Airplane Technician Courses and Classes Overview

Airplane maintenance technician schools offer certificate, associate degree, and bachelor's degree programs. Courses are geared to prepare students to pass certification exams offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Read about some classes that provide training for jobs in this field.

Essential Information

Airplane technician courses prepare students to qualify for certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This allows individuals to work as maintenance technicians on all registered airplanes in America. Airplane maintenance technician schools offer certificate, associate degree and bachelor's degree programs. Courses teach industry standards and practices, airplane construction and repair, and inspection processes.

List of Airplane Technician Courses

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First-year students in airplane technician programs take courses that provide a broad overview of the aviation industry. These avionics courses cover aviation history, airport classifications, atmospheric conditions, flight propulsion, instrumentation and cabin layout. Other topics might include painting and shell corrosion prevention, airplane drawing, weight balance and maintenance records.

Aircraft Electronic Systems

Students might be required to take an advanced electronic systems course midway through their academic program. Airplane technician courses about electronics introduce the principles of electricity and the laws of thermodynamics as they relate to aircraft systems. Coursework addresses airplane electrical system schematics, maintenance and repair. Many electronic systems courses include both classroom and laboratory work.

Aircraft Structure and Systems

Airplane technicians must possess a solid understanding of the structure and systems of various aircraft. Bachelor's degree programs might offer a basic airplane structure course at the beginning of a program, as well as an advanced course later in a student's studies. Course topics include aircraft drawings, materials, finishes, sheet metal and welding.

Aircraft Inspection

Depending on how an airplane technician program is organized, students might learn about aircraft inspection through an independent course or through lessons within broader courses. Stand-alone classes are incorporated into the second half of an academic degree program. These courses teach students how to maintain proper records and paperwork related to airplane inspections. They will also study theories and principles of engine systems and cooling, troubleshooting and aircraft regulation compliance.

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