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How It Works offers an extensive library of video lessons in most high school and college subjects to help students improve their grades, dramatically reduce tuition costs.

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  • Improve Your Grades Explore video lessons that help you better understand class material and study for your next test.
  • Earn College Credit Take fun, convenient courses to earn transferable college credit that can cut the cost of your degree by up to 50%.
  • Use in Your Classroom Reinforce class concepts with video lessons that you can assign to your students or show in class.

How To Improve Your Grades:

  • 1. Explore Lessons

    We have over 8,500 lessons in math, English, science, history and more. Our lessons are organized by course, which means you'll be able to find everything you're learning in your class.

  • 2. Watch Videos

    Video lessons are less than 10 minutes long, so you can study in small doses. Our expert instructors make concepts easy to understand with concrete examples and simple explanations.

  • 3. Quiz Yourself

    See how much you've learned by taking the short quiz after each lesson. You'll get your score instantly and can see what you've mastered and what you need to review.

  • 4. Get Help

    Still struggling? Ask our expert instructors for extra help. They'll give you personal explanations of difficult concepts.

How To Earn College Credit:

  • 1. Choose a Course

    Our courses cover all of the courses typically taken in the first two years of college. If you need help deciding which course is right for you, our Guidance Experts are here to help with personalized advice.

  • 2. Learn

    Watch the video lessons and quiz yourself along the way to see how much you're learning. Your personal course page tells you what you've learned and what you still need to study.

  • 3. Earn Credit

    Take the credit-granting exam paired with your course to earn credit that can be transferred to over 2,900 colleges. Registering for the exam is easy. Click here for more details about how to earn credit.

  • 4. Transfer Credit

    Easily apply credits towards your degree by transferring them to your college or university. For each course you test out of, you could save over $1,000!

How To Use In Your Classroom:

  • 1. Choose a lesson

    Browse our library of 8,500 lessons across almost every subject. You can also select from over 200 high school and college courses to find a sequence of lessons that matches your curriculum.

  • 2. Teach

    Save time on planning by showing lessons to your class, flipping your classroom, and assigning videos for homework. K-12 teachers can even find lessons that are aligned to the Common Core standards.

  • 3. Assign

    Your students get exclusive access to our lessons and quizzes. Assign lessons as homework, share them as extra review material, or send to students who need extra help.

  • 4. Track Student Progress

    Get updates on whether your students are mastering the material. Whenever you assign a lesson, students can send you their quiz scores so you can see what they've learned and what they're struggling with.

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