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We believe that everyone has the right to an affordable, quality education.

As a society, we uphold the notion that it's a good thing – the very basis of hope and the key to the promise of upward mobility. But brutally high fees and an educational system slow to realize that everyone learns differently have created a paradox. Learning should be fun and accessible to everyone, but in many cases, it simply isn't. At, we aim to deliver a better way to learn – one that lets you learn what you want, the way you want, and in a way you can afford. We want to empower you to become that better version of yourself education is supposed to allow.

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Penn Foster | Career Diploma: Pharmacy Technician

Penn Foster Career School's Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma Program is designed to train students in receiving, verifying, and preparing prescriptions as a pharmacist's assistant. Read more...

Penn Foster Career School | Career Diploma: Guest Service Agent

Penn Foster Career School's Guest Service Agent Career Diploma Program is designed for individuals interested in an entry-level career in the fast-growing hospitality industry. Find out more...

Penn Foster Career School | Career Diploma: Security Guard

Penn Foster Career School's Security Guard Training Program is designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills that will help them take their first step towards a career in security...

Penn Foster Career School | Career Diploma: Home Health Aide

Individuals interested in seeking a career providing personal care and assistance to clients in a home or community setting might consider the Home Health Aide Diploma Program at Penn Foster...

Online Radiation Therapy Schools: How to Choose
Learn about important considerations when selecting an online radiation therapy school. Read more to get an overview of the program options,...
How to Become a Family Law Mediator: Education and Career Roadmap
Research the requirements to become a family law mediator. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the step-by-step process to...
Operations Assistant: Job Description & Requirements
Operations assistants typically require little formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and requirements to see if this is the...
Online Network Engineering Courses and Classes
Network engineering courses can be found in fully online formats. Networks are studied as part of various computer-related degrees at all...
TOEFL iBT: Test Prep and Practice

Learn about the TOEFL iBT, the exam that assesses your English comprehension skills as a non-native English speaker. This...

How to Become a Certified ESL Teacher

Research the requirements to become a certified ESL teacher. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the...

College English Classes and Degree Options Online

Numerous colleges and universities offer online English classes and degree options. Keep reading to learn more about these...

Chinese Language Course and Class Information

The study of a foreign language is a requirement for almost all bachelor's degree programs. When used to meet this requirement,...

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8th Grade Life Science: Enrichment Program

This 8th Grade Life Science enrichment course helps students start learning life science before taking the course in middle school. The short video lessons make...

  • TExES Mathematics 4-8 Exam: Study Guide & Review
  • Psychology 108: Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
  • High School Psychology Syllabus Resource & Lesson Plans
  • Psychology 108: Psychology of Adulthood and Aging

    Take Psychology 108: Psychology of Adulthood and Aging if you want a fast and inexpensive way to earn transferable college credits in psychology. This self-paced and...

  • Common Core Math Grade 8 - Functions: Standards
  • Anthropology 101: General Anthropology
  • Introduction to Political Science: Help and Review

    Get the most out of your Introduction to Political Science classes by taking our interactive review course. Use these fun video lessons and self-assessment quizzes as a...

  • Life Span Developmental Psychology for Teachers: Professional Development
  • Bud, Not Buddy Study Guide
  • Promotion & Advertising

    Our video lessons and quizzes can help you understand how promotion and advertising work with marketing in business. These lessons cover various types of product promotion...

  • Magnetism Concepts
  • Create a Chart in Excel
  • Praxis Biology: Chemical Reactions
  • Weight Management & Energy Needs
  • NYSTCE English Language Arts: World Literature

    Prepare for your NYSTCE English Language Arts test with our online study guide. Video lessons with quizzes can give you an interactive overview of world literature.

  • Constitutional Democracy
  • Praxis Biology: Laboratory Equipment & Measurements
  • Working with Higher-Degree Polynomials
  • Customizing Options & Views in Excel
  • Education Court Cases, Legislation, and Federal Documents

    Watch video lessons on education court cases, legislation and federal documents and learn about Brown versus Board of Education, No Child Left Behind, Title IX and much more. ...

  • Continuous Probability Distributions
  • CSET Math: Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
  • CSET Math: Functions
  • Newton's Laws in Astronomy
  • Lewis Henry Morgan: Theory & Biography

    In this lesson, you'll learn about Lewis Henry Morgan, the American anthropologist who studied native populations around the world to form his famous theories on social...

  • Patterns of Anabolic Steroid Use & Abuse
  • Natural Rate of Unemployment: Graphs & Analysis
  • How to Calculate a Tip
  • Revising & Strengthening Narrative Writing
  • Evaluate Themes from English Literature Readings

    Ready to practice what you've learned about English literature? This lesson includes five short-response prompts for you to use to apply your understanding of themes in English...

  • Calculating Total Cost: Relationship with Units & Rate
  • Analyze Literary Techniques in American Literature Readings
  • Gay Rights Movement: Timeline & Activism
  • Revising & Strengthening Narrative Writing
  • SAT Subject Tests: Registration & Test Dates

    SAT Subject Tests demonstrate a student's proficiency in a single academic area, such as a foreign language, mathematics, literature or history. Learn how and when to...

  • Nebraska State Math Standards
  • How to Create a Classroom on
  • Homeschooling in Massachusetts
  • Articles of Confederation Lesson Plan
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