Adult Education in Pennsylvania with School Information

Throughout Pennsylvania, adult students can find learning opportunities through community colleges and specialized schools. In addition, several of the state's universities also offer programs catering to adult education. These programs are generally geared towards those who wish to pursue higher education or enhance professional job skills.

Schools and Programs

Certificate and degree programs are available to adult learners living in Pennsylvania. Various colleges and universities provide adult education programs designed to help students prepare for or advance in their careers. Degree programs can result in an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree. Undergraduate and graduate certificates are also awarded through adult education programs. Popular areas of study include business, education, computer technology, and nursing. Full- and part-time schedules are typically available. Some studies are designed to prepare students to seek professional certification or licensing if applicable to the career they are training for. Detailed information about two Pennsylvania universities that provide adult education programs is found below.

Schools At a Glance

Schools Location Institution Type Class Format
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Johnstown, PA 4-year, public On-campus
Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 4-year, public Online, on-campus

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown's Adult Education Programs

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is a 4-year public school offering certificate, associate's and bachelor's degree programs. The Office of Advanced and Continuing Education provides programming aimed at adult students. These programs can be completed on a part- or full-time basis and are designed to meet the needs of the non-traditional student.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Program

This program provides the foundation necessary to take the Pennsylvania Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination to qualify as Engineers-in-Training. Students study engineering topics such as mechanics, energy, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and materials science.

Journalism Program

Aspects of the print media--including reporting, editing, writing and design--are covered in this journalism program. Students are required to complete an internship and may also have the opportunity to work on the student-run newspaper.

Computer Science Program

Students in this program are prepared for a variety of careers in the computer science industry, including system analyst and database administrator. The curriculum combines theory and application with topics such as programming languages, systems programming and software design.

Nursing Program

Nursing students will have the opportunity to choose from a myriad of nursing courses. Topics include introduction to professional nursing, foundations of nursing practice, and nursing infomatics.

Business Programs

Adult students can take business classes in accounting, finance, management or marketing. Other class topics in business include auditing, forensic accounting, tax accounting, and financial reporting.

Pennsylvania State University's Adult Education Programs

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) is a 4-year public school with a main campus located in University Park. Penn State Continuing Education offers programs designed for adult learners in need of a career change, further professional development or degree completion. Certificate and degree programs are offered in education and healthcare.

Education Programs

Adult education programs in education at Penn State consist of graduate degrees and certificates. Students can choose from a master of education, a doctorate of education, or a PhD in education. Graduate certificate programs include a certificate in distance education, a certificate in family literacy, and a graduate minor in adult education.

Healthcare and Medical Professions

A graduate certificate program is offered in adult education in the health and medical professions. This program is designed for students looking to become teachers in the field of nursing and/or medicine. Once students have completed the 12 credits necessary to graduate this program, they will have developed further their knowledge of this area of study in order to become better teachers.

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