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Glossary of Master's Degree Programs

This is a student's guide to hundreds of the most popular master's degree programs in the United States. Each of these articles provides specific information about a unique master's degree program such as required coursework and the occupational outlook. Please choose a field of study to find a more focused selection of master's degree program articles.

Agriculture ( View 8 Articles )
  • Agriculture MBA Programs: Overview of Programs

    Learn about the curriculum and requirements for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Agriculture degree program. Find out about popular career choices, employment outlook and continuing education for graduates.

  • Animal Science Graduate Programs: Overviews by Level

    Read about graduate degree programs in animal science. Learn about the program requirements, courses, possible career choices, employment outlook and continuing education options.

  • Equine Science Master's Degree Program Information

    Learn about the curriculum and requirements for a master's degree program in equine science. Find out about employment options and salary trends, as well as continuing education for those interested in veterinary or equine research careers.

  • Food Science Graduate Program Overviews

    Learn about graduate degree programs in food science. See educational prerequisites, program coursework, popular career options and employment outlook statistics.

  • MBA in Agribusiness: Degree Program Overview

    A Master of Business Administration (MBA) program focusing on agribusiness can teach students how to participate in and advance the food and farming market. In this article, we'll look at prerequisites and curriculum for these programs, as well as learn about certifications and employment options for MBA graduates.

Architecture ( View 4 Articles )
  • Master of Architecture: Architecture Degree Overview

    Explore a master's degree in architecture. Learn about the prerequisites, courses, careers, licensing and continuing education for those entering this field.

  • Master of Science (MS): Architecture Degree Overview

    Find out what you can do with a Master of Science in Architecture. Check out some of the core topics, program eligibility requirements, sample careers, employment statistics and continuing education options, which include how to acquire licensure.

  • Top Architect Masters Programs with School Info

    Learn about master's degree programs in architecture, which usually award a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) or post-professional Master of Science. Read brief summaries of the programs offered by three high-profile institutions, and find a summary of other schools with graduate architectural programs.

  • Top Landscape Architecture Masters and Graduate Programs: School List

    Find out which top-ranked schools offer master's degree programs in landscape architecture. See what makes these schools stand out, and decide if one of these programs might be for you.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences ( View 25 Articles )
  • Best Biology Graduate Programs: List of Top Schools

    Graduate programs in biology prepare students for careers in academia, government and research, among other occupational fields. Get rankings and program details for some of the top graduate biology programs in the country.

  • Biochemistry Master's Degree Program Overviews

    Learn about the curriculum and requirements of a master's degree program in biochemistry. Find out about employment options and continuing education for graduates.

  • Biomedical Sciences Master's Degree Program Information

    An individual whose career aspirations include professional medical care and research could consider a master's degree program in biomedical sciences. These programs can prepare students to seek careers in medicine, education or research and can provide them with an advantage when applying to medical schools or doctoral science programs.

  • Biotechnology Management Masters Degree Program Information

    Master's degree programs in biotechnology management are designed to offer instruction in both biotechnology and business management, showing how business principles apply to management in this industry. While Master of Science in Biotechnology Management degree programs are available, some schools offer a Master of Business Administration/Master of Biotechnology joint degree program.

  • Ethology Graduate Programs: Curriculum Overview

    Ethology is the study of animal behavior. While there are rarely ethology graduate programs labeled as such, many schools offer graduate programs in animal behavior. These include programs at the master's degree and doctoral levels. In this article, we'll examine both programs at both levels of study, learning about prerequisites, curriculum and career opportunities.

Business ( View 230 Articles )
  • Accounting & Finance MBA Degree Program Information

    While most Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs involve the study of accounting and finance, especially interested students can generally receive a concentration in either field. In this article, we'll look at both of these MBA programs, learning about coursework and opportunities for continuing education as well as career options.

  • Accounting Information Systems Graduate Certificate Programs

    Learn about graduate certificate programs in accounting information systems. Review the educational prerequisites and discover the courses that may be required. Browse popular career options and continuing education info.

