Active Careers for Introverts

There are several different jobs for introverts who prefer to have a more physically active career. Take a look at some of the career options along with salary and job growth information.

Air Quality Specialist: Job Description & Salary

Air quality is essential for people to be able to survive, but it is affected by things people use every day, such as vehicles. Air quality specialists help determine how to prevent or limit pollution. Read on to learn more about this career.

Alternative Careers for IT Professionals

Information technology (IT) knowledge is helpful in virtually every industry due to today's rapidly changing technology. The experience and skills required for an IT career can be utilized in many other fields, such as teaching or graphic design.

Alternative Careers for Salespeople

Salespeople can easily provide consumers with information about a particular product and influence the consumer in a positive way concerning the product. Learn about a few of the alternative jobs in which these skills can be applied.

Amiable Personality Type Careers

Those with an amiable personality type are supportive, helpful, and caring, and they thrive in careers that offer less stress and minimal decision-making. Learn about five such careers, and get details about educational requirements, salaries,...

Artistic Careers for People Without a Degree

There are a number of artistic and creative career paths that rely more on natural ability, practice, and experience than formal education. Individuals without a degree may be interested in taking a closer look at job options in art, dance and...

Artistic Jobs that are In-Demand

Careers that rely on creative and artistic talents may be found in areas such as design, technology and education. Professions involving artistic or design skills that are currently enjoying the strongest growth rates are explored further in this...

Astrobiologist Job Description & Salary

A career as an astrobiologist may be a good fit for those interested in studying and learning from the cosmos. This article will cover the key job responsibilities, educational requirements, and job outlook for this position.

Best Career Fields for Introverts

Introverts turn their attention inward rather than on external stimuli; their reflective natures may make them analytical or good listeners that enjoy working in smaller groups. These qualities can make introverts an asset in careers involving...

Best Careers for Antisocial People

There are several career options for people who are antisocial and would prefer to have limited contact with other individuals. Learn about the different jobs, salary information, and education needed for careers that fit antisocial people.

Best Careers for Auditory Learners

This article discusses a number of career options that auditory learners may find appealing. These occupations focus heavily on listening and using auditory content in their regular work duties.

Best Careers for Free Spirits

Some people find structured, conventional jobs appealing, but free spirits usually may prefer more relaxed and creative positions. Those who are free spirits may want to consider careers that value independent and original thinking, like the ones...

Best Careers for Millennials

Studies continue to show that millennials have a distinct set of preferences when it comes to what work they find gratifying. If you are part of this generation, read more about the best careers for millennials.

Best Careers for Right-Brained People

Analysis and strict routines will not appeal to right-brained individuals. Continue reading to learn about different occupations that may appeal to the creative strengths that right-brained people possess.

Best Careers for Shy People

Shy people may not feel at ease around a lot of people, but there are careers out there where shy people can thrive. This article builds on jobs for the shy that may be for creative or technical or talented individuals along with info about pay...

Best Careers with Flexible Schedules

As people wish to spend time with their families, pursue their interests or otherwise have a need for a more flexible work schedule, many careers are offering alternative hours. Learn about some of the best careers with flexible schedules.

Best Creative Jobs for People Without a Degree

Creative jobs are as plentiful as leaves on a tree. Many people desire to fulfill that creative spark in their soul where they are employed. Depending on the career choice and the interest of the person, there are tons of creative jobs available...

Best IT Jobs for Introverts

Information technology careers often involve working on computers. Many IT jobs involve creating or reviewing data and running tests. Since introverts prefer to act independently after careful consideration, these types of IT jobs cater to their...

Best Jobs for Ambiverts

Many professions incorporate a mix of tasks that involve working alone and interacting with others. Ambiverts have introverted and extroverted tendencies, and may thrive in occupations that provide both solitary and social opportunities in their...

Best Jobs for Creative Extroverts

This article focuses on professions that may appeal to people who are creative extroverts. Creative people are imaginative and like originality, while extroverts are stimulated by interaction with other people.

Best Jobs for Empathetic People

As an empathetic person, you know how it feels to feel, anywhere and all the time. Others are just as important as yourself. The best jobs for this type of personality are those that revolve around care, such as a teacher, an animal service...

Best Jobs for Intuitive Thinkers (Myers Briggs)

Intuitive thinkers are logic-driven individuals with a propensity for creative thinking and problem-solving. This skillset makes them great candidates for a number of interesting careers.

Best Jobs for Opinionated People

Having a strong opinion about something can get you in trouble sometimes, but some employers may consider it an asset. In fact, there are many occupations where being opinionated is essential to the job.

Best Jobs for People with the D Personality Type (DISC)

People with D personality type (based on the DISC types) tend to lead organizations and groups of people. Find out more about different qualities type D personalities have as well as potential career options with salary and education information.

Best Jobs for Shy People

The best jobs for shy people take on many titles, such as web and software developers, technical writers, physicists, and scientists. Keep reading to get a detailed view of some careers that may appeal to shy people.

Best Jobs for Strategic Thinkers

Strategic thinkers consider a lot of relevant information and use that data to develop plans related to their goals. Strategic thinkers can explore appropriate career options here.

Best Paid Careers for the Future

This article discusses five of the highest paying careers of the future, all of which are in fields that are expected to expand rapidly in the coming decade. It provides career descriptions, median salaries, and projected job growth for these...

Best Part-Time Jobs to Have While in College

As you work your way through college, do you desire a job that offers good pay, flexibility, and sufficient hours? Take a look at some ideal part-time positions for college students.

