Medical and Health Professions

Advanced Massage Therapy Certificate: Program Overview

An advanced certificate program in massage therapy builds upon basic massage therapy skills through improved techniques and knowledge. In addition to having completed a basic massage therapy program, admission requirements may include placement...

Anesthesia Assistant Degree and Certificate Programs

Anesthesia assistant degree and certificate programs focus on combining classroom teachings with clinical rotations. Students are taught procedures involving specialties ranging from pediatrics to neurosurgery.

Athletic Director Certificate and Certification Program Options

Individuals seeking certification to be university or secondary school athletic directors can enroll in a graduate certificate in athletic administration. Students in this program learn to oversee the administration and management of all athletic...

Audiology Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Audiology certification programs train students in the science, as they learn about patient statistics, various hearing conditions, hearing diagnosis and treatment plans and research methods.

Basic X-Ray Technician Certificate: Program Overview

Certificate programs are a common training option for x-ray technicians and are generally offered in the field of radiologic technology. Learn about the program requirements, coursework and job outlook.

Cardiovascular Technology Certificate: Program Overview

Cardiovascular technology certificate programs can prepare students for entry-level positions performing non-invasive and invasive cardiovascular testing. Many programs include certification exam preparation.

Certificate in Sonogram Technology

A certificate program in sonogram technology is designed to provide future diagnostic medical sonographers with the abilities to generate, assess and understand sonogram or ultrasound images to aid qualified physicians in rendering medical...

Certified Aerobics Instructor Certification Requirements

Aerobics instructors work in gyms or fitness centers and are responsible for teaching groups and individuals how to get fit and lose weight through cardio workouts. There are no degree programs for aerobics instructors, although many gyms do...

Certified Coding Degree and Certificate Program Information

Training through a certificate program in medical billing and coding can prepare students for voluntary certification in this field. Before enrolling, applicants should make sure the program is accredited by the appropriate national organization.

Certified Paramedic: Certification Program Outline

Becoming a certified paramedic is an option for individuals seeking entry into the medical field but do not want to be restricted to working indoors. An online paramedic certificate prepares individuals to provide on-site care to the critically...

Clinical Coordinator Certification and Certificate Program Information

The primary goal of a clinical research coordinator certificate program is to provide students with the education and training necessary to conduct clinical trials with human participants. Students enrolled in this type of program learn about the...

Clinical Data Management Certificate and Certification Programs

Current or aspiring medical professionals interested in becoming clinical data managers or clinical research associates can enroll in a Clinical Data Management Certificate program. These programs are typically offered through extension...

Clinical Documentation Certification and Certificate Program Info

A post-baccalaureate health information management certificate program can provide students with the advanced knowledge of coding, billing and classification systems needed to earn a position as a clinical documentation specialist.

Clinical Lab Technician Certification Program Info

Someone seeking a career as a clinical laboratory technician can earn a certificate in clinical laboratory science to gain entry into the field before obtaining an associate's degree. Students should look for clinical laboratory science...

Clinical Laboratory Technician Certification and Certificate Programs

Students can pursue undergraduate- or graduate-level certificates in clinical laboratory technology. Clinical laboratory technicians (CLT) are also known as medical laboratory technicians or medical technicians. Learn about the programs and...

Clinical Operations Training, Certificate and Degree Program Options

Individuals interested in clinical operations may pursue an associate's degree program or an undergraduate certificate program. A master's degree in nursing with a clinical research emphasis is also available and features more advanced studies.

Clinical Research Administration Degree & Certificate Program Info

Clinical research administration is an emerging field of study dealing with pharmaceutical and medical products and the methods and means of designing, developing and testing these products to ensure their safety. Programs are offered at the...

Consulting Herbalist Certification: Certificate Program Summary

Consulting herbalist certifications are generally optional credentials that can demonstrate specialized competence. Continue reading for an overview of the requirements for certification, as well as job growth and salary info for a few career...

Cytogenetics Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Clinical laboratory technicians who specialize in cytogenetics analyze human cells, and chromosomes in particular, searching for defects that could indicate congenital disorders.

Dental Assistant Certificate: Program Summary

Dental assisting certificate programs offer instruction in the clinical and administrative aspects of the dental business. Students are prepared to aid dentists by managing patient information, preparing instruments and assisting with dental...

Dental Assisting Certificate: Summary of Certificate Program

While enrolled in a dental assisting certificate program, students learn to implement professional and ethical behavior within a medical setting, to provide a safe environment for patients and to deliver quality dental care. A certificate...

