get an overview of the program...
Help Desk Support Professional: Job Description & Career Info
Learn about the education and training needed to become a help desk support professional. Read on to learn more about degree programs, job...
Top Schools for Fashion Merchandising
Read about specialized fashion programs that can help students acquire the business skills they need to pursue a merchandising career is...
List of Top Online Computer Science Schools
Learn about the best schools with computer science programs. See school rankings, degree options and school locations, and compare...
TOEFL iBT: Test Prep and Practice

Learn about the TOEFL iBT, the exam that assesses your English comprehension skills as a non-native English speaker. This...

How to Become a Certified ESL Teacher

Research the requirements to become a certified ESL teacher. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the...

College English Classes and Degree Options Online

Numerous colleges and universities offer online English classes and degree options. Keep reading to learn more about these...

Chinese Language Course and Class Information

The study of a foreign language is a requirement for almost all bachelor's degree programs. When used to meet this requirement,...

Recently updated content

Illinois TAP - Test of Academic Proficiency: Practice & Study Guide

Let us help you build confidence ahead of the Illinois TAP - Test of Academic Proficiency exam by using this course to review topics in mathematics, reading and...

  • Middle School Earth Science: Homeschool Curriculum
  • College Algebra: Certificate Program
  • College Chemistry: Certificate Program
  • Making Legal & Ethical Business Decisions

    This corporate training course helps your employees understand the principles involved in making legal and ethical business decisions. Video lessons and interactive quizzes...

  • Educational Psychology: Tutoring Solution
  • CAHSEE English Exam: Help and Review
  • Precalculus Algebra: Certificate Program

    By watching our short video lessons and taking our fun multiple-choice quizzes in this course, you can earn a precalculus algebra certificate. In just about two weeks,...

  • SAT Prep: Practice & Study Guide
  • Common Core Math Grade 8 - The Number System: Standards
  • Reconstruction: AP US History Lesson Plans

    The Reconstruction chapter of this course is designed to help you plan and teach about reconstruction efforts in the South after the American Civil War in your classroom....

  • 6th-8th Grade Algebra: Writing & Solving Two-Step Equations
  • Phase Changes for Liquids and Solids: Homeschool Curriculum
  • Understanding Essays Lesson Plans
  • Factitious Disorders in Abnormal Psychology Lesson Plans
  • Receivables in Accounting Lesson Plans

    The Receivables in Accounting chapter of this course is designed to help you plan and teach the meaning of terms such as receivables management and notes receivable to students...

  • The Legal Environment Lesson Plans
  • Solutions in Chemistry: Homeschool Curriculum
  • Literary Time Periods Lesson Plans
  • Psychotic Disorders in Abnormal Psychology Lesson Plans
  • 6th-8th Grade Math: Consumer Math

    Designed with 6th-8th graders in mind, the fun video lessons in this chapter provide explanations and examples for common consumer math problems. Students can use the videos...

  • Contract Law Basics Lesson Plans
  • 3rd Grade Math: Probability & Statistics
  • 6th-8th Grade Algebra: Basic Algebraic Expressions
  • Securities Markets & Business Lesson Plans
  • Geometric Proofs: Definition and Format

    Do you have something to prove? Can you explain why? In this lesson, we'll learn all about geometric proofs, including the parts that comprise a proof.

  • Setting Business Department Goals
  • Regulatory Agencies: Definition, Role & Impact on Business
  • The Redeemers: Definition & History
  • Importance of Controlled Tests in Scientific Research
  • What is Project Risk Management? - Definition, Process & Examples

    In this lesson, we'll explore the definition and elements of risk management within project management, learning ways to ensure your project is successful. We'll study how to...

  • The Adaptive Expectations Hypothesis
  • Surplus in Economics: Definition & Overview
  • Employee Feedback Methods: Surveys & Questions
  • What is Quantitative Easing? - Definition, History & Effects
  • Critical Success Factors in Project Management

    In this lesson you will learn about critical success factors. We will define the term and explore some of the important concepts pertaining to critical success factors.

  • What is the Rule of 72 in Finance? - Definition & Formula
  • What Is Employee Engagement? - Definition, Strategies & Examples
  • Riemann Sums: Formula & Concept
  • What is Physical Organic Chemistry?
  • and Excelsior College

    Learn how you can earn your degree from a respected non-profit university using your employer's tuition assistance program.

  • How Long is the TABE Test?
  • Free ACT Math Practice
  • How to Pass an Excel Test
  • What is On the MCAT?
  • Quiz & Worksheet - The Evaluation of Data

    Test your knowledge of how to evaluate data with these practice questions. The interactive quiz and printable worksheet can help ensure your understanding and aid in your...

  • Quiz & Worksheet - Angles Formed by a Transversal
  • Quiz & Worksheet - Casualties During the Civil War
  • Quiz & Worksheet - Calculator Use on ACT Math
  • Quiz & Worksheet - Applications of Proportion
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