Best Paying Skilled Labor Jobs

There are a number of skilled labor jobs that offer competitive salaries. For individuals that already have an interest in a specific trade or know they want to work in a labor-intensive field, they may want to consider a skilled labor job.

Best Science Careers for the Future

From medicine to engineering to geology, there are a number of different science-related jobs in which there are many opportunities expected in the future. Learn about the job responsibilities and education requirements for five of these careers,...

Best Self-Employed Jobs

For individuals who are interested in becoming self-employed, they are likely still concerned with making good wages and being able to find work. There are a number of fields in which many workers are self-employed and have the opportunity to...

Best Tech Jobs for Introverts

People who are introverted may be drawn to tech jobs because many of them involve opportunities for research, analysis and independent work. Some examples of tech jobs that are ideal for introverts are discussed here.

Best-Paying White Collar Jobs

Finding a high paying, white-collar job can be a daunting task, but there are many options to choose from, especially in managerial positions in the medical, legal, and business fields. Take a look at a few of these positions below.

Blog Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

There are many ways stay-at-home moms can earn money online even if they can't work 30 or 40 hours every week. This article will help moms explore blogging and online content development careers that may be done from home.

Blue Personality Jobs

The blue personality type is very nurturing, communicative, and compassionate. These individuals are likely drawn to careers that allow them to use these traits to their fullest. Take a look at a few jobs that may fit a blue personality type.

Body Language Expert Careers

Body language experts are adept at reading and understanding a person's silent communication and signals given through their body. Learn about several careers that can utilize these skills to their advantage.

Career Information for Non-Degree Programs, General

High school graduates who opt not to attend a traditional degree program may instead choose to acquire certification in a specialized skill or field. Read on to find out about these certifications, along with the career options, job growth, and...

Career Information for a Bachelor Degree Program

A bachelor's degree is generally a four year program conducted on campus or online at a university. Continue reading for an overview of the degree programs available as well as career and salary information for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Certificate Program

If you're not interested in pursuing a degree but want to pursue a new career, an alternative is to enroll in a certificate program. People can complete certificate programs for careers such as caterer, hotel receptionist, network design engineer...

Career Information for a Degree in Curriculum or Instruction

Degrees in curriculum and instruction typically cover instructional leadership, curriculum assessment and teaching. Find out about the requirements of this program, learn about career options, job growth and salary info for curriculum and...

Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Basic Skills

Basic skills is generally a program that helps an individual attain his or her GED. Continue reading for an overview of the training programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Doctorate Degree Program

A doctorate is the highest academic degree attainable in the course of university studies. It requires years of hard work, serious investment and a deep commitment to excellence in one's chosen field. Read on to learn about career options, as...

Career Information for a Graduate Degree Program

Students who complete a graduate degree program can work in almost any field, including research, education and management. Learn more about the types of careers available in these fields, and get info about job outlook and salary potential.

Career Information for a Master's Degree Program

A master's degree program gives students a distinct advantage in the employment marketplace, demonstrating to employers their proven, in-depth knowledge of a subject. Read more about the career options that master's degree holders can pursue.

Career Information for an Associate Degree Program

An associate's degree is generally granted after completing a 2-year program at the postsecondary level, although some programs may be completed in a longer amount of time based on scheduling. Continue reading for an overview of this program, as...

Career Information for an Education in Basic Skills

Degrees in basic skills typically cover high school-level knowledge in math and reading. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for basic skills of GED graduates.

Career Information for an Undergraduate Degree Program

Being an undergraduate student generally refers to a two or four year degree program. Continue reading for an overview of some different bachelor's and associates degrees, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Opportunities for Felons

The job hunt is often tough enough without the added pressure of trying to find a job as a felon. Luckily, there are a number of career opportunities available for those individuals.

Career for Passionate People

Passionate people may want to pursue a career where they can draw on their feelings or values in their work. This article explores a range of career options for performers and for people with strong, passionate views.

Careers Involving Books

You can make a career out of working with books if you choose the one that fits you best. Whether you want to write for a living or just study the past, you can use your passion for books in a successful career. Get info about job options for...

Careers Involving Caring for Others

Learn about some of the career opportunities that involve caring for others, including median salaries and job outlooks. These jobs vary in their job duties and education requirements to meet the interests and qualifications of different...

Careers Involving Cars

Working with cars is a great way to stay in touch with a machine that you either enjoy driving or working on. Whether you want to learn about how these machines work or simply sell them to people, careers involving cars are diverse and interesting.

Careers Involving Comparative Analysis

Many careers require comparing and contrasting of different things to evaluate them - in other words, utilizing comparative analysis. Learn about some of the possible occupations in both STEM fields and humanities that involve comparative analysis.

Careers Involving Content Analysis

Are you a big fan of research and love the idea of converting one type of data into another form? A new career that involves the practice of content analysis might be waiting for you!

Careers Involving Factor Analysis

Occupations that involve research and assessing data regularly may use factor analysis to compile the information into relevant categories and break it down so that the most relevant factors are considered. Some career options that involve using...

Careers Involving Field Research

Learn about some of the careers that involve field research. These careers offer people with different backgrounds and interests the chance to make observations and conduct experiments in a variety of locations.

Careers Involving Historic Buildings

For individuals who are interested in saving and preserving historic buildings, there are a number of career options that involve this topic. Depending on their skill set and educational background, they are likely to find an option that suits them.

Careers Involving Methodology

Learn about some of