Adult Schools in Southern California

Many educational institutions throughout California, including colleges and public school districts in the southern part of the state, provide programming aimed at adult students. Programs focus on career development as well as personal enrichment topics. Individual courses and certificate programs are offered.

Schools and Programs

Adult learners in Southern California can prepare for a career, enhance professional skills, satisfy adult basic education requirements or develop a personal interest through studies at several institutions in this area. Vocational career training programs are designed to help students obtain entry-level positions in a variety of areas. Many career-oriented programs offer hands-on training through field experiences in professional settings.

Students also have the opportunity to improve their fitness or indulge their love of painting, writing, gardening or cooking. Some programs are designed specifically for older adults. Most programs last for several sessions or longer. Read below for more details about two institutions located in Southern California that provide adult education programs.

Schools At a Glance

Schools Location Institution Type Class Format
Division of Adult and Career Education Los Angeles, CA Public On-campus
Santa Barbara City College Santa Barbara, CA Public On-campus

Los Angeles Unified School District's Adult Programs

The Division of Adult and Career Education at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) provides adult basic education, English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, parenting education, career development and a variety of personal development classes for adults. Classes are held at community education schools and other institutions throughout the district.

Career Technical Education Programs

Fifteen career technical education programs are offered in a multitude of areas, including agriculture and natural resources; arts, media, and entertainment; engineering and design; information technology; manufacturing and product development; fashion and interior design; finance and business; health science and medical technology; as well as building, trades and construction.

Adult Basic Education Programs

Adult basic education programs are available in literacy that cover basic reading, writing, and math skills through the ninth grade level. Adult students are prepared for high school diploma or general educational development (GED) programs.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

Adults with little or no English proficiency can acquire English language communications skills through the ESL courses. These programs cover listening, speaking, reading and writing at different skill levels. A citizenship program is also offered.

Adult Secondary Education Program

The adult secondary education program is available to students looking to obtain the necessary credentials for a high school diploma. Students will prepare for the high school equivalency exam and/or the general education development exam.

Santa Barbara City College's Adult Programs

The continuing education division at Santa Barbara City College is locally know as 'Adult Ed.' The division offers over 500 courses each year aimed at promoting lifelong learning. In addition to adult basic education, GED and ESL programs, a number of courses are offered in areas such as wellness, home and garden, the arts and business.

Arts, Crafts, Performance Courses

Santa Barbara City College's Lifelong Learning division offers myriad programs in arts, crafts and performance. Students can choose from classes in crafts, like calligraphy and ceramics; classes in arts, like abstract painting and watercolor painting outdoors; and classes in jewelry making. Also offered are classes in music and performing arts, such as piano, choral singing, and songwriting; or workshop classes in woodworking.

Body, Mind and Spirit Courses

Body, mind and spirit courses are also offered. Included are fitness, dance, and yoga classes; health classes; hiking classes; and psychology and spirituality classes.

Events, Language, Photo Courses

Courses in this subject area include current events, world affairs and local culture classes. French and Spanish language classes are also available. Some of the other topics from which students can choose include traveling photography, fiction, and Shakespeare.

Home and Family Courses

Home and family courses available at Santa Barbara City College's Center for Lifelong Learning include classes in cooking, genealogy, home and garden, mature driver certifications, non-profit skills, parenting, and personal finance and home business. Other course topics include wine tasting, QuikBooks, childbirth yoga, grant writing, managing your own portfolio, and retirement planning.

Nature, Science, Recreation Courses

Nature, science, and recreation course topics that are available include sailing, natural history hikes, and playing chess. Most of these courses will take place out of doors.

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