Architectural Engineering Colleges, Universities and Schools

Architectural engineering programs combine math and drafting skills to train students for careers in designing buildings and building systems. Programs in this field provide training in architectural design fundamentals, energy conservation and construction methods.

How to Select an Architectural Engineering School

Architectural engineering programs are available at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. Prior to selecting an architectural engineering program, students should look at the length of the program and its requirements. Many architectural engineering programs place an emphasis on either the science or design aspect of the field, along with specific areas of concentration that vary by school. Students also may want to consider attending a school that includes high-tech equipment and lab space. In specialty facilities, building systems and structures are exposed and provide a real-life learning experiences. Finally, students may want to consider attending a school that has an Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) student chapter. The AIE, an organization for professionals in the building industry, requires student chapters to be accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

Students interested in architectural engineering programs may want to keep these considerations in mind:

  • Undergraduate programs are available as 4-year or 5-year programs; the 5-year plan is typically a professional degree program that requires a senior thesis and professional projects.
  • Possible design concentrations may include mechanical, structural, lighting, electrical and construction.
  • Specialty facilities, such as a lighting lab, mechanical systems lab or electrical systems lab provide practical experience.
  • Architectural Engineering Institute student chapters allow students to participate in of hands-on activities, including tree-house construction, shipbuilding and design competitions such as the steel bridge competition.

Top 10 Engineering Schools

College/University Institution Type
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4-year, Private not-for-profit
Stanford University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
University of California - Berkeley 4-year, Public
California Institute of Technology 4-year, Private not-for-profit
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign 4-year, Public
Carnegie Mellon University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
Georgia Institute of Technology 4-year, Public
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 4-year, Public
Cornell University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
Purdue University - West Lafayette 4-year, Public

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