Archaeology Schools with Undergraduate Programs and Majors

The study of archaeology looks at the culture of humans throughout history. Undergraduate education programs in archaeology are found generally within anthropology programs, though some standalone programs exist. When searching for an archaeology degree program, prospective students may consider the possible areas of specialization, faculty talent, hands-on experience opportunities and program accreditation.

How to Select an Archaeology School

The majority of U.S. schools offering archaeology or archeology degree programs do so at the graduate level. However, some universities and colleges have archaeology programs and courses within undergraduate anthropology, geography and social science degrees. Most undergraduate degree programs in archaeology are multidisciplinary and require students to gain a strong background in world history, languages, art history, biology and physical science. These programs are typically designed to prepare students for advanced graduate study in the field of archaeology.

Other considerations:

  • Look for programs that provide hands-on projects through summer internships or other means.
  • Find a school with effective advisors, able to prepare you for graduate study.

10 Archaeology Schools

College/University Institution Type
Cornell University 4-year, Private
The University of Texas at Austin 4-year, Public
Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus 4-year, Public
New York University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
University of North Carolina 4-year, Public
Brigham Young University 4-year, Private
University of California - San Diego 4-year, Public
University of Southern California 4-year, Private
Boston University 4-year, Private
University of Missouri - Columbia 4-year, Public

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