Accredited Esthetics Schools Online with Career Education Details

Learn about important considerations when selecting an online accredited esthetics school. Keep reading to get an overview of the program options, hands-on requirements, and common curriculum offered for the field of study.

How to Select an Online School for Accredited Esthetics

Students considering online accredited esthetics schools must make their decision based on several key factors. There are currently no schools in the United States offering accredited esthetics programs online. Some colleges offer hybrid courses that allow students to complete theoretical study online; however, the study of esthetics requires hands-on learning. Many accredited esthetics programs are offered at community colleges, nursing schools and cosmetology schools located throughout the United States.


A certificate of achievement in esthetics can be earned from 2-year colleges. Coursework in the certificate program includes an introduction to cosmetology and skin care, science and salon management. College programs in esthetics provide training in disorders of the skin, skin science, sanitation, facial treatments, nutrition for the skin and esthetician theory and practice. Advanced training covers the use of Botox, chemical peels, microsclerotheraphy and dermal fillers.

Classes may be part of a cosmetology program unless a student wishes to seek esthetics training only. Many estheticians complete cosmetology courses to round out their training and increase their marketable professional skills. Some estheticians become make-up artists, while others may work in paramedical esthetics.

Online Degree Options for Esthetics

Esthetics Certificate Program

Certificate programs in esthetics are available at nursing colleges and online universities that teach the anatomy and physiology of the skin, wound assessment and wound management. Programs usually last six weeks. The program may count as a continuing education credit for nursing professionals who need to maintain their professional licensure.

Advanced training in esthetics for health care professionals focuses on the use of lasers used in cosmetic skin surgery. Students learn about different types of lasers and their applications. Training can be completed in mesotheraphy, or the removal of cellulite. Workshops are available in pain management and dermatology procedures.

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