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Question 1 1. A plan developed by an organization that consists of the company's product/service mix and how that product/service will be offered to consumers is referred to as a _____.

Question 2 2. Assess the form of advertising that uses technology to inform consumers of a product or service.

Question 3 3. If a spa offers a unique experience of underwater massage that can only be found at their location, this is an example of which of the following?

Question 4 4. Which of the following would be considered a social influence on a company?

Question 5 5. Now that Rob has bought his new car he is talking to his friends and family about how fast the car is, how much it saves him in gas, and the overall performance of the car. Which stage of the consumer decision-making process is Rob in?

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Question 6 6. Which of the following refers to generally held beliefs that closely connect to culture about what is acceptable and desirable?

Question 7 7. Which of the following is a step in the consumer decision-making process?

Question 8 8. Analyze which of the following is NOT a way that consumers recognize an unfulfilled want or need.

Question 9 9. When a channel eliminates the difference between the amount of product produced and the amount an end user wants to buy, they are helping overcome what type of discrepancy?

Question 10 10. Training and set procedures are examples of which type of service?

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Question 11 11. A large technology company who sold their tablets to Cheap-Mart decided to also build their own stores and offer the same product in same shopping plaza. Which of the following conflicts best describe this scenario?

Question 12 12. The different tools and methods used to get your message out is

Question 13 13. Which of the following is an example of competitive advantage?

Question 14 14. What is a strategic alternative?

Question 15 15. The Dog Bone Company is creating a competitive advantage by using niche marketing, what information should they use to target dog owners?

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Question 16 16. Thomas owns a large IT company. He attempts to gain an upper hand in the market by using very skilled workers and inexpensive raw materials. Overall, he is very focused on controlling the costs in order to maximize the value of his products to consumers. How is this an example of cost-competitive advantage?

Question 17 17. What part of the promotional mix allows a one-on-one relationship to develop between the consumer and company?

Question 18 18. How is brand switching utilized in a business?

Question 19 19. What is the purpose of using trade sales promotions rather than a pull strategy?

Question 20 20. Advertising plays an integral role in _____.

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Question 21 21. Which is the BEST example of geographic market segmentation?

Question 22 22. Which of the following segmentation methods is a marketing team using if they segment the market based on examining potential customers' personalities, motives and lifestyles ?

Question 23 23. Which of the following is an example of product development?

Question 24 24. A local pizza restaurant decides to send flyers and menus to only people within their town, and the next town over. Which type of market segmentation did the pizza restaurant use?

Question 25 25. What are quantities set of how much of a specific product is allowed into a country during a time period?

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Question 26 26. What is it called when a domestic firm buys part of a foreign company or partners with a foreign company to create a new business?

Question 27 27. Craig's Cogs wants to enter a foreign market by placing a factory in that county. Craig's Cogs is using which entry technique?

Question 28 28. A company believes the best approach to introduce their product to a foreign market would be a high-risk approach where they would become active owners and build new factories there. What is an advantage commonly associated with such an approach?

Question 29 29. Which of the four Business Markets buy goods and services only to support their internal operations?

Question 30 30. Rita owns a clothing store where she buys all of her merchandise from a manufacturer and sells them to the consumers. Which type of business market is Rita's clothing store?

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Question 31 31. Which of the following people help with evaluating the business product and usually has technical or specific information to help make a decision?

Question 32 32. John is doing research to determine how a customer reacts when a male asks customers for help, and when a female asks customers for help. Which type of research is being performed by John?

Question 33 33. From a customer perspective, relationship selling is better than traditional selling because _____.

Question 34 34. When the farmer is ready to close the deal, what should he do next?

Question 35 35. Under relationship selling theory, when a salesperson provides information with no expectation of a quick sale, it is called _____.

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Question 36 36. Inflation is defined as _____.

Question 37 37. What is described as good or bad behavior?

Question 38 38. For every pair of shoes purchased, Tom's Shoes donates shoes to needy children around the world. What market orientation does Tom's use?

Question 39 39. What is the definition of ethics?

Question 40 40. When two parties agree such that an object is given for an equivalent object of similar value, this is called...

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Question 41 41. The Technology Advancement Company has high marketing costs, but their competition is low. What part of the product life cycle is the company operating in?

Question 42 42. When marketing a domestic product to a foreign country or culture, marketers may need to make changes to which of the four P's in their marketing mix in order to suit the foreign market?

Question 43 43. Why is it important to understand the dimensions of retail strategy?

Question 44 44. There is a new product called The Comfy Glovey. It is a new type of glove that is not known. The consumer will ask many questions because the company and the product are unknown. Which stage of customer adoption is The Comfy Glovey operating in?

Question 45 45. How can a marketer of potato chips maintain sales during a period of inflation?

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Question 46 46. Which type of purchase decision is the most likely to result in post-purchase dissonance?

Question 47 47. Which is an example of a market discrepancy of assortment?

Question 48 48. How does a large company place its SBU's on the portfolio matrix ?

Question 49 49. What are advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion called?

Question 50 50. The Big Button Remote Company decides to use an elderly couple in its advertisement for a new remote device. The company's marketing team realizes a majority of their customers are elderly and wants to focus their marketing budget on their target audience. Which type of market segmentation is the company using?

Business 102: Principles of Marketing Final Exam Instructions

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