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Our Instructors Instructors's 53 instructors are subject matter experts. Many have taught at world-class institutions such as Stanford University and Northwestern University. All of them are rockstars at teaching in a fun, simple and engaging way. If you want to contribute to this project, you can apply here to become an instructor.

Director of Education

Jessica Bayliss, M.S.

Jessica Bayliss Jessica is our Director of Education and leads the development of's courses. She has 10 years of experience in education and online teaching. Her work with students of all age levels drives her belief in the power of online resources to make higher education more affordable and efficient. Jessica's favorite part of the day is reading feedback from's students. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois and a master's degree in instructional technology from Texas A&M - Kingsville.


Greg Chin, Ph.D.

Greg Chin, Ph.D. Greg has taught genetics, molecular biology, and general biology to high school, collegiate, and post-graduate students at Stanford University, the University of California, Los Angeles, Santa Clara University and the Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He has also taught science workshops for the general public and led biology teacher enrichment workshops throughout the U.S. He received a B.S. in Genetics from the University of California, Davis, and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. Find out how your genes work in Greg's introduction to genetics video lesson!

Marguerite Desko, Ph.D.

Marguerite Desko, Ph.D. Marguerite earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry in 2009 from Stanford University, where she studied carbohydrates attached to biological molecules. After graduating, she moved to Bangladesh as an inaugural faculty member at the Asian University for Women, where she helped to develop an innovative, hands-on science curriculum. Since returning from Asia, she has immersed herself in the innovative Silicon Valley culture at a clinical research startup and continues to excite people about science. Learn about organic chemistry in Marguerite's lessons on organic molecules.

Josh Anderson, Ph.D.

Josh Anderson, Ph.D. Josh received his B.S. in Biological Sciences from University of California, Davis, and his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from University of California, San Francisco, before working as a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. He has conducted scientific research in immunology, virology, human genetics, molecular biology, cancer biology, developmental biology and cardiovascular biology. He has also mentored and taught undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. Josh teaches you everything about physiology in lessons on red blood cells and more.

Kristin Born, M.S.

Kristin King, M.S. Kristin is extremely passionate about education and using technology to differentiate instruction and enhance the traditional classroom experience. She has taught physical science and many levels of chemistry from introductory to AP chemistry in a variety of different educational settings and she holds a B.S. and a M.S. in Chemistry from South Dakota State University. She is excited about's goal in making education accessible and understandable. Watch Kristen's video on the properties of matter.

Danielle Weber, M.Ed.

Danielle Weber, M.Ed. Danielle currently teaches high school Biology and Biomedical Science in Stamford, CT. She has also taught Physical Science and Life Science as well as participated in summer enrichment programs focusing on STEM skills. She earned her B.S. in Biology and Secondary Science Education at Elon University in North Carolina before completing her M. Ed. from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a focus on science and the public. Learn more about reflexes in Danielle's innate behavior lesson.

April Koch M.Ed.

April Koch M.Ed. April is a dynamic teacher who enjoys bringing science to students in new, exciting ways. She completed her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in secondary science at the University of Delaware after earning a B.S. in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina. April has taught high school Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology and led school outreaches and field studies as an Environmental Educator with Delaware Nature Society. Follow the steps of scientific discovery in April's lesson on DNA replication.

John Simmons, Ph.D.

John Simmons, Ph.D. John earned his Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1994. John has taught college-level science courses since 1994 and online since 2001. John currently teaches online for South University, Excelsior College and Ohio Christian University. John also serves as a course developer/subject matter expert for South University and Ohio Christian University. Learn the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy in John's lesson on different energy types.

Peter Jaeger, M.S.

Peter Jaeger, M.S. Peter received his B.S. in Natural Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his M.S. from UW-Stevens Point in Natural Resources. He has been working to inspire 6-12 grade students in the Marshall Public School system to love science and see connections to their everyday life. He also has developed and taught Natural Science, Environmental Science and Critical Thinking to undergraduates at Lakeland College in Wisconsin using both traditional and online formats. Learn why the continents seem to fit together in Pete's lesson on the mechanics of continental drift.

