Spanish Vocabulary for Fun Pastimes

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Geary

Danielle teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She holds a Doctor of Education with research concentration in Study Abroad and Foreign Language Acquisition.

Hobbies, pastimes, fun things to do… Learn how to talk about your favorite ways to pass the time in this vocabulary lesson. Learn Spanish words for 'beach,' 'movies,' 'surfing the net,' and more.

Fun Vocabulary

Movies, Internet, the beach - what do you do for fun? Vamos! Let's talk about our hobbies, pastimes and fun things to do with some new vocabulary.

  • El cine (el SEE-neh) means 'the movies.' Think of the word 'cinema' for this one.
  • Las montañas (las mon-TA-nyas) means 'the mountains.' Almost a cognate!
  • La playa (la PLAH-yah) means 'the beach.' Oh, I wish I were there right now. Y tú?
  • La piscina (la pee-SEE-nah) means 'the pool.' The S and the C sort of run together on this one. Also note that piscina begins with P and 'pool' begins with P, to help a little bit more with memorization.
  • El lago (el LAH-goh) means 'the lake.'
  • El parque (el PAR-kay) means 'the park.' Yea for cognates!
  • Parque de diversiones (PAR-kay de dee-vehr-see-OH-nehs) means 'theme park.'
  • La fiesta (la fee-EH-stah) means 'the party.' I bet you know this one already!
  • El gimnasio (el him-NA-see-oh) means 'the gym.' Almost a cognate. Remember that the G makes an H sound because it's followed by an I.
  • El museo (el moo-SEH-oh) means 'the museum.' Lots of vowels in this one. Say each one.
  • El restaurante (el res-tah-oo-RAHN-teh) means 'the restaurant. Another one with vowels galore. Make sure to hit them all.
  • El café (el kah-FEH) means 'the café' - a cognate. Plus, two meanings in one. Café also means coffee, the beverage. And remember there are no A sounds like the A in 'cat,' in Spanish. Open your mouth for that Spanish A (ah).
  • El centro (el SEHN-troh) means 'downtown.' Think 'center of the city' for this one.
  • Leer una revista (leh-EHR OO-na reh-VEE-stah) means 'to read a magazine.' Make sure to hit both of the Es in leer.
  • Leer correo electrónico (leh-EHR coh-REH-oh ell-eck-TROH-nee-koh) means 'to read email' - specifically, 'to read electronic mail.' I know. It seems so long in Spanish, doesn't it?
  • Ir de excursión (EER de ecks-koor-see-OHN) means 'to go on a hike.'
  • Tomar el sol (toh-MAR el SOHL) means 'to sunbathe' - literally, 'to take in the sun.' Tomar means 'to take.'
  • Navegar por Internet (nah-veg-GAR por een-tehr-NET) means 'to surf the Internet.' Navegar is 'to navigate.'

Memory Exercise

Bien! On to a memory exercise. You'll see vocabulary words in English. Guess the word in Spanish. Vamos!

  1. Downtown
  2. Pool
  3. Sunbathing
  4. Gym
  5. Mountains
  6. Reading a magazine
  7. The movies

(Answers: 1. centro, 2. piscina, 3. tomar el sol, 4. gimnasio, 5. montañas, 6. leer una revista, 7. el cine)

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