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Adobe Photoshop Course and Class Descriptions

Adobe Photoshop enables individuals to create and design digital images and illustrations for print and Web publication. Courses on using this software can be taken individually or as part of a full program.

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Essential Information

Individuals interested in learning to use Adobe Photoshop can take for-credit or non-credit individual courses or complete an entire certificate program at a college, art school or university. Courses are also available through full associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs in Web design, graphic design and illustration. Photoshop courses can be taken at the introductory through advanced levels, and they can prepare students to take the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam that covers the entry-level use of the software.

List of Adobe Photoshop Courses

Sample Adobe Photoshop courses that may be taken alone or as part of a program are described below.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Introductory Adobe Photoshop courses familiarize users with the editing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop software. Students learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop interface and access its expansive set of features. Lessons cover the basics of saving and storing image files and defining the various processes used for image editing. When they complete this Adobe Photoshop course, students will know how to use the paintbrush, airbrush, stamp and pencil tools.

Editing Images

These intermediate-level Adobe Photoshop courses help users become more familiar with the image editing and enhancement features of the software. Lectures explore the key concepts used for evaluating images and identifying possible corrections and repair methods. Students digitally remove scratches and dust from images and combine images to create a composite image. This Adobe Photoshop course teaches students how to apply color correction, add soft focus effects, sharpen images and frame photos.

Image Layers

Layering images is one of Adobe Photoshop software's most powerful tools. These Adobe Photoshop courses give students an overview of layer features and layer management techniques, including adding, deleting, reordering, flattening and duplicating layers. Students taking this class often work with gradients, which involve blending two or more colors together, and masks, which allow users to add or remove backgrounds from a picture or image. Other lessons focus on isolating image layers in order to erase or add layers to a specific part of an image.

Web Design

Making photos presentable for the Web is another application of Adobe Photoshop. Students gain experience converting images to smaller or larger sizes so they can be easily viewed on a website without distortion. Students practice finding the optimal size and tone for images to be used on the Internet. Often, this course covers techniques for animating images and creating a Web page that users will enjoy visiting.

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