Dental Manager Certificate Programs

A certificate for aspiring dental managers may be awarded through a program in dental office management. Students learn how to supervise employees, assist patients, operate computer medical applications, maintain dental records and handle finances.

Dental Technician Cert Programs

Dental technician certificate programs, commonly available as 2-year dental laboratory technology programs, prepare graduates for employment as dental technicians.

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Certificate: Programs Overview

Diagnostic cardiac sonography certificate programs can prepare individuals to test, examine and diagnose patients with heart ailments or conditions. These programs may be best suited for students who have a medical background.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate: Program Overview

A diagnostic medical sonography certificate program teaches students to use ultrasound equipment to examine the body's internal structures. It takes one to two years of study to earn this certificate through a vocational school or community college.

Diagnostic Vascular Sonography Certificate: Program Summary

A certificate program in diagnostic vascular sonography prepares an individual to perform the noninvasive procedures needed to assist physicians' assessment of the functioning of a patient's circulatory system. This program combines classroom...

Dialysis Technician Certification and Certificate Program Info

A dialysis technology certificate program prepares students with practical skills and necessary medical knowledge needed to work in the field. These programs may also ready students for professional certification exams, which are not required to...

E M T Certificate Programs

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are often the first responders to medical crises. The skills that students may obtain in EMT-Basic certificate programs allow them to administer critical first aid and life support to ill or injured patients.

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology Degree and Certificate Programs

Electroneurodiagnostic technology programs train students to perform medical tests with equipment that records electrical activity in the brain and nervous system. Students in these programs will gain hands-on experience through a practicum.

Exercise Kinesiology Degree and Certificate Program Info

Prospective exercise kinesiology practitioners can complete a bachelor's or master's program in kinesiology with a focus in a specialized area. Degree programs in kinesiology focus on human movement with courses covering the physiological and...

Fitness Certifications and Certificate Programs with Career Info

Fitness workers, also known as fitness instructors and personal trainers, design and maintain exercise programs in health clubs and fitness centers. Certificate programs provide students with the anatomical, fitness and nutrition skills needed to...

Geriatric Management Certification and Certificate Information

Geriatric management certification is offered through a few different private organizations, and applicants need to meet different education and experience requirements for each credential. Certificate programs in geriatric health management are...

Health Care & Rehab Technician Certificate: Certificate Overview

Health care and rehab technician certificate programs can prepare students for entry-level positions in the health care industry. The programs are designed for those who aren't credentialed and want to enter the health care field.

Health Care Aide Certificate Programs and Certification Information

Nursing aide or nursing assistant education programs can be found at community colleges, vocational and technical schools. Students have to spend a significant amount of time in clinical settings where they interact with actual patients.

Health Informatics Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Health informatics degree programs prepare students to manage healthcare data and patient information using database technologies. Students can complete a graduate certificate or a master's degree program in health informatics.

Health Information Management Certification and Certificate Info

A certificate in health information management is often a post-bachelor's program and qualifies graduates to test for professional certification in health information administration. Most programs include an internship and can be completed in 1-2...

Health Services Management Certificate and Certification Program Info

Many 4-year universities offer graduate certificate programs in health services management that can be taken independently or as part of a larger Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program. These certificate programs are designed to...

Herbology Certificate and Certification Program Information

Herbology certificate programs are most commonly offered through for-profit schools focusing on natural healing and complementary medicine. Courses in an herbology certificate program introduce students to hundreds of types of plants and herbs,...

Histologist Certification and Certificate Program Information

The goal of a histology certificate program is to provide students with a basic understanding of medical laboratory procedures and medical tissue sample preparation.

Histology Technician Certification and Certificate Program Info

Diagnostic laboratories and healthcare facilities hire histology technicians, also known as histotechnicians, to prepare tissue samples for diagnostic examination. A histology technician certificate program should prepare students for entry-level...

Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate: Program Summary

Holistic health care certificate programs provide similar training to holistic health practitioner certificate programs. Enrolled students will learn about natural remedies and balancing the body for the most beneficial path to complete health.

Holistic Medicine Certification and Certificate Program Options

Holistic medicine programs prepare graduates for careers in the holistic health field, provide academic credit to students already enrolled in a health sciences degree program, or can be used as continuing education credits for nurses and other...

Holistic Nursing Degree and Certificate Program Information

Holistic nursing programs teach students to care for a patient's whole being: body, mind and spirit. Curriculum consists of seminars, lectures, clinical studies, practicums and courses by which students learn information and skills for safe...

