What Is Respect? - Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Showing respect is an important part of life and there are many different ways you can show respect. In this lesson, learn how to be respectful to yourself, to others, to property, and to the planet.

Show Some Respect

You have probably heard the word 'respect' from adults like teachers and parents in your life. You may even think you know what the word means. But do you know what respect looks like in everyday life? Let's explore some ways that you can show respect each day.

Treating someone with respect means that you interact with them in a way that shows that you care about their well-being and how they feel. If someone says that they 'have respect for someone,' that means that they like the way that person acts, treats them, or works. When you respect someone, you treat them kindly and use good manners. Sometimes it means doing things for them or listening to their instructions.

Ways to Respect Others

Showing respect to others can be done in different ways. If you meet someone new, shaking their hand is a sign of respect. When someone is talking to you, make sure you are listening to what they are saying. Make good eye contact, meaning you look at them in their eyes when you talk with them.

You can shake hands and make eye contact with someone to show respect.

You can also show respect when you talk to someone. Don't say things that might be hurtful or mean. If you are talking to an adult, using words like 'please,' 'thank you,' 'ma'am,' and 'sir' are great ways to show respect.

Respect Yourself

Of course, you deserve respect, too. You can respect your body by exercising and eating healthy food. Say 'no' to things that would harm your body or make you sick. Drink enough water during the day and make sure you get good rest at night.

Exercising and eating healthy foods are great ways to show respect for yourself.

Although it may sound strange, you can even speak kindly to yourself. Don't let the little voice in your head put you down. Give yourself positive pep talks so that you can feel encouraged and motivated to work hard and succeed!

Respecting Property

In addition to respecting yourself and other people, you can have respect for property and places like your room. You can respect your room by keeping it organized and neat. Helping to clean up is respectful to your family, as well.

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