Ch 5: AP Physics 1: Linear Momentum

About This Chapter

Watch online science video lessons and learn about momentum, collision types isolated systems and more. Take quick quizzes to gauge your comprehension of the material.

AP Physics 1: Linear Momentum - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Video lessons in this chapter can help you explore topics ranging in complexity from the variables involved in calculating momentum to the relationship between Newton's laws and the physics of collisions. You can also learn the impulse-momentum change equation used to determine the amount of force acting on an object or measure the resulting change in speed. Instructors include plenty of examples, illustrations and sample problems to help you learn these physics principles. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain the relationship between momentum, mass and velocity
  • Apply basic physics principles to collisions
  • Differentiate between collision types
  • Define an isolated system

Video Objectives
Linear Momentum: Definition, Equation, and Examples Describe momentum. Learn how to solve for momentum using the correct formula.
Momentum and Impulse: Definition, Theorem and Examples Find out how the physics of collisions are governed by the laws of momentum. Describe the impulse-momentum change equation.
Conservation of Linear Momentum: Formula and Examples Understand applications for the momentum conservation principle and see some examples.
Elastic and Inelastic Collisions: Difference and Principles Explain the differences between elastic and inelastic collisions.
Isolated Systems in Physics: Definition and Examples Get details on isolated systems. Learn how to determine whether or not a collision occurs in an isolated system.

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