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The Los Angeles area supports a number of colleges and universities offering adults classes for residents who want to continue their education. Adult studies are mainly at the certificate level. Two of the largest postsecondary institutions in and near Los Angeles that provide adult education opportunities are profiled in this article.

Schools and Programs

Residents living in and around the Los Angeles area can find career training, personal enrichment or general education programs available in the continuing education programs of a few regional colleges and universities. While many of these programs result in a certificate, students can also find some programs leading to an associate degree. Examples of some programs include those that are designed to help students develop skills in areas of real estate, information technology, web design and creative writing.

Adult learners can also take advantage of the flexible scheduling associated with adult programs and satisfy general education requirements of a 2-year degree program through evening and weekend courses. Certificate programs generally take one year or less to complete. Details about two Los Angeles area colleges and universities appear below.

University of California - Los Angeles' Adult Education Programs

The University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) is a major public institution in the California university system offering over 300 certificate, bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral degree programs. It has an extension program featuring certificate, continuing education and undergraduate degree-credit courses for working adults who want to further their professional training or simply enhance their knowledge of the world.

Sequential Program in Web Technology

The web technology program includes courses in database management, service oriented architecture, scripting languages, and web-related Adobe Software applications such as Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks. This educational track is designed to help those seeking a career in web technology, web design, web management and content creation.

Sequential Program in Information Technology Management

Information technology management is comprised of five courses. The program is designed to help managers and IT professionals implement new technology and maximize the business value of computing resources in order to reduce costs and increase profits.

Certificate in Interpretation and Translation - Spanish to English

The 1-year certificate in translation program provides the training and skills needed by professional interpreters. While it is primarily focused on legal applications for federal, state and county courts, the credential is applicable to government and business as well.

Certificate in Real Estate with Concentration in Investments

The real estate certificate program was originally developed to help current and aspiring real estate workers meet the educational requirements for licensing. It also aims to make the complex, rapidly-changing Los Angeles area real estate market comprehensible to working professionals who want to profit from real estate investing.

Certificate in Creative Writing with an Emphasis in Creative Nonfiction

The non-fiction creative writing certificate program consists of beginning, intermediate and advanced courses on the techniques of writing personal essays and writing effectively for publication. Published, professional writers recognized for their achievements serve as the program's instructors and guest speakers.

Contact Information

  • Address: 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405
  • Phone Number: (310) 825-4321

East Los Angeles College's Adult Education Options

East Los Angeles College (ELAC) is a 2-year institution with a student enrollment of 34,065, the largest in the Los Angeles community college system. It offers certificate and associate's degree programs in over 75 subject areas. ELAC also has a general education program specifically for working adults.

Program for Adult College Education

The Program for Adult College Education is a 5-semester, 60-unit transfer program designed to serve adults working full time. It meets the general education and lower division requirements for business, liberal arts and teaching majors at many Los Angeles area universities, as well as the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree. Courses are scheduled for evenings and weekends. Students have the option to take one or two courses during an 8-week session, and each semester is comprised of two sessions.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA 91754-6099
  • Phone Number: (323) 265-8650

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