Adult Education Programs in Massachusetts with School Info

Adult students can find programs through the continuing education departments at many of Massachusetts' community colleges and universities, as well as non-profit education centers. Read on to learn more.

Schools and Programs

Apart from continuing education courses and programs offered by many higher education institutions, adult students in Massachusetts can attend programs and courses at learning centers, which can often be found in or around Boston. These schools offer education programs such as English as a Second Language. In addition, students can take classes for personal or career advancement, in areas like cooking, music or business. Two of these education centers are outlined below, along with some of their offerings.

Schools At a Glance

Schools Location Institution Type Class Format
Boston Center for Adult Education Boston, MA Public On-campus
Cambridge Center for Adult Education Cambridge, MA Public On-campus

Boston Center for Adult Education Programs

The Boston Center for Adult Education was founded in 1933, making it the oldest non-profit adult education center in New England, and it serves Massachusetts residents in and around the Boston area. The center provides a variety of adult education programs aimed at fostering personal and professional development.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

Starting with a beginners' course, English language learners can then progress through additional course levels to gradually increase their vocabulary, speaking and comprehension. Pronunciation courses are also available.

Computer Courses

Computer adult education options include courses designed for professionals looking to expand their skills, as well as courses for those who wish to learn applications for personal use. Courses are offered in popular software applications, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

Culinary Arts Courses

Cooking techniques, knife skills, regional cuisines and cocktail mixing are some of the topics presented through the culinary arts courses. While most are geared towards the home cook, several courses teach professional techniques.

Creative Arts Courses

Adult students can explore various mediums and techniques through courses in stained glass, knitting and digital photography. Courses are also offered in dance, music, theater and film, and writing.

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education is a non-profit school offering adult students opportunities to explore personal interests and advance skills. In addition to ESL courses, the center provides adult education opportunities to Massachusetts residents in areas such as entrepreneurship, languages and the fine arts.

Business Courses

The business courses offered focus on entrepreneurial skills, such as how to start and market your own business. Basic finance courses are offered, as well as a course in starting an import business.

Language Courses

Over ten different languages are taught at the Cambridge Center, including Polish, Russian and Arabic. Courses in popular languages, such as Spanish and French, are offered at multiple skill levels. Advanced reading and conversation classes are offered in several languages.

Music Courses

Adult students can learn to play instruments through group lessons. Instruction is offered in guitar, piano, cello, violin and voice. Most courses are designed for beginning players.

Theater Courses

A Shakespeare course is available each term, focusing on a different play or work each time. Beginning acting classes, improvisation and comedy courses are also offered. Courses are designed for the amateur actor.

Visual Arts Courses

Many visual arts courses are available at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, to suit many different interests and abilities. Areas of study include photography and film, painting, drawing, printmaking, woodworking, and art history.

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