Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

Administrative assistants provide support for an entire office or a single person, often a CEO or other executive. A well-written resume is essential to finding a position in this competitive field.


BestSampleResume.com offers sample resumes for many occupations, including an administrative assistant. The site offers suggestions as to what should be on an administrative assistant resume. Users can also view resume samples for specific types of administrative assistants, such as education administrative assistant, investment administrative assistant and executive administrative assistant. The website features a guide to securing an administrative assistant job and some commonly asked interview questions.


On this website, there are samples of administrative assistant resumes. The site provides a list of skills an administrative assistant might find helpful when building a resume. On the site are links to samples of cover letters, help for building a resume and a resume clinic.

Job Bank USA

This is another helpful resource to use when looking for administrative assistant sample resumes. The site features a detailed administrative assistant resume sample that lists numerous skills desirable in an administrative assistant. A resume creation service that improves resumes for a fee is also on the website.

Job Bank USA also gives information on how to write cover letters, with an index of sample cover letters and articles on creating the perfect cover letter. The site features sample interview questions and articles on how to perform well in an administrative assistant job interview.

Career Description for an Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants should have excellent people and communication skills, because they constantly interact with customers and company officials. Administrative assistants answer telephones, schedule meetings, pay invoices and keep minutes at business meetings. Because an administrative assistant's resume presentation says a lot about his or her abilities, it is vital that a resume be formatted and well-written.

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