Adult Learning Classes in Indiana with School Information

Whether they are seeking to earn their GED or improve their English speaking and writing skills, individuals in Indiana have several options when it comes to adult learning. Flexible classes are offered at several learning institutions throughout the state. Find details about two schools providing adult learning classes in the state of Indiana.

Schools and Programs

Workforce literacy, college transition and English as a Second Language (ESL) are among the types of adult learning classes available in Indiana. The Indianapolis Public School District and the Ivy Tech Community College system are the largest providers of adult education in Indiana, with those in the public school system offered at sites throughout the city. Ivy Tech also has more than 20 campuses located throughout the state. Adult learning classes might be presented through seminars and some are even provided at no cost. Find more information about these schools and classes below.

Schools At a Glance

School Location Institution Type Program Levels
Indianapolis Public Schools Indianapolis, IN Public School System None
Ivy Tech Community College Indianapolis, IN, etc. 2-year Public Certificate, Associate Degree

Indianapolis Public Schools' Adult Learning Classes

The Indiana Department of Education coordinates adult learning classes, which are offered in every county in the state. One of the largest school districts to offer adult education, Indianapolis Public Schools provide a variety of adult learning classes at multiple sites, typically community centers and public schools, throughout the metropolitan region.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

Courses emphasizing practical skills in English are offered to Indianapolis's immigrant community. English is taught using the context of everyday social, personal and work situations.

Ivy Tech Community College's Adult Learning Classes

With over 30 campuses located throughout Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College offers over 150 certificate and degree programs for college transfer and career preparation. The community college network supports adult learners who need assistance developing academic skills to participate in degree programs.

English Courses

Academic Advancement English support includes practice in reading and writing for preparation for college classes.

Math Courses

The mathematics department at Ivy Tech has separated math courses that apply to majors into three major categories: tech, quantitative reasoning, and algebra/calculus. The algebra/calculus course is primarily designed for students who are planning to transfer to a university.

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