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Articles about Career Planning

This section contains articles about career planning that are designed to help students learn about different occupations and choose their career path. The articles discuss the fastest growing careers in specific cities and states, as well as top employers and growing industries. Students will also learn about career fields that are declining in addition to occupations with a decreasing number of positions.

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  • Dallas Careers: Overview of Hot Careers in Dallas, TX

    Dallas is a multi-cultural, thriving city that was twice named the Fortune Magazine 'best city in North America for Business' as well as being named one of CNNs Top 10 Cities for Job Growth. Job opportunities are plentiful in many areas with the largest employers in the area including American Airlines, Wal-Mart Stores, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Electronic Data Systems Corp., Raytheon and Bank of America.

  • Dan Ariely on Behavioral Economics and Avoiding Krispy Kreme

    In 2008, Dan Ariely's first book, 'Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions,' popularized the field of behavioral economics. An emerging discipline, behavioral economics has the potential to redefine how we make decisions and live our lives. As Ariely's work has shown, our impulsive decision-making, limited self-control and faulty intuition not only do us harm, but can potentially be fatal. His work aims to help people understand how to live better, smarter lives.

  • Delaware Career Guide & Top Growing Career Opportunities

    Looking for hot careers in Delaware? Read on to find out about the fastest growing jobs in the state of Delaware.

  • Denver Job Outlook & Top Growing Career Opportunities

    Does the thought of living in a thriving, contemporary city surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, breathtaking views and year round sports make you want to pack your bags and leave? The state of Colorado's Business Retention and Expansion office works hard to remove barriers and attract businesses to the Denver area. This has resulted in a hot job market for several industries in Denver.

  • Detroit Career Outlook & Overview of the Fastest Growing Jobs

    A diversified economy has helped Detroit recover from the loss of manufacturing jobs and kept it a vital, growing city with rich history in music and culture. Read on to find out where the hottest jobs are in Detroit, Michigan:

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  • Hawaii Job Outlook: Overview of the Fastest Growing Careers

    Individuals interested in working in Hawaii may choose from a selection of fast-growing careers. Among the jobs expected to see the most growth in Hawaii by 2018 are home health and personal care aides, financial examiners and skin care specialists.

  • Houston, TX Career Guide: Fastest Growing Houston Careers

    The size of Houston's work force is projected to grow to a healthy three million by the year 2012, an overall growth of nearly 20 percent. Most of this growth will occur in professional and service related occupations.

  • How Do Modern Apprenticeship Programs Work?

    Apprenticeship programs have evolved in the centuries since their inception as vocational training for boys and young men. Continue reading to learn how modern apprenticeship programs are structured, and explore some of the many occupations that offer apprenticeship opportunities.

  • How to Get an Oncology Fellowship

    Get information on education prerequisites for an oncology fellowship. Find out what admission committees are looking for and learn what it takes to get into these three-year programs.

  • Idaho Career Guide: Fastest Growing Idaho (ID) Careers

    Idaho's (ID) labor force is over 700,000 strong and growing. In 2004 the median household income was $44,000. The fastest growing areas of employment are in healthcare, electronic communication, social services, and skilled trades.

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  • Las Vegas Career Guide: Top Growing Career Opportunities

    Las Vegas is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country. Naturally, this means that there are a lot of job openings in the Las Vegas area. Specifically, Las Vegas has the highest job growth in high tech services, and the construction industry has also experienced a large growth in employment.

  • Long Beach, CA Career Outlook: Fastest Growing Long Beach Careers

    The Long Beach, California, area had 4.86 million people in the workforce as of 2011. While unemployment increased in the area between 2006 and 2011, job seekers in some industries should see some employment growth. These include educational and healthcare services, leisure and government.

  • Long Island, NY, Job Outlook & Overview of Growing Careers

    If you are exploring career options in Manhattan, you might want to check out its growing neighbor to the east: Long Island. Long Island is home to a variety of industries, and one of its fastest growing is business services. To find out if a career in Long Island would match your respective skill set, read on to learn about the area's top occupations and employers.

  • Los Angeles Job Outlook & Career Overviews

    The biggest story in the Los Angeles labor market at the moment is the recent trend in the surging of IT systems workers employment and the boom in postsecondary healthcare and computer science and parks & recreation instructors. These LA jobs and occupations are the biggest gainers in terms of percentage change in employment over the last ten years.

  • Louisiana Job Outlook: Fastest Growing Louisiana (LA) Careers

    Louisiana is known for Cajun food, fishing and...nursing? That's right, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), registered nursing is projected to be the fastest-growing job in the state of Louisiana. Read on to learn more about the hottest careers in this southern state.

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  • Utah Careers: Overview of Hot Careers in Utah (UT)

    Whether you are an entry-level worker just entering the job force, or you are a seasoned career veteran just looking at your options, Utah boasts many career paths to choose from. This article provides basic facts about careers in Utah, and lists the hottest and growing occupations in the state.

  • Vermont Career Outlook & Overview of Fastest Growing Careers

    If you are a current resident of Vermont or a non-resident looking for career opportunities, you are in luck. Vermont has many fast-growing occupations for the eager job seeker. get an overview of the fastest growing careers in Vermont here.

  • Virginia Beach Career Guide & Overview of Fastest Growing Jobs

    The Virginia Beach hospitality industry is rapidly increasing. The IT industry is also growing in the Virginia Beach area due to the lower wage predominantly in the South. Learn more about these and other fast growing Virginia Beach careers here.

  • Virginia Beach: Career Guide & Fastest Growing Careers

    If you are looking for a career, Virginia Beach, Virginia is not just a popular resort area. Many fast-growing career occupations exist in Virginia Beach, VA. This article gives brief facts about the city and provides occupation projections.

  • Virginia Careers: Top Growing Career Opportunities in Virginia (VA)

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Virginia is expected to have an influx of opportunities in the medical and health care fields during the 2010-2020 decade. The top three fastest-growing occupations are biomedical engineers, home health/personal care aides, and helpers of bricklayers, stone masons, and similarly skilled workers. Read on to learn more about these career fields.

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