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Adult Education Degrees: Program Options and Information

Research bachelor's and master's degrees in adult education. Learn about courses, career prospects and salary to make an informed decision about your education.

ESL (English Second Language): Adult Education for ESL Teachers

An education or certification in English as a second language could land you a job teaching in a school, college, university or even overseas. The educational requirements for these jobs vary. Read on to find out what kinds of ESL programs are...

English as a Second Language: Overview of Adult Education ESL Programs

Learn about the types of English as a Second Language (ESL) programs available to non-native English speakers. Find out where adults can take ESL classes.

How Internships Can Help with Career Planning

Internships can help those interested in many different careers or industries decide which career or industry is best suited for them by having 'hands on' experience. This article discusses the various benefits of internships.

Special Education: Overview of Adult Education for Special Ed Teachers

A directed path in special education comes at the graduate level. Many colleges offer evening and weekend courses since most educators are teaching and cannot attend day classes. Learn more about special education programs and opportunities for...

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