Adult Education Classes in Arizona with School Overviews

Adult learners in Arizona have a wide variety of programs to choose from. These studies range from individual classes to certificate and 2-year degree programs focusing on academic improvement, personal enrichment and career training.

Schools and Programs

Adult Basic Education, GED preparation and English as a Second Language are examples of the essential kinds of adult education programs offered throughout Arizona's 15 counties. Adults can also develop basic skills needed for careers in many professional areas, such as business, manufacturing and computer technology. Program duration varies and can last anywhere from a few weeks up to two years. Some programs are offered at no cost. Adult studies can also prepare students to continue their studies at 4-year colleges and universities. The largest providers of adult education classes in Arizona are community college systems located in and near Arizona's most populous metropolitan areas--Phoenix and Tucson. Two of these schools are profiled below.

Mesa Community College's Adult Education Programs and School Overview

Located in the East Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona, Mesa Community College serves more than 27,000 students annually. In addition to its 150 career and transfer studies options, Mesa provides a variety of adult education classes in Arizona for learners to prepare for degree programs or the job market. Adult learners who begin by taking GED preparation or English as a Second Language courses at Mesa Community College can find programs to assist them in reaching any vocational or educational goal, including matriculation into neighboring Arizona State University.

Community Education Programs

Community Education at Mesa Community College comprises a broad range of non-credit adult education classes and programs in a number of areas, such as personal interest, business and computer skill training and fitness. Educational development courses for adults in this category of programming include basic computer, GED and TOEFL preparation classes.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

Upon taking English language placement tests, adult learners at Mesa Community College are advised about ESL program options. Semester-long (16-week) courses are available for five levels of English proficiency, as well as intensive 8-week courses that meet five days per week.

Business and Industry Institute Programs

Mesa's Business and Industry Institute was created to meet the information technology training needs of local Arizona employers. The Institute offers certificate and associate degree programs for careers in cyber forensics and network administration.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1833 W. Southern, Mesa, AZ 85202
  • Phone Number: 480-461-7000

Pima Community College's Adult Education Programs and School Overview

With an annual enrollment of over 34,000 students, Pima Community College has six campuses and several adult learning education centers throughout the Tucson metropolitan region in Pima County. Pima Community College provides extensive continuing and adult education courses in addition to its career entry and college transfer degree programs. It has developed several adult education initiatives to meet the needs of Pima County's diverse communities, including the following free programs.

Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education focuses on essential reading and writing skills, as well as practical math skills. Pima provides a supportive atmosphere--stressing both English and Spanish literacy--with well-trained instructors for adults requiring pre-GED skill building.

GED Preparation

GED (General Educational Development) preparation covers each area of the high-school equivalency exam: reading comprehension, writing, math, science and social studies. Frequent opportunities are available on campus to pass the GED.

English Language Acquisition for Adults

Beginning through advanced students can improve their basic conversational and academic English skills in this program. Lessons integrate reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in contextualized situations.

Refugee Education Program

Tucson, AZ, has large refugee communities from Asia, Africa and southeastern Europe. Pima's Refugee Education Program provides practical English language and American culture lessons for adult learners who may lack literacy skills in their primary language.

Workplace Education Program

The Adult Education Workplace Education Program offers on-site training through customized classes created through collaboration with employers. Examples of training provided include math for electronics, ESL for manufacturing, health and American culture and accent reduction.

Contact Information

  • Address: Pima Community College, 4905 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85709
  • Phone Number: 520-206-3987

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