Adrienne Brundage, Ph.D.

Adrienne Brundage, Ph.D. Adrienne has taught biology, entomology, and forensics courses at the college level since 1999. While at Texas A&M University, she developed workshops for students of all ages exploring the world of forensic science and biology. Dr. Brundage received her BS in Plant Protection Sciences from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, MS in Organismal Biology from San Jose State University, and PhD in Entomology from Texas A&M. In her spare time, she volunteers her science expertise at a local brewery.

Jill M. Ross, M.A.

Jill M. Ross, M.A. Jill is a biology teacher and library media specialist in New Jersey. Her teaching style is based around her love of using technology and real world scenarios in class to make learning engaging. Jill has also worked with the NJ Department of Education and local colleges to develop curriculum in Career & Technical Education such as Science & Sustainability and Biotechnology. She earned a B.S. in Health Studies from Boston University and a Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology from Seton Hall University. Learn how your cells store and use energy in Jill's lesson on cellular respiration.

Becky Gillaspy, D.C.

Becky Gillaspy, D.C. Becky attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991. She has years of experience teaching college-level health courses, first at a local college and later online. Becky has a particular passion for teaching personal and environmental health-related courses because the content of these lessons can lead to a better and healthier life, which reaches beyond school and a career.

Elizabeth Wood, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Wood, Ph.D. Elizabeth has taught genetics, general biology, biotechnology, biological anthropology and many other courses at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College. She has also led workshops for attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals on interpreting DNA forensic profiles for use in the courtroom. She received her B.A. in Biological Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona. Her specific area of expertise is human population genetics.

Amy Meyers, M.S.

Amy Meyers, M.S. Amy teaches biology, earth science and physics to students at a variety of levels. In addition to her position as a high school science teacher, she works on-line for Lamar University in Texas teaching science to post-graduate students. Having received her teaching credentials through Western Governor's online university, Amy believes whole-heartedly in the power of distance learning. Amy holds a BA in Biology from UC Santa Cruz and a Master of Science from UC Los Angeles.

Heather Adewale Ph.D.

Heather Adewale Ph.D. Heather received her Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC, where she researched the effects of environmental compounds that interfere with reproductive and neuroendocrine development. During her graduate work, she earned the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching with a focus on Life Sciences and completed the Preparing the Professoriate program. Her interests lie in the areas of reproduction, neurobiology and endocrinology. At NCSU she taught the Management of Reproduction in Zoological Animals as well as introductory biology labs.

Kristin Klucevsek, Ph.D.

Kristin Klucevsek, Ph.D. Kristin earned her BS in Biology from the University of Maine and her PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh, with a minor in teaching higher education. She has taught and mentored students both in the classroom and at the lab bench, doing scientific research in genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology. With a special interest in passing on a fascination for life and the cells that comprise it, Kristin enjoys helping students connect biology to the world they live in. Learn why our cells both love and fear water in Kristin's lesson on the phospholipid bilayer.


Luke Winspur, M.A.

Luke Winspur, M.A. Luke has taught a wide range of math lessons to middle, high school, and college students at various schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently teaches Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 in Cupertino, California. He also teaches a summer school course designed to motivate and prepare incoming high school students for the transition to high school math. Luke graduated from the University of California-Santa Cruz in Mathematics Education and Economics. He has also received a M.A. in Education from UC-Santa Cruz. Find out Luke's secret to solving equations!

Erin Lennon, Ph.D.

Erin Lennon, Ph.D. Erin has been bringing math and science to the masses from the grade school to post-graduate level. At the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Northwestern University, she developed undergraduate and graduate level courses, including an introductory science, technology and society course for non-majors. Dr. Lennon received a BA in Engineering from Scripps College, B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington, and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. See how Erin applies calculus to the real world in her video lesson on the Squeeze Theorem.

Kathryn Maloney, M.S.