  • Applied Economics Masters Degree Program Information

    Get information on master's degree programs in applied economics. Keep reading to find out about prerequisite courses, curriculum, continuing education options and the employment outlook for graduates.

  • Benefits of an MBA in Finance: Overview for Aspiring Students

    Finance is one of the most popular specializations within Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. An MBA in Finance offers benefits to working professionals in a variety of industries, including commercial and corporate banking, investment services and real estate.

  • Best MIS Graduate Programs: School List

    Find out which top-rated schools offer master's degree programs in management information systems (MIS). See what sets these schools apart to decide if one of them is right for you.

Communications and Journalism ( View 58 Articles )
  • Advertising and Public Relations Masters Programs

    Learn specifics about master's level studies in advertising and public relations. Find out what courses are typically offered in these programs and continuing education options available to graduates. Read information about career options as well as job growth statistics and salary details for public relations specialists.

  • Animation Graduate Programs: Options by Degree Level

    Browse degree programs in animation for graduate students. Get info about the educational prerequisites for such programs. Explore some of the featured courses and see career possibilities for graduates.

  • Best Communication Graduate Programs: List of Top Schools

    Read about a couple of the best schools in the country to offer graduate-level communication programs. Go over program details for these universities and see a list of other top schools in the field.

  • Best Writing Graduate Programs: List of Schools

    Learn about some of the best graduate writing programs in the country. Read about two top schools offering programs of study in this field, including their rankings and course details, so you might make an informed decision.

  • Career and Salary Info for a Masters Degree in English

    Holding a master's degree in English provides opportunities for a career in multiple industries, including publishing, advertising, marketing, education and media. Career opportunities vary depending on the sector, but individuals have the knowledge and skills to work in teaching, writing and editing positions.

Computer Sciences ( View 61 Articles )
  • Accredited Masters in Database Management Schools with Degree Info

    Master's degree programs in database management focus on the organization, storage and security of a company's information. Accredited database management graduate programs are available through several colleges and universities throughout the United States.

  • Colleges Offering Masters Degree Programs in Networking: How to Choose

    Networking professionals combine computer skills training with a working knowledge of network security protocols and functions to create safe computer connections and working environments. Graduate students seeking careers as networking professionals have a variety of master's degree programs to choose from, many with numerous concentrations or areas of specialization.

  • Colleges With a Masters in Computer Forensics: How to Choose

    Students who want to work with government or commercial digital forensics may want to pursue a master's degree in either computer forensics or in computer science with a computer forensics concentration. These programs train students to work with digital evidence, cyber crime and electronic data.

  • Computer Art Master's Degree Program Information

    Learn about the prerequisites and coursework required to earn a computer art master's degree. Find out about career outlook, salary and continuing education options.

  • Computer Graphics Masters Degree Program Info

    Read about masters degree programs in computer graphics. Find out about educational requirements, potential coursework and the career outlook for the field.

Culinary Arts and Personal Services ( View 3 Articles )
  • Masters Degree in Food Service Management: Program Overview

    Master's degree programs in food service management and restaurant management are often offered through the hospitality or nutrition departments of colleges and universities. These programs cover hospitality theory, management principles, food sanitation regulations and safety considerations.

  • Masters Degrees in Cooking and Culinary Arts: Program Information

    Associate's and bachelor's degree programs in culinary arts give aspiring cooks the theoretical and practical knowledge they'll need to start their careers. Examine the required courses in these programs as well as employment and certification information for professional cooks.

  • Masters in Food and Beverage Management: Degree Summary

    Many schools offer master's degree programs in hospitality management that include restaurant management or food and beverage management concentrations. Learn about admission requirements and common course topics, and take a look at employment prospects in the hospitality field.

