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Student Testimonials

Elisa Fleming Photo
Your lessons prepared me for the CLEP in less than two weeks.

I'm a full time student, working and broke. Despite all that, I was able to get everything I needed for the Psych CLEP in less than two weeks because of your lessons. Your professors were clear and concise, and still covered all the necessary information. Yale and MIT also have Intro Psych lectures online. The lectures go on for hours, and they have poor audio and visual quality. You covered in a few minutes what the Yale professor couldn't get through in an hour. The visuals made it interesting and engaging without detracting from the material. Thank you so much for helping me to save time, money and stress. — Elisa Fleming

Claire Steiner Photo
I totally aced the CLEP!

The psychology videos were a great study tool. I aced the CLEP exam and earned 3 college credits! — Claire Steiner

Daniel Santos Photo
What a great way to prepare for the CLEP exam!

I loved the videos so much I couldn't stop! When I first found I stayed up 'til 5 A.M. watching them! — Daniel Santos

Daniel Lovland Photo is why I passed the CLEP exam!

Using to study for the CLEP was a great experience. I felt confident going into the exam. — Daniel Lovland

Anna Griffin Photo
I earned my highest score ever!

When I used your psychology videos to study, I got the highest score that I've ever gotten on a CLEP test. — Anna Griffin

I learned more in 10 minutes than in 1 month of chemistry lessons! — Ashlee
I am a mom of 8 and could not afford the time or money that it would take for me to attend college. This gives me a chance to study and take exams that will not only save me money but also shorten the time to finish college. — Teressa Cochran
Outstanding demonstration! This lesson was so informative - I really was able to grasp the meaning of Operant Conditioning. — Jennifer
It was fast and easy - did on my lunch break as HR Director for a small home care agency. — Kathy, Portsmouth, Ohio
I work with students who are struggling to find their career path/college choice and I am convinced that they are being shortchanged by the current educational system. I like sites like this that give them an option as to how they learn. — Beverly in Katy, Texas
This just saved me about $2,000 and 1 year of my life! — College Student
I liked that the videos involved more than just someone talking. I am a visual person, and I like to have written documentation as well. This was very helpful! — Kristina
I've been wanting to expand my college credits in order to get into a different field, but financially that is simply not possible. Seeing your site has given me a new glimmer of hope. — Jordan D.
I like the convenience of completing the course online and preparing for my CLEP exam. — Carla Hughes
I like hearing this material--I have read this sort of material many times, but hearing it really made it stick. — LisaJo Borchers
This has been one of the best explanations of a work of literature I have ever experienced. Learned a few pointers on how to break down the science of literature. — Vero Rangel
Nicely explained, simple and very easy to understand. I could not have gotten better concepts by reading from the book. The videos are fabulous and have helped me understand all about DNA and RNA. — Jasbir Chugh
My professor gave the class this site so that we didn't have to go and spend $$ on a psychology book. Wonderful stuff. I also use this site for my other lessons. — Crystal
I think the program is just simply fantastic- I truly enjoy the video presentation format. The instructor is fantastic. — Chris
I've never seen numbers in this light before. Thank you. — Sarah
So amazing! When I finished the video, I showed my friends, and they loved it too. It really helped me to understand the System of Equations. Thanks! — Katerina
I love that I can learn at a better pace and actually understand it. — Eva

Instructor Testimonials

Chris Fletcher Photo
The videos have changed the way I teach!

The videos on accomplish in 5 minutes what would take me an entire class. — Chris Fletcher, Cheshire High School

Jenny Barrow Photo
My students loved the videos.

The illustrations and examples presented in the video helped my students better understand complicated concepts. — Jenny Barrow, McNeese State University

Beautiful! Your concept is very timely, and your offerings are very well presented. I can't wait to see where this goes! — Marjoria Cochran
My students LOVE, LOVE, LOVED your video on the Iliad. It was a great introduction to the material. The quality is incredible. We'd love to see more! We will be watching the Odyssey next! — Terri Reh, Core Knowledge Charter School
This is a great tool to incorporate into my Western Civ class in our homeschool co-op! I would love to see the students earning college credit through this method combined with CLEP testing! Thank you! — Ruth Ann Ludden
Your project is extremely valuable for what we do, so I applaud your efforts in making the results available to me and my colleagues in the classroom. — Haakayoo Zoggyie, instructor, East Tennessee State University
It is simple enough for middle school students yet challenging enough for the average college student. — Rufus Johnson
Using the Clue-type mystery in the DNA videos keeps the attention of millennials...good pedagogy! — Barbara Waller, professor, Colorado State University
I like the introduction of the vocabulary of math combined with the explanations that will help my students relate the numbers to something they already know. — Laurie Bargstedt
I think this website is a great reference for both students and instructors. It helps the instructor prepare for particular lessons and the student to gain a greater understanding of the concepts introduced. — Regina Davenport
Your intro to biology units are terrific! Such information density presented with such clarity. — Wayne Willis, Arizona State University
I am an instructor of English at a community college and appreciate the wealth of resources you offer for students. — Denize C.
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