Holistic Personal Fitness Certification and Certificate Info

Holistic personal fitness certificate programs can prepare individuals to become instructors in the fields of yoga, Pilates and personal fitness training.

Home Healthcare Aide Certification and Certificate Program Info

In Home Healthcare Aide Certification programs, students learn how to meet the needs and appropriately administer care to ailing and/or elder patients, including grooming and medical treatments.

Hospital Case Management Certification and Certificate Program Info

Hospital case managers work with patients, providers and insurance companies in coordinating care plans. Those with sufficient experience can demonstrate their proficiency in the field with the nationally-recognized Commission for Case Manager...

Hypnotherapy Certification and Certificate Program Information

Hypnotherapy certificate programs provide a comprehensive exposure to the theories and techniques behind this therapeutic method of healing. Coursework stresses concepts in client assessment, hypnotic contraindications, biofeedback procedures,...

Integrative Medicine Certification and Certificate Program Info

Integrative medicine studies are available through post-bachelor's certificate programs. These programs explore how to heal the mind, body and spirit holistically through non-traditional means.

Laboratory Science Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Students studying clinical laboratory science (CLS) prepare to become certified medical technologists and technicians through academic classes and laboratory work. Students who are interested in this field of study can enroll in an associate's or...

Marriage and Family Psychology Degree and Certificate Program Info

Several schools offer master's degree, certification, and Ph.D. programs in marriage and family psychology. All of these programs prepare students for licensure as a marriage and family therapist.

Massage Therapy Certificate: Program Overview

In massage therapy certificate programs, students learn to manipulate muscles of the body for relaxation. Students in this program receive extensive hands-on training and study topics like medical law, ethics, human relations, medical terminology...

Medical Administration Certification and Certificate Program Info

The main objective of a medical office administration certificate program is to provide students with the technical skills and educational background necessary to gain a position as a medical office assistant. Students get a thorough...

Medical Administrative - Insurance Specialist Certificate Program

Medical administrative insurance specialist certificate programs prepare students to perform crucial office functions related to insurance and billing. Topics covered range from patient and insurance company interaction to medical records and...

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate: Program Summary

In a medical administrative assistant certificate program, students can learn a variety of skills related to medical office procedures, including record maintenance and healthcare professionalism.

Medical Assistant Certificate: Program Overview

Medical assistant certificate programs are designed for people who want to enter the healthcare field in an administrative role with limited clinical duties. Discover courses and requirements of this program, along with important career information.

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate: Program Overview

Medical billing and coding certificates teach students about the insurance system and how to file claims. Learn about program requirements, continuing education options, and job prospects for this field.

Medical Equipment Repair Certification and Certificate Program Info

A number of community colleges host medical equipment repair certificate programs, and certification is open to those who accumulate sufficient work experience. Open to high school graduates, certificate programs in medical equipment repair...

Medical Insurance Coder Certificate: Overview of Certificate Programs

Medical insurance coder certificate programs teach students how to analyze medical records and classify procedures so that a healthcare facility can receive reimbursement for services provided.

Medical Insurance Technician Certificate: Program Summary

Students enrolled in Medical Insurance Technician Certificate programs will be offered training in specialized areas of health information and insurance processing. Learn about the curriculum offered as well as job outlook and salary for this...

Medical Laboratory Technician Certificate: Program Overview

Students in a medical laboratory technician program will learn about the theoretical and practical applications of procedures and equipment used in a medical laboratory environment.

Medical Office Assistant Certification and Certificate Program Info

Although it is possible to do the work of a medical office assistant with on-the-job training, more formal training in this field is available in the form of certificates or diplomas or even associate's degrees earned at community colleges or...

Medical Receptionist Certificate: Program Summary

Completing a medical receptionist certificate program could help individuals learn the proper techniques for this profession. Students learn about administrative duties as they relate to working in a hospital, clinic, or physician's office.

Medical Records Technician Certification and Certificate Info

Certificate programs for medical records technicians are primarily offered through community colleges, universities, and vocational schools. Courses cover topics including computer software, medical coding, and office procedures.

Medical Records Technology Programs: Degree and Certificate Overviews

Medical records technicians, also called health information technicians, work in doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics to manage and maintain patient records. Certificate and associate's degree programs in medical records technology train...