Education ( View 108 Articles )
  • Career and Salary Info for a Master of Education Degree

    Earning a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree opens up new career options for educational professional as well as increases salary potential. Typically, school districts follow a pay grid based on experience and education. A master's degree results in a larger initial salary and greater potential earnings over the course of a teacher's career. In addition to enhancing the practice of teaching in a traditional subject area, the M.Ed. degree can point teachers in new education career directions.

  • Course Curriculum of a Master's Degree in Library Science

    Students enrolled in a master's degree program in library science take core classes before enrolling in electives for public library, school media, academic library, or other specialized tracks. Students should look for programs accredited by the American Library Association (ALA).

  • Curriculum Development Masters Degree Program Information

    Learn what admissions requirements must be met before applying to a master's degree program in curriculum and instruction. Also, see examples of classes, employment opportunities and median salaries.

  • Educational Technology Graduate Program Options

    Learn about graduate level programs that will allow you to earn a degree in educational technology. Find out what these programs entail. Also take a look at the career options you will have after completing a graduate program.

  • Graduate Courses for Teachers: Course Descriptions

    Graduate courses for teachers are available at several universities as part of degree or continuing education programs. Get an overview of the most popular graduate courses for teachers.

Engineering ( View 64 Articles )
  • AutoCAD Masters Degree Program Information

    Master's degree programs in AutoCAD aren't commonly available, but associate's degree programs offer fundamental training in the field. Read on to learn about admission requirements, common courses, optional certifications and employment prospects.

  • Automotive Engineering Graduate Schools: How to Choose

    Offered at both the master's and doctoral levels, graduate programs in automotive engineering focus on technological advancements in the automotive industry and on managerial and engineering perspectives of routine vehicle maintenance. Graduates of such programs can expect to work in research, development, managerial or administrative positions.

  • Average Tuition Costs for Engineering Graduate School

    Engineering professionals develop new and innovative products and services designed to simplify and improve everyday activities. Engineering graduate schools provide students opportunities to seek advanced careers and earn higher wages.

  • Best Telecommunications Masters Programs: List of Schools

    Learn about two leading engineering and communications schools that offer master's programs in telecommunications. Find out about the school rankings and program specializations that make these top schools stand out.

  • Engineering Graduate Degree Program Options

    Read about the curricula and requirements of graduate degree programs in engineering. Learn about salary and employment trends, popular career options, and certification possibilities for engineers.

Legal ( View 50 Articles )
Liberal Arts and Humanities ( View 61 Articles )
  • Behavioral Economics Graduate Programs

    Find information about graduate degree programs that are related to behavioral economics. Learn what education is needed to gain entry to these programs and review sample courses. See employment outlook statistics and consider some popular career options.

  • Behavioral Economics Masters Degree Programs

    Behavioral economics, sometimes referred to as business decision research, combines studies in psychology and economic theory to analyze and predict consumer purchasing trends. Get information on master's degree programs that cover behavioral economics, including required classes and options for further education.

  • Best Schools with Ancient History Graduate Programs: List of Schools

    Read on to learn which are the best schools offering graduate degree programs in ancient history. See what makes these schools special. Find out more about degree and program options, too.

  • Best Schools with Cultural Anthropology Graduate Programs

    Find two of the best schools for earning a graduate degree in cultural anthropology. Learn about degree types and curriculum formats available at these schools.

  • Best Schools with Graduate Programs in Philosophy: List of Schools

    Philosophy is the study of theoretical issues regarding knowledge, morals, logic, the brain, and existence. Read on to learn about schools where you can earn a graduate degree in philosophy. Find out what makes these schools distinctive, and see if one of these programs is right for you.

Mechanic and Repair Technologies ( View 9 Articles )
  • Best Schools with Construction Management Graduate Programs

    Learn about schools offering some of the best programs in construction management that lead to graduate degrees. Read on for information about the schools, their rankings, programs, and curriculum details.

  • Construction Masters Degree Program Information

    Learn about construction-related master's degree programs. Check the educational prerequisites and review the program coursework. See the employment outlook statistics for construction managers.