Kathryn Maloney, M.S. Kathryn has been using her computer skills and mathematics expertise for many years assisting community college students. She was a full-time college-based mathematics tutor for ten years before earning her Master's in Learning and Technology from Western Governors University. Her capstone project was developing an online word problems workshop. She currently teaches part-time online for a US college and on-campus at the College of Micronesia in Pohnpei. You can learn about properties of sets as she examines the clothes in her closet.


Jennifer Lombardo, MBA

Jennifer Lombardo, MBA Jennifer teaches tomorrow's business leaders the fundamentals of social media, marketing, and more. She received both her undergraduate degree and MBA in marketing from Rowan University, Glassboro, N.J. She spent ten years in consumer marketing for companies such as Nielsen Marketing Research, The Dial Corporation and Mattel Toys. She is currently an adjunct professor of marketing at Rowan University and a social media marketing consultant. Watch Jennifer's lesson on the four different orientations of marketing.

Sherri Hartzell, MBA & Ed.D.

Sherri Hartzell, MBA and Ed.D. Sherri has held Instructional Design, Academic Affairs, and Faculty positions at the University of Phoenix, Western International University, and Phoenix College. She understands contemporary students want to learn things that are practical and transferable into the real world. Dr. Hartzell holds a BS in Communication from Arizona State University, a MBA, and an Ed.D. in Leadership and Technology from the University of Phoenix Online. Sherri teaches you about the qualities of a great manager.

Jill Heaney, DBA & M.S.

Jill Heaney, DBA & M.S. Jill has taught business and information technology courses to college students both online and on-campus. She also taught for The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Currently, she teaches courses for the University of Phoenix and Everest University Online. Jill received a B.S. in Communications & Computer Technology and a M.S. in Information Technology & Leadership from Duquesne University. She earned her Doctorate in Business Administration from Argosy University. Learn about the Internet , from its origins to the meaning of associated acronyms like TCP/IP.

Lori Jacobson, MBA

Lori Jacobson, MBA Lori received her MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University and a BA in Management and Organizational Development at Spring Arbor University. While Lori was finishing AAS degrees in Business Administration and Accounting at Kellogg Community College, she realized her true vocation lay in teaching at the post-secondary level. She began teaching for KCC, then several community colleges. Lori taught all Accounting Assistant program core courses at North Idaho College and business, computer and accounting courses at Bay College. Learn how the four basic steps of an information system apply to a restaurant customer.

Lee Webber, M.S.

Lee Webber, M.S. Lee has taught a wide range of computer software, hardware, programming, and business approaches to college students at DeVry, ITT Tech, several community colleges, and to customers and employees of McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. His approach is "hands on", immersing students in the topic they are learning, be it CAD/CAM, programming, systems analysis and design, or operating systems. Lee received a BA in Communications from Loyola University, Los Angeles (now Loyola Marymount University), and a Masters in Information Systems Management from the Keller Graduate School of Management, Long Beach, CA.

Kat Kadian-Baumeyer, M.S.

Kat Kadian-Baumeyer, M.S. Kat earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Felician College and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership/ Management from Thomas Edison State College. She currently teaches at several online institutions. She is an instructor at New Jersey City University Online, teaching Principles of Management as well as Travel and Tourism, Hospitality Management. Kat is also an instructor at New England Culinary Institute Online and Monroe College Online. Learn how to maintain a happy and productive staff in Kat's lesson on Fayol's theory of management.

Rob Wengrzyn, MBA

Rob Wengrzyn, MBA Rob has had the opportunity to manage individuals and market products worldwide. His experience in a variety of vertical markets along with a wide range of products make him a very well-rounded business professional. Upon obtaining his MBA in Management, Rob has lead several organizations to success by employing strategic planning, management and marketing principles to teams that were hungry to learn and grow.

Kelly Roach, MMC

Kelly Roach, MMC Kelly considers herself a coach for her students, guiding them through current trends and real-world examples to help them understand the most current concepts in marketing and communications. She received her BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, and spent several years working in marketing and corporate communications before earning a Master of Mass Communication from Arizona State University. She teaches courses in consumer behavior and communications at Grand Canyon University. Kelly explores how marketers get inside our heads in her lesson on consumer behavior theory.