Medical Transcriptionist Certificate: Program Overview

Medical transcription certificate programs train students to listen to recordings from physicians and other health care professionals in order to create medical records. These professionals should be detail-oriented with excellent language,...

Medical Writing Degree and Certificate Program Overviews

Academic programs in medical writing train writers to cover the medical industry, allowing them to write technical articles, grants, and features. Aspiring medical writers can enroll in a graduate certificate program in medical writing or in a...

Natural Health Consultant Certificate and Training Program Info

There are several types of certificate programs that train natural health and wellness consultants to better serve their clients. These programs offer instruction in several areas, including nutrition, homeopathy and herbal therapy.

Natural Health Practitioner Certification and Certificate Information

A natural health practitioner certification is a credential that demonstrates a professional commitment to standards set by natural health certification organizations. A certificate program, on the other hand, provides training in initial or...

Naturopathy Certificate and Certification Program Information

Naturopathy students learn to treat illness and disease through alternative or complementary methods, using natural remedies and minimal traditional medicine or surgery.

Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Certificate: Program Overview

Certificate programs in non-invasive cardiovascular technology aren't common; instead, students may earn an associate's degree in the field. Learn about the programs, common coursework, and job outlook.

Nurse Assistant Certification: Program Summary

Students enrolled in a nurse's assistant certificate program will learn basic nursing skills and health care procedures. Find out what you'll learn in this type of program, certification requirements and career stats.

Nurse Auditor Certification and Certificate Program Info

Nurse auditors combine their knowledge of medical procedures with their understanding of medical billing and coding systems to guarantee accurate patient and third-party billing and reimbursement. Although there are no formal nurse auditor...

Oral Surgery Assistant Certification and Certificate Program Info

Some universities offer an Expanded Duty Dental Assistant Certificate program that can provide regular dental assistants with the skills necessary to earn a position in the field of oral surgery. There are no certificate programs specifically...

Patient Care Certification: Program Summary

As a patient care technician you will work with doctors, nurses, and other licensed healthcare professionals in order to provide needed healthcare and services to patients. Learn about the certificate program, career options, and salary information.

Pharmacy Technician Certification: Program Summary

Community colleges and trade schools offer certificate programs for those who want to become pharmacy technicians. Learn about the certificate programs, what it takes to become certified, and job outlook.

Phlebotomist Certification: Overview of the Program

In phlebotomist certification programs, students learn about the handling and dissection of blood and fluid samples, including how to take care of patients and adhere to safety regulations. Explore the program and job outlook.

Practical Nursing Certification: Program Summary

Under the supervision of licensed medical professionals, practical nurses provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, physician offices, and other health-related facilities. Practical nurses need to complete a certificate program and obtain a...

Radiation Health Technician Certification and Certificate Program Info

Radiation Health Certificate programs focus on radiographic theory and practices. Programs are one year long and require 40 credit hours to gain certification.

Speech Therapy Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Students looking to become speech therapists must complete a master's degree program in speech language pathology. After taking graduate courses and seminars, students participate in research and a clinical fellowship to finish their degree.

Sports Medicine Certification Information

Sports medicine certifications are generally optional credentials that demonstrate specialized competence. Continue reading for an overview of the requirements for certification, and additional education, job growth, and salary information...

Surgical Technology Certificate: Program Summary

Individuals in surgical technology certificate programs learn through classroom study, lab simulations and clinical training. Learn more about the program, and get employment outlook and salary information for surgical technologists.

Telemetry Nursing Training, Degree and Certificate Program Info

Registered nurses who want to become telemetry nurses need to complete two short training programs, offered by many community colleges and medical academies. Telemetry training teaches students to use an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) machine to...

Thai Massage Certification and Certificate Program Information

Thai massage is a type of massage bodywork, originating in India in the time of Buddha, which uses principles of acupressure and yoga. A certificate program in Thai massage consists of several courses and can often be completed in a year or less.

Therapy Health Technician Certification: Program Summary

Physical therapy assistant programs and occupational therapy assistant programs are for students interested in therapy health technician positions. Students will learn about how to reduce pain and improve mobility in a physical therapy assistant...

Veterinary Assistant Certificate Programs

Veterinary assistant certificate programs prepare students to assist veterinarians during routine tasks and manage the front desk of an establishment. Students should note that this program does not allow graduates to perform procedures on...

Vocational Nursing Certification: Program Overview

A certificate program in vocational nursing may be a good option for those who are interested in the nursing field but would rather not spend two or more years earning a registered nursing degree.