Agriculture Jobs that Pay Well

There are available agriculture careers that pay relatively well, many of which have to do with scientific research in the field. Learn about a handful of agriculture jobs that pay well, as well as their education requirements.

Animal Careers for Introverts

Introverts who tend to be overwhelmed by certain social events may find peace working with animals. Learn about some of the animal career options for introverts, including the job duties and education requirements for each.

Career Information for a Degree in Agriculture

Degrees in agriculture range from farm management to agriculture science and journalism. Find out about the requirements and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for agriculture graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Animal Health Sciences

Animal science is generally a 2- or 4-year degree program that prepares graduates to work as veterinary technicians or technologists. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for...

Career Information for a Degree in Animal Science

Degrees in animal science typically cover livestock production, genetics, nutrition, and microbiology. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth, and salary info for animal science graduates.

Career Information for a Degree in Domestic Animal Services.

Degree programs in domestic animal services typically cover animal training, maintenance, and health. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth, and salary info for domestic animal services...

Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Animal Training

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an animal trainer. Get a quick view of requirements as well as details about schooling, certifications, and job duties to find out if this is the career for you.

Careers Involving Animals

Individuals wanting to work with animals have multiple career options. Learn about the different options, what animals they work with, salary, job growth, and education needed for each career.

Careers Involving Travel & Animals

There are several different career opportunities that combine travel and interactions with animals. Learn about a few of these careers, education requirements and travel possibilities.

Careers Saving Animals

Individuals who have a heart for animal welfare may want to consider a career that involves saving the lives of animals. Many options are hands-on, though not all involve medical procedures.

Difference Between Botanist & Horticulturist

Although they both work with growing things, the professions of botanist and horticulturist require different educational backgrounds and involve distinct job duties. We'll help you look at degree requirements, job outlook, salary, and daily...

Difference Between Food Scientist & Chef

Food scientists and chefs work with food, but their occupations are very different. Continue reading to explore how these professionals work with food, what their objectives are, and how their training and work environment differ.

Difference Between Food Scientist & Food Technologist

Interested in science and food? These two areas are a big part of being a food scientist and a food technologist. While food scientists may study food on every level, from the production process to packaging technology, food technologists help...

Difference Between Food Scientist & Nutritionist

Understanding nutrition and people's relationship to food are integral parts of being a food scientist and a nutritionist. While food scientists study food production in order to make improvements, nutritionists work with clients to create diet...

Difference Between Horticulturist & Landscape Architectect

Horticulturists and landscape architects both work with plants. The focus and skill set for each career differs, however. Horticulturists focus on plant growth and landscape architects focus on how the plants fit into an environment.

Hands-On Animal Careers

Many people enjoy animals and may wish for a career that provides close contact with various species. Find out about the different career options for hands-on experiences with animals, along with salaries, job growth rates and education...

High Paying Jobs that Involve Animals

People interested in working with animals have a few job options that offer relatively high salaries and vary across some different fields. Learn about these job opportunities and their education requirements.

Jobs Involving Animals & Math

Have you ever wondered if there are careers that can incorporate working with animals and math? Many animal-related careers require math skills to be used on a regular basis, and occupations that involve both animals and math can be learned about...

Jobs That Deal With Animals and Nature

Careers that involve working with animals as well as nature are possible to pursue, as there are several options that meet these requirements. Your interests and educational level will help determine what path to follow.

Non-Degree Careers Working With Animals

Those who enjoy working with animals may be interested in finding a career that allows them to do so on a regular basis. Read on to learn more about occupations that involve working with animals that do not require applicants to have a degree.