Adult Education Classes in New Jersey

In New Jersey, professional development opportunities for adults can be found at a variety of universities and colleges. Available in a variety of subject areas, these programs are generally designed to prepare students to enter the workforce. Details about two of these schools and the programs they offer are found in the following article.

Schools and Programs

Adult education programs for professionals as well as those seeking to enhance personal interest abilities can be found at colleges and universities throughout New Jersey. Nearly 100 programs can be found at just two New Jersey schools, as outlined below. As many adults have job and family responsibilities, course schedules are generally more flexible than those found in traditional degree programs. Adults taking advantage of these and other programs offered in the state will find studies in fields such as medical, technology, business and health. Training in trade occupations such as cosmetology and construction can also be found. Many studies offer hands-on experiences through labs or apprenticeships.

Schools At a Glance

School Location Institution Type Class Format
Rutgers University Camden, NJ, and other locations in NJ 4-year Public On-campus, Online, Hybrid
Technical Institute of Camden County Camden, NJ 2-year Public On-campus, Online, Hybrid

Rutgers University's Adult Education Programs

Rutgers University offers degree programs as well as low-cost adult education and training through its Continuing Professional Development Office. Over 20 different programs are available at the New Brunswick campus alone, each focused on providing marketable job skills. Subject areas include landscape management, food science and public health.

Equine and Animal Science

Students in the undergrad or graduate program learn to address the needs of animals that are under the care of humans. Course offerings include beekeeping, horse nutrition and laboratory animal science.


Certificates are offered in a number of healthcare fields, including fitness training, transcription, medical coding, and dental assistance.

New Jersey Recycling Certification

In New Jersey, organizations that recycle must have their reports signed by a Certified Recycling Professional (CRP). This program prepares these professionals for New Jersey Recycling Certification, familiarizing them with state guidelines for recycling and issues to watch for during work in the field.

Public Grounds Management Certificate

Those who enjoy working outside may find this certificate program appealing. Students learn the maintenance and conservation techniques used at public parks and facilities. Courses examine methods for preparing athletic fields, pruning trees, planting fauna and controlling pests.

Technical Institute of Camden County's Adult Education Programs

The Technical Institute of Camden County offers more than 70 education programs. These career training and apprentice programs are designed to prepare adult students for health, business, trade and technical occupations. Working professionals looking to enhance their credentials are also encouraged to participate.

Medical Services and Health Courses

Technical Institute of Camden County offers a number of options for students interested in health care careers. Training programs allow students to become certified medical coders, nursing aides (CNAs) and health information technologists. There are also classes for prospective dialysis technicians and medical records assistants.

Construction Technology Courses

These courses can help adults to become tradesmen in what are very hands-on careers. Course topics are designed for prospective building or electrical inspectors, subcode or construction officials, technical assistants, and construction project managers. Instruction combines a mix of classroom learning with hands-on shop experience.

Business and Commerce Courses

The Technical Institute of Camden County offers a variety of options for adults looking to develop skills needed to work in business or manage finances. There are also business and management seminars exploring a variety of skills, such as leadership and conflict resolution.

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