Adult Education Programs in Orlando, FL with School Information

Several schools in the Orlando area have programs tailored to the adult learner. Learn about two schools offering programs for adults seeking to earn their GED, gain basic academic skills or complete their degree.

Schools and Programs

Orlando-area residents can explore adult education options at several area schools. These options can be found at 2-year and 4-year postsecondary schools and include both individual courses and programs that result in certificates or degrees. These courses and programs can help students prepare for the GED, learn a foreign language, or gain basic reading and writing skills. Some schools offer degree programs specifically for adult students seeking to complete their bachelor's or master's degree. Find more details about these schools and programs below.

Schools At a Glance

Schools Location Institution Type Class Format
Seminole State College of Florida Sanford, FL 4-year, Public On-campus
Belhaven University-Orlando Orlando, FL 4-year, Private Online

Seminole State College of Florida's Adult Education Programs

Seminole State College is a 4-year public educational institution located north of Orlando. Their adult education programs are designed for individuals seeking basic academic skills, personal development or for those wishing to complete a high school diploma.

Adult Basic Education Courses

Seminole State offers courses to adults who wish to complete their high school education and prepare for the GED. Courses help adults with reading, math and writing skills.

English Language Studies Courses

The English as a Second Language (ESL) department offers adult education classes at various levels to English language learners. An English for Academic Purposes class is also offered for ESL students who wish to enhance their skills and to pursue higher education.

Belhaven University in Orlando's Adult Education Programs

Belhaven University is a 4-year private institution headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, with a campus in Orlando. The online degree and certificate programs are designed to accommodate working adults and are aimed at helping adult students complete degree programs at the bachelor's and master's level.

Certificate Programs

Online programs at Belhaven University in Orlando include accounting, biblical studies, health administration, leadership, and sports administration. Some of these programs are offered at the undergraduate level, while others require at least a master's degree.

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree program is a 62 credit hour program designed for adult education credit which students can then apply towards a bachelor's degree. With a Christian worldview focus, students will take courses on topics such as Old and New Testament history, research writing, composition and rhetoric, and world literature.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The bachelor's degree in business administration prepares students for entry-level management careers. Courses include principles of management, communication, information systems, marketing and financial accounting.

Bachelor of Health Administration

The health administration program prepares students for entry-level management positions in healthcare settings. In addition to traditional business management courses, the program includes courses in healthcare marketing, ethics in healthcare and healthcare administration.

Master of Education

The Master of Education program is designed for currently licensed teachers seeking a graduate specialty in either elementary or secondary education. Courses topics include technology in education, remedial strategies and ethics in education. Degree programs in education that are also offered are an educational technology program, in addition to programs in national board preparation and reading literacy.

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