Max Pfingsten, M.A. & M.Ed.

Max Pfingsten, M.A. & M.Ed. Max has taught classics, history and philosophy at a variety of levels at the Dikemes Academy in Athens, the Boulder Valley School District, University of Colorado at Boulder and the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA). He received a B.A. in Classics from Depauw University, a M.A. in Classics from University of Colorado at Boulder, and a M.Ed. from Jones International University. See Socrates come to life in Max's lesson on the life, death, and philosophy of the great Socrates.

Clint Hughes, M.S.

Clint Hughes, M.S. Clint has a varied academic resume. It includes degrees in U.S. and world history, speech communications and Drama, and Education. His most recent path of study has taken him to completing his M.S. in Instructional Design. Having taught high school and college courses in his different areas of study, Clint has spent most of his career running his own business. As a leader in an instructor based business, Clint has developed the skills necessary to convey the important information students need in an easy to understand and useful manner. See Clint's fun and creative history lesson on Incan civilization.

Alexandra Lutz, B.S.Ed.

Alexandra Lutz, B.S.Ed. Alexandra has taught students at every age level from pre-school through adult in the United States, South Korea and online, primarily at the high school level. Since earning her degree from Taylor University in 1996 with an English major and Psychology minor, Alex has taught a variety of subjects in the Language Arts and Social Studies, but she is most passionate about U.S. History. In addition to teaching, she writes text and curriculum for both high school and college students. Alexandra's U.S. history lessons teach you about multiple time periods, including the Jamestown settlement.

Steven Shirley, Ph.D.

Steven Shirley, Ph.D. A frequent world traveler and recipient of numerous teaching awards for his work in Online Education both in the US and in Southeast Asia, Steven is excited to now be part of the Social Sciences team and bring his unique brand of "reality-based" lessons to you. He received his B.A. from Clemson University, M.A. from the University of Missouri, and Ph.D. in International Studies from Old Dominion University. With a slight southern-drawl and a passion for the field, Steven brings history to life. Learn about the atrocities Andrew Jackson committed against Native Americans in Steven's lesson on the Trail of Tears.

Jessica Whittemore, M.A.

Jessica Whittemore, M.A. With a passion to make history just plain fun, Jessica has taught social studies to a variety of levels, from junior high in the PA Wilson School District to adult education. Jessica is also an educational consultant for Penn State University, Kutztown University, the Hershey School District, and many others in the Mid-Atlantic region. Jessica holds a B.S. in Secondary Education from Penn State and a M.A. in Educational Instruction from Gratz University.

Eva Schellenbach, Ph.D.

Eva Schellenbach, Ph.D. Eva has taught undergraduate history courses at Hawaii Pacific University and Coastal Carolina Community College and history, civics and English lessons to high school students in Israel, North Carolina and Michigan. She presented original teaching methods at the NESA conferences in Bangkok and Istanbul. She received a B.A. in history and journalism from Valparaiso University and an M.A. in history from Ohio University, and she soon will have a M.DE. from University of Maryland University College.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Melissa Hurst, Ph.D.

Melissa Hurst, Ph.D. Melissa has a teaching portfolio of courses in Educational Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Institutional Assessment, and Institutional Training and Development. She has experience in a range of teaching platforms including online and hybrid courses. Melissa holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and a MA in Higher Education Administration. Melissa's goals are to impart relevant and useful knowledge in an enjoyable and efficient manner for all learners. Melissa teaches you how you can help people change their behavior in her lesson on operant conditioning.

Wind Goodfriend, Ph.D.

Wind Goodfriend, Ph.D. Wind is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA. She has won several research and teaching awards, including Faculty of the Year at BVU in both 2008 and 2011. Her research interests include gender stereotypes, sexual orientation, romantic relationships, and relationship violence. Her book, "Voices of Hope: Breaking the Silence of Relationship Violence", will be published in November, 2012. Wind's lessons on educational psychology help you understand theories about student behavior.

