How to Convert Liters to Gallons

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
This lesson will teach you how to convert liters to gallons in a couple easy steps, how to check your work in one of two different ways, and how this can be applied to the real world.

Steps to Solve

Have you ever needed to or wanted to convert liters to gallons for anything? It's not very hard at all. Just run through the following steps:

Step 1

In order to make the conversion, we'll need to know how many gallons there are to a liter. It turns out that there are 0.264 gallons per liter.

  • 1 liter = 0.264 gallons

Step 2

For this example, assume you need to convert 10 liters to gallons. Simply multiply the amount you have (10 liters) by the conversion factor:

10 liters x 0.26 gallons/liter = 2.64 gallons


In our example, we've calculated that 10 liters is equal to 2.64 gallons.

Checking Your Work

How would we check our work to make sure we got everything right? Well, another conversion factor we could've used would've been this:

There are 3.78 liters per gallon

We can check our work in one of two ways. We could take our answer of 2.64 gallons and multiply it by 3.78 liters per gallon to get our answer back to liters:

2.64 gallons x 3.78 liters/gallon

This gives us a rounded answer of 10 liters (remember, we're using approximate conversion factors).

Another way we could check our work is to restart the problem completely with the original 10 liters and convert that to gallons using our new conversion factors of 3.78 liters per gallon. Except this time, we would divide 10 liters by this number to get our answer:

(10 liters)/(3.78 liters/gallon)

Our answer would be 2.64 gallons.

A quick double check confirms our original solution!


Let's apply this to the real world with a small twist to make things more interesting. We'll convert from gallons to liters (like we did in the last section) instead of liters to gallons.

Let's say you are playing for a college soccer team. Your coach tells you that you need to bring at least 2 gallons of water with you for the game because it's super-hot and really humid today.

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