Adult Education in Ohio: School Overviews and Options

The state of Ohio has a wide network of more than 200 adult education and career training schools. Programs range from basic adult literacy to career training and skills enhancement. Some studies prepare students for professional certification or licensure in their chosen fields.

Schools and Programs

Adult education opportunities in Ohio can be found at various learning centers and public school systems throughout the state. These programs are offered in and around large cities in Ohio, such as Columbus and Toledo. Training programs can prepare adult learners for various careers in corporate or trade areas, such as those in nursing, automotive repair, contracting, welding and office administration. This training can include the development of job search skills in addition to career-specific abilities. Studies are also available to help adults learn how to read and write the English language or prepare them to obtain their GED. In some cases, coursework can be taken online. Details about two institutions and the programs they offer are found below.

Schools At a Glance

School Location Institution Type Program Levels
Penta Career Center Perrysburg, OH Vocational High School GED, certificate
Department of Adult and Community Education Columbus, OH School District GED, certificate

Penta Career Center's Adult Education Programs

Penta Career Center, located in the town of Perrysburg near Toledo, offers adult education for students in need of enhancing existing skills or learning new skills. Adult basic literacy, General Educational Development (GED), job training and corporate training services are available.

Adult Literacy and GED Preparation Program

This program concentrates on basic reading, writing and math skills and helps students prepare for the high school equivalency, or GED, test. Prep classes are offered free of charge. Penta Career Center also serves as a GED test site.

Automotive Technology Program

This program prepares students for entry-level careers in automotive services and provides a review for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification test.

Nurse Aide Program

Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to become certified nurse aides in the state of Ohio and are prepared for employment at hospitals, long-term care and other healthcare facilities. The program incorporates clinical experience with classroom study.

Construction Programs

Penta has three construction program options: masonry, carpentry and electricity. Each teaches the basic concepts and technologies applied to its respective vein of the construction industry.

Welding Program

In this program, aspiring welders study shop safety, fabrication and blueprint reading skills. They also receive training in standard welding techniques. Job seeking and interviewing skills may also be covered.

Columbus City Schools Department of Adult and Community Education's Programs

The department of Adult and Community Education at the Columbus City Schools focuses on providing lifelong learning opportunities in General Educational Development (GED), workforce development and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). In addition to the programs offered at the Columbus, Ohio, location, a number of online classes are also available.

English for Speakers of Other Languages Program

Free ESOL classes are offered for English language learning at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes cover listening, speaking, reading, writing and basic citizenship. A special GED class is also offered to ESOL students.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Program

Students interested in careers as HVAC technicians can complete this program which covers theory, design, installation, operation and troubleshooting for heating and cooling systems. Certification testing in EPA, electric, gas, and R410A is part of the program.

Nursing Aide Program

Students who successfully complete the nursing aide program can work in homes, nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. The program covers assisting medical staff, equipment maintenance, checking vitals, and standard procedures for general nursing care.

Stationary Engineering Program

After completing this course, students are prepared for the high pressure boiler operator or stationary engineer license exam. The course focuses on the safe use of boilers, steam turbines, condensers and cooling towers, pumps, and pollution control equipment, as well as Ohio licensing laws.

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