Joseph Juran's Theory & Definition of Quality

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  • 0:00 Quality Defined
  • 0:23 Who Was Joseph Juran?
  • 1:21 Juran's Theory of Quality
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Shawn Grimsley
Joseph Juran made very significant contributions to the importance of quality control in all aspects of production. In this lesson, you'll learn a little bit about Juran, and his definition and theory of quality.

Quality Defined

Quality, according to Juran, means that a product meets customer needs leading to customer satisfaction, and quality also means all of the activities in which a business engages in, to ensure that the product meets customer needs. You can think of this second aspect of quality as quality control - ensuring a quality manufacturing process.

Who Was Joseph Juran

Joseph Juran (1904-2008) was born in Eastern Europe and immigrated to Minnesota in 1912. He was trained as an electrical engineer and worked for Western Electric. He became a quality manager at Western Electric and eventually left to work for AT&T. Juran published Quality Control Handbook in 1951.

Interestingly, he was more influential in Japan than in the United States at first. He visited Japan in 1953 and observed Japanese business practices. He helped train their managers and engineers in 'managing for quality.' Japan eventually awarded Juran the Second Class Order of Sacred Treasure. In the 1980s, the market started to realize the quality in Japanese products due, at least in part, to Juran's techniques and his work became very influential

Juran's Theory of Quality

Juran takes a holistic approach to quality and his concept of quality revolves around what is called a quality trilogy, which is composed of quality planning, quality control and quality improvement. Let's take a look at each part of this trilogy.

Quality Planning

Here, you are identifying your customers and their needs. You also are designing the goods and services that meet those needs as well as establishing quality and costs goals.

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