Jon Nash, MBA

Jon Nash, MBA Jon has taught a variety of economic, financial, and entrepreneurial topics to college students and adults in universities, conferences, online, and in churches across the country. He currently teaches economics and finance at Full Sail University, in Winter Park, FL. Jon holds a B.S. in Finance with honors from Oral Roberts University and an MBA in Finance from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at Rochester University in New York. Watch Jon's explanation how to adjust wages for the inflation rate.

Polly Peterson, Ph.D.

Polly Peterson, Ph.D. Polly has taught human evolution to community college students in Illinois, world history and English to non-native speakers in South Korea, stone tool making to undergraduates in Massachusetts and research techniques to field school students at Maya cave sites in Belize. Her vision is to open the doors to learning by using innovative technology to deliver accessible, engaging content. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Archaeology from Boston University. Find out how your memory works in Polly's lesson on categorizing memory.

Ali Boloorian, M.S.

Ali Boloorian, M.S. Ali started teaching Math and Econ as a post-grad and has since worked with many universities in designing and instructing courses. He holds a BA in Econ and a BS in Math, from UC Irvine; an MS in Econ & Finance from UC Santa Cruz, and is now earning a JD at Trinity Law School. Besides teaching, Ali has worked with Environmental Credit Corp, a leading cap-and-trade company. And now, as a licensed real estate broker and appraiser, he runs a small firm delivering property valuation and consulting services.

Valerie Houghton Ph.D.

Valerie Houghton Ph.D. Valerie received her B.A. in Biology from California State University Northridge. As a senior, she investigated the molecular basis of cell-cell interactions in cancer and taught in Dr. Steven Oppenheimer's laboratory. Her teaching and research career continued during her Master of Science studies in Biology at Cal. State University Northridge. Valerie's teaching and research experience also extends beyond biology with her work to earn a Doctorate of Philosophy in Health Psychology at Capella University. Learn how our sense of self changes as we grow in Valerie's lesson on James Marcia's identity theory.

Liz Diamond-Manlusoc, M.S.

Liz Diamond-Manlusoc, M.S. Liz has taught the various facets of music to students aged seven to 53. Her curricula engage students with technology, humor, and arts integration. Liz earned a M.S. in Education Media and Design Technology from Full Sail University and a B.M. in Music Education from Michigan State University. She strives to make the arts enjoyable and attainable for all that want to learn. Liz currently teaches general music in the Chicago area and is excited to contribute to the learning community at-large. Liz demonstrates how tonality affects our emotions in her lesson on the major and minor keys.

Linda Krajewski, M.A.

Linda Krajewski, M.S. Linda has taught a wide variety of psychology and student success courses at colleges and universities throughout Southern California. She teaches psychology and serves as Co-Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Norco College, which is part of the Riverside Community College District. Linda's specialty is social psychology, and she has participated in extensive research on family violence. She holds an M.A. in General Experimental Psychology from California State University, San Bernardino.

Erin Long-Crowell, M.Ed.

Erin Long-Crowell, M.Ed. Erin is currently an adjunct faculty member at the flagship campus of Park University in Parkville, Missouri. She received a B.S. in Psychology as well as a B.S. in Management Systems from Missouri University of Science & Technology, in addition to a M.Ed. in Adult Education from Park University. As an academic adviser of many years, Erin understands just how much testing can help students save time and money while earning their degree and is excited to be a part of Learn different ways to teach a concept in Erin's lesson on instructional strategies.

Composition & Literature

Elspeth Green, B.A.

Elspeth Green, B.A. Elspeth is passionate about's mission to make higher education accessible to those who would otherwise be excluded due to financial or other hardship. She holds a B.A. with Honors in English from Stanford University and is a Ph.D. candidate in English Literature at Princeton University. She is greatly enjoying the process of demystifying potentially intimidating works of literature. See Elspeth bring Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers to life in a lesson on Romeo and Juliet.

Stacy Redd, M.A.

Stacy Redd Headshot In addition to being a contributing instructor for our English literature course , Stacy works with hundreds of instructors nation-wide to bring our video lessons into their classrooms. She has worked in higher education administration at UCLA and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and has taught Fundamentals of English at Santa Monica College. Stacy has a bachelor's degree in literature from UC - Santa Barbara and a master's degree in literary cultures from New York University.