  • MBA in Real Estate Property Management: Program Information

    A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Real Estate Management program trains students to oversee the operations of real estate and property management organizations. Read on for information on prerequisite education, curriculum and real estate licensing requirements.

  • Master Plumber: Education Requirements and Career Overview

    Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a master plumber. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about training, job duties and licensing to find out if this is the career for you.

  • Masters Degree in Air Conditioning: Program Overview

    Research master's degrees related to air conditioning, such as programs in architectural engineering, mechanical engineering and energy engineering. Get information on requirements, courses, career prospects and licensure requirements to make an informed decision about your education.

Medical and Health Professions ( View 153 Articles )
  • Anesthesiology Graduate Schools: How to Choose

    Anesthesiology is the practice of administering anesthesia and monitoring a patient during surgery. Graduate programs in anesthesiology are available at the master's level to individuals who already hold a current, valid license as a registered nurse (R.N.) and have completed a bachelor's degree in nursing.

  • Art Therapy Graduate School Information: How to Choose a School

    Art therapy utilizes psychoanalysis and artistic creativity as a therapeutic means to evaluate and rehabilitate patients. Graduate programs in art therapy are available as a Master of Arts in Art Therapy or a Master of Professional Studies in Art Therapy.

  • Assistive & Rehabilitation Technology Graduate Certificate Programs

    Explore graduate certificate programs that teach assistive and rehabilitation technology. Learn about the educational prerequisites for this program, and check out potential course topics. See popular career options and employment outlook projections for rehabilitation counselors.

  • Athletic Training Graduate Programs Options

    Read about graduate programs in athletic training. Find out about educational requirements, potential coursework, career options and certification.

  • Best Health Science Schools for Master's Degree Students

    Learn about the top two schools for master's degrees in health sciences. Find out why these schools are outstanding, including their rankings and the clinical specialties they offer for healthcare professionals.

Other ( View 16 Articles )
  • Accelerated Masters Degree Programs: How Do They Work?

    Accelerated master's degrees are a condensed program that allows to you to complete a master's degree in about half the time. Continue reading to find more information on accelerated master's programs, how long they take and fields of study.

  • Average Starting Salary for a Masters Degree Graduate

    The average starting salary for individuals with a master's degree depends on their field of study, among other factors. Keep reading to learn about some of the average starting salaries for graduates of master's degree programs in such fields as business, engineering, computer science and the humanities.

  • GMAT Courses: Overview of GMAT Prep Courses

    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is used by some schools to assess applicants to business-related graduate programs. This computerized, national test is used to make sure incoming students are prepared to take on the demanding curriculum of a program. Read on to receive an overview of GMAT prep courses.

  • Graduate Schools Without a GMAT Requirement: Program Overviews

    Schools that do not require students to submit GMAT scores usually have other admissions requirements, such as maintaining a certain grade point average and accumulating several years of on-the-job experience. Many programs also require students to hold a bachelor's degree. Read on for more information about graduate schools that don't carry a GMAT requirement.

  • How Long Does IT Take to Get a Masters Degree?

    Many professionals seek a master's degree to further or change their career. Read about several master's degree options for students, such as traditional programs, evening and weekend classes, distance learning, part-time attendance and flexible scheduling.

Physical Sciences ( View 6 Articles )
  • Graduate Programs in Fishery Management: Degree Options

    While enrolled in a wildlife and fisheries management master's degree program, students learn about various research methods and tools used in the field. This master's program also provides students with a strong background in ecology and natural resources management.

  • Masters in Environmental Conservation: Program Overviews

    Learn about the requirements and courses for a master's degree in environmental conservation. Find out about accelerated and joint degree options, as well as career choices, employment outlook and salary trends in this growing field.

  • Masters in Environmental Studies: Program Overview

    Master's degree programs in environmental studies cover a variety of science topics, including geology, scientific research and environmental policy. Students often concentrate their studies in a particular area and develop their own programs of study.

