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Still have questions? Read our FAQs

All College Accelerator courses have been evaluated and recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). Over 2,000 accredited colleges and universities in the United States consider ACE recommended courses for transferable college credit.


Our courses prepare members to earn credit that is recommended at over 2,000 accredited colleges and universities across the United States. gives students the ability to take courses at their own pace. Some students complete courses in as little as two weeks while others take a bit longer. College accelerator is designed to fit any student's personal learning style and pace.

Yes. believes in making every single course as valuable and efficient as possible for all students. Instead of forcing students to go through an entire lesson that consists of concepts they already understand, allows students to skip lessons on concepts they already understand and focus on learning new material. All students have to do is pass a short quiz for the lessons they want to skip to proceed.

For a student to be eligible to take a final exam, he or she must pass all of the quizzes in the course. Once a student passes all quizzes, he or she can register for the final exam, download the online testing software and take the final exam.

Students can take a final exam as many times as they need to until they earn the score they are aiming for. Note that members are only allowed to take the exam for the same course once a month.

To pass the final exam, a student must earn a minimum score of 70%.

After passing the final exam, students simply need to contact our Registrar to send proof of completion to the schools of their choice. **All students are encouraged to check if the schools of their choice accept ACE credit before signing up for College Accelerator.

Annually, a full-time student will spend $2,388 with However, students can cancel their membership at any time. Compare this to $9,130 per year at a public university and $21,231 per year at a private university.

An average college semester at a traditional university takes 3 months to complete. allows students to take college courses and earn credit in as little as 2 weeks. With our courses, students are able to dramatically cut the time it takes to complete their first 2 years of college.

College Accelerator allows students to take courses that have been recommended for credit by ACE and take the online final exam. This is the only way to earn transferable college credit directly from home through

1Based on average tuition costs per 2011–2012 academic year <>. Calculated cost assumes an average of ~10 courses per year.

2Statistic taken from <>.