Doresa Jennings, Ph.D.

Doresa Jennings, Ph.D. Doresa has taught at the collegiate level for over 15 years. She holds a PhD in Communication Studies, a Master's Degree in Education, and a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. She has served as a Health Communication Specialist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and as a Leadership Development Specialist for NASA. She is the author of the book Generation X in the Workplace: How Companies can Get a Grip on the X-Factor. Doresa's a master at making broad topics relatable; see how she teaches students how to understand the context of an essay.

Chris Curley

Chris Curley Chris is a freelance journalist, educator, and artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has written for AOL Travel, Wedding Style,, and MeYou Health, among others, and loves working with technology and the web almost as much as he loves hoary old ink and paper. A founding editor of open-submission journal Interrobang!? Magazine, Chris is a big believer in the necessity of making learning inexpensive and accessible to all to help make that accessibility a reality. Chris makes writing fun, such as in his lesson on how to write parallel sentences.

Heather Carroll, M.Ed.

Heather Carroll, M.Ed. Heather has taught English /Language Arts at both the middle and secondary level and has worked as a language arts digital curriculum developer. She currently is working at an alternative high school using technology to help struggling students meet graduation requirements. She holds a B.A. in English from the University of Southern Indiana, an M.Ed. from Indiana Wesleyan University, and National Board Certification in English Language Arts for Adolescence and Young Adulthood. See how she differentiates between romance novels and Romantic literature.

William Brown, M.A.T.

William Brown, M.A.T. Bill has experience teaching English/ Language Arts to secondary students with diverse educational backgrounds. Whether it's fundamental reading strategies or development of complex themes in literature, he prides himself on making all aspects of English instruction meaningful to his audience. He's also taught prep courses for standardized tests and the foundational courses to prepare students for success with AP exams. Learn how to capture your reader's attention in Bill's lesson on essay introductions.

Katherine Godin, M.Ed.

Katherine Godin, M.Ed. Katherine has taught English, humanities, reading, writing and ESL in public schools across the country for over a decade. Most recently, she became an instructor at the first virtual charter school in New England. It was this experience that showed her how technology can create equal access in education. She holds an M.Ed. in Educational Administration from the University of Massachusetts, an M.A. in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a B.A. in English and French from Vanderbilt University. Learn about the effect of the Industrial Revolution on literature in Katherine's lesson on literary realism.

Amy Bonn, M.A. and J.D.

Amy Bonn, M.A. and J.D. Amy has taught college writing courses for over seven years. She has also taught legal writing and lawyering skills to law school students. She has worked as an attorney and a freelance writer and editor. She holds a B.A. in English from Oglethorpe University, an M.A. in English from the University of Pittsburgh and a J.D. from Creighton University. Watch as Amy teaches you to tailor your writing to your audience.

Foreign Language

Lisa Warren M.S.

Lisa Warren M.S. Lisa has been tutoring for 13 years, has been a classroom teacher for over 8 years, and has extensive experience in curriculum design. She has a B.A. in Romance Languages from Dickinson College and a M.S. in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University. She has worked with students ranging from Pre-K to college and has taught lessons through The Community College of Baltimore County. Lisa has presented at the Maryland Foreign Language Association's Spring Conference with a session called: Creativity in the Classroom: Making the Foreign Language Classroom Fun.

Ashley Garcia-Casas, M.A.

Ashley Garcia-Casas, M.A. Ashley is passionate about teaching foreign languages and has had the pleasure of teaching lessons ranging from kindergarten to college. She holds a M.A. in Spanish Linguistics from NYU as well as a M.A. in Latin American Literature from UC Riverside. She studied Spanish and Ethnic Studies at CSU San Marcos where she graduated summa cum laude. Ashley enjoys traveling and has lived in Costa Rica, Mexico and, most recently, Madrid for the past six years. With this course she hopes to motivate students to learn Spanish.
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