Art Classes in Salt Lake City with School and Program Overviews

There are several schools within 20 miles of downtown Salt Lake City that have art programs. Read an overview of three schools' programs, requirements and admission info and find out which school is the right one for you.

Salt Lake City Art Schools

There are three schools with art classes and programs located in or around Salt Lake City. Check out the course and program options below, and use the comparison table to find key school facts. A list of three other schools that provide training for aspiring artists is at the end of the article.

  • Salt Lake Community College has a large visual art and design department, where students will find six different programs that lead to a certificate or an associate's degree. The college's South City campus is located just 2.2 miles from the downtown Salt Lake City.
  • The University of Utah offers a wide variety of specializations within its undergraduate and graduate studio art programs and is home to many art resources and facilities. The university is located 21 miles from the downtown.
  • Westminster College, located 4.3 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, offers studio arts programs at the undergraduate level. These include a liberal arts degree and a minor in art.

Comparison of Schools

Undergraduates interested in earning a degree in art can use the following table to compare acceptance and tuition rates at the two public schools and one private school featured in this article. Additional information about financial aid, retention rates and graduation percentages can also be found below.

Salt Lake Community College University of Utah Westminster College
School Type 2-year; public college 4-year; public university 4-year; private not-for-profit college
Total Enrollment (2014) 30,248* 31,515* 2,991*
Campus Setting Large suburb Midsize city Midsize city
Tuition & Fees (2015-2016) $3,569 in-state; $11,337 out-of-state* $8,197 in-state; $26,022 out-of-state* $31,528*
% of First-Year Students Receiving Some Form of Financial Aid (2013-2014) 73%* 70%* 97%*
Acceptance Rate (2014) N/A - Open admissions* 81* 96%*
Retention Rate (2014) 56% for full-time students; 43% for part-time students* 89% for full-time students; 67% for part-time students* 72% for full-time students; 67% for part-time students*
Graduation Rate (2014) 16% (14% transfer-out rate)* 62%* 60%*

Source: *NCES College Navigator.

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College offers a wide variety of art programs ranging from certificates to associate's degrees. Most of the programs described below are designed to prepare students for entry-level work and are not suited for transfer to 4-year degree programs.

Certificate of Proficiency in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

This 28-credit certificate program can prepare students for entry-level jobs as 2-D or 3-D technical artists. Required coursework includes drawing, design, animation and storyboarding. Students can specialize in either motion graphics or visual effects, allowing them to select from electives in 3-D modeling, 3-D animation, the use of Adobe InDesign software or visual effects and composition.

Associate of Science in Animation

Students who intend to find jobs in 2-D and 3-D animation or multimedia development in the film or video game industries might be interested in this 64-69-credit program. In addition to general education courses, students can take classes in digital media, figure drawing and digital video production. Specialized courses include visual effects (VFX) and compositing, storyboarding, 3-D modeling, animation and digital painting.

Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design

Aspiring graphic designers may prefer this 69-credit program, which provides training in the use of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop; website design and multimedia authoring. Before graduating, students also develop a portfolio.

Associate of Applied Science in Illustration

This 68-credit program is intended for students who want to work with either traditional or computer art. Major coursework includes topics in design, photography, illustration and advanced figure drawing. Students also learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and become familiar with digital painting techniques. By the time they graduate, students should demonstrate proficiency in drawing, digital illustration and illustrative photography through a portfolio of their works.

Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia

In this 65-credit program, multimedia students can prepare for work in a variety of fields like animation, website design or product development. Required core classes include training in Adobe Illustrator software and topics in 3-D modeling, digital painting, figure drawing and digital media essentials. Prerequisites include a familiarity with computers, Photoshop and drawing techniques.

Associate of Applied Science in Photography

Before enrolling in this 63-64 credit program, students should have digital SLR camera equipment and relevant photographic supplies. The courses are designed to help students prepare for work as professional photographers and include training in Adobe Photoshop, drawing and the use of photographic light; an introduction to the business practices associated with the industry is also part of the program. Students also have the opportunity to develop portfolios, take an advanced independent study course and participate in photo fieldtrips.

University of Utah

This university offers a number of degree programs and specializations for art students. Undergraduates must declare art on their admissions application; graphic design students submit a portfolio.

Minor in Ceramics

The minor in ceramics requires 24 credit hours of basic courses in clay construction. To enroll in these courses, students must obtain permission from the department.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program allows students to pursue a concentration in sculpture and intermedia, painting and drawing or photography and digital imaging. Concentrations in printmaking, ceramics, art education or graphic design are also available; unique to the program is a cross 3-D focus. First-year students take basic courses in 2-D and 3-D art, color theory and visual language. Depending on their specializations, students can take advanced courses in life drawing, new media painting, intermediate ceramics, pottery and color photography, among other disciplines.

Master of Fine Arts in Art

Graduates of a BFA program can take their educations to the next level by completing this 2-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Students select a studio art specialization based on their artistic interests and have the opportunity to work in their own individual studios. The 60-credit program includes studio art courses, graduate seminars and art history classes. Students also complete a final oral exam, project paper, exhibition and exhibition documentation.

Westminster College

Westminster College offers a minor and Bachelor of Arts (BA) program for students who wish to focus on the liberal arts or pursue a different major. The BFA program has a variety of specialization options for those who wish to pursue a career in the arts.

Minor in Art

To minor in art, students have to take at least 23 credit hours in drawing, pottery, photography and art history, among other courses. They also take electives in an artistic area of their choosing.

Bachelor of Arts in Art

Although this program has a broad, liberal arts focus, it includes 59 credits in art. Some of the required classes include drawing, photography, pottery and art history, as well as at least eight credits in a foreign language.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

To be accepted into this program, students must complete a portfolio at the beginning of their sophomore years. Students can select from concentrations in painting and drawing, pottery, photography or the studio arts. All students complete an art survey and courses in drawing, painting, photography and pottery. Specialized coursework includes figure and intermediate drawing, printmaking, color photography and ceramic sculpture.

Other School Options

Students willing to travel outside the immediate Salt Lake City area can find three schools offering art programs. Weber State University is around 30.4 miles away from the downtown and offers a bachelor's degree in the visual arts. Students interested in pursuing a certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree program in art and visual communication might consider Utah Valley University, which is located about 34.1 miles away from the city. Another option for aspiring artists is Brigham Young University - Provost, which is around 38.7 miles from downtown Salt Lake City. The school offers a wide selection of programs in the traditional, performing and media arts.

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