Advertising Courses and Classes Overview

Students in advertising courses learn about advertising and marketing principles and get training in how to create and manage media campaigns. Read some essential information for advertising students, and get an overview of some courses in this field.

Essential Information

Advertising courses are available at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree levels and are typically part of an advertising, business administration, or marketing program. These courses typically include training in the legal, ethical, and social responsibilities of advertisers, as well as ways to engage and communicate with clients and target-audiences.

Advertising students will learn about marketing and media campaigns, field-specific writing skills, and advertising management. Some hands-on exposure to advertising design through internships or student projects may be included in these programs as well.

List of Classes

Read about the subjects that advertising students will encounter in the list of course descriptions below.

Introductory Advertising Course

In this beginning advertising class, students learn about the history of advertising as well as legal, ethical and social responsibilities in advertising. The course examines restrictions in advertising as well as how advertising affects buyers. Students learn how to communicate with potential clients and customers and explore techniques for reaching a target audience.

Advertising Writing Course

Students conduct research to determine what information can be used when selling products without making false promises. Using specific product information, students create press releases, ads and newsletters to communicate effectively with the target markets. This course prepares students to organize information and make it easy to read and understand. The basics of color theory and design may be incorporated into this course.

Advertising Media Planning Course

In this advertising planning course, students develop advertising strategies by analyzing advertising styles used in different mediums, such as TV, radio and print. Students learn methods for creating advertising plans for the media and testing their effectiveness. In advanced courses, students identify their target audiences, such as children, stay-at-home mothers, working parents or teenagers; they then research and develop strategies for marketing products to those groups.

Advertising Strategies and Campaigns Course

This advanced bachelor's degree-level advertising course helps students develop advertising and marketing strategies. Students identify a target audience and create ways to sell products to that audience. Through analysis of case studies and study of magazines, TV and radio commercials, newspaper ads and Internet ads, students develop advertising plans that can be used by real businesses.

Advertising Management Course

Advertising management courses combine marketing, media plans, budgeting and advertising campaigns, which help students create advertising strategies and plans for individual companies. Students learn how to organize and implement an advertising campaign. This master's degree-level course incorporates practical methods for using various resources to create affordable advertising plans that generate business by familiarizing customers with products and making them want to buy them.

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