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Adult Classes: What to Expect in an Adult Class?

Adult education classes range from self-enrichment to basic and secondary education to continuing education and professional development. Classes vary but can include sculpting, mathematics, reading, writing and social sciences. While some classes last for only a short duration, others can take several months to complete.

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An Overview of Adult Classes

Adult education classes are typically geared toward individuals seeking self-enrichment, those pursuing continuing education or professional development units, those seeking high school educations and those needing help with basic skills, such as reading, writing, English and mathematics. While many adult classes are taught at community colleges and public high schools, some are taught online as well. Adult classes are also available to individuals who are incarcerated.

Types of Classes

Self-enrichment classes typically cover subjects such as cooking, painting, photography and money management. Other classes cover academic subjects such as literature or foreign languages. Self-enrichment classes are informal for the most part and usually involve a great amount of hands-on instruction. Many classes are brief, lasting anywhere from 1-2 days to a few weeks. Self-enrichment classes rarely lead to a degree; their sole purpose is to provide individuals with skills that are useful at home or in the workplace.

Adult classes that teach basic skills are open to individuals - at least 16 years old - who need a little extra help conquering the basics. Students learn math, history, science and basic reading, writing and conversational skills. Instruction in problem-solving, critical-thinking and overall communication may also be provided. Learning environments include individual instruction, small groups and large groups.

GED Preparation

General Educational Development (GED) programs give individuals who did not finish high school the chance to get a high school education by preparing for the GED credentialing tests. Students must pass a series of four tests in reasoning through language arts, social studies, mathematics and science in order to earn the GED.

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