  • Sound Engineering Master's Degree Program Information

    See what technical skills can be acquired while enrolled in a sound engineering master's degree program. Get an idea of what's commonly required for admission, and discover the types of careers that graduates may consider.

  • Top Schools with Environmental Science Graduate Programs

    Read about the top schools that provide environmental science graduate programs. Obtain access to university rankings, degree options and locations, and compare similarities and differences between schools.

Psychology ( View 40 Articles )
  • Behavioral Psychology Graduate Program Options

    Behavioral psychology graduate degree programs are available at the master's and doctoral levels and prepare graduates for careers in clinical practice, research or teaching. Read on to learn about education prerequisites, required courses and employment information, including salary projections.

  • Business Psychology Masters Program Information

    Master's degree programs in business psychology, often called industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology, prepare students to work in human resource and business roles. Examine the education prerequisites and required courses for this program, as well as career options for graduates.

  • Counseling Psychology Graduate Program Options

    Discover graduate degree program options in counseling psychology. Explore educational requirements and coursework examples, as well as employment outlook statistics for counseling, clinical and school psychologists.

  • Environmental Psychology Masters Program Information

    Read details about a master's degree program in environmental psychology. Discover the educational prerequisites and explore the coursework. See popular career options and employment outlook statistics for psychologists.

  • Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Programs in Psychology: An Overview

    Psychology students interested in obtaining both a bachelor's and master's degree in only five years of study may enroll in a combined degree program. These programs may appeal to students who would like to enter the job field after graduation or pursue a doctoral program.

Transportation and Distribution ( View 5 Articles )
  • Master of Aeronautical Science: Degree Information

    Read on to find out about the classes and requirements needed to complete a master's degree in aeronautical science. Learn about career options, salary and potential continuing education.

  • Master's in Space Studies: Program Overview

    Research space studies master's degree programs. Get information about courses, career options and advanced degree programs to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Masters Degree Programs in Transportation and Logistics Management

    Read about transportation and logistics management programs at the master's degree level. See typical admission requirements and common courses. Get information about career and continuing education options as well as professional certification in this field.

  • Masters in Aviation Law: Program Information

    Read about master's degree programs that cover aviation law. Browse program information and get info about required coursework. See career paths you might follow after graduating, and check the employment outlook and salary projections for lawyers.

  • Top Schools with Aerospace Graduate Programs

    Learn about the graduate programs in aerospace engineering offered by two top national universities. Discover school ranking information and program details so you can make an informed decision.

Visual and Performing Arts ( View 37 Articles )
  • Art & Design Masters Degree Program Overviews

    Graduate students who are interested in studying art and design can enroll in a master's degree program with concentrations in fiber and surface design, media and digital imaging, animation or interior design, among others. Graduates are prepared for careers in a variety of fields, including interior, digital and visual design. Read on to learn about general programs as well as one with a focus on interior design, including information on prerequisites, courses and continuing education options.

  • Best Graduate Schools with Acting Programs: List of Schools

    Learn about universities offering the best graduate-level acting programs, which lead to a master's degree in the performance field. Learn about the rankings, degree program options and course offerings for quality acting graduate programs in the nation.

  • Best Schools with Cinema Studies Graduate Programs: List of Schools

    Read about the best schools with cinema studies graduate programs in the nation. Get university rankings, location information and degree possibilities, and compare similarities and differences between schools to make an informed decision.

  • Best Schools with Ethnomusicology Graduate Programs: List of Schools

    Ethnomusicology is a specific area of musicology that focuses on the social and cultural facets of music and dance. Learn more about what schools offer the best graduate degree programs in ethnomusicology in the US, including school locations and ranking, curriculum inclusions, and program requirements.

  • Best Schools with Graduate Programs in Design: List of Schools

    Discover the graduate-level options for studying design at top schools. Research the programs, the schools, the rankings and the locations to make an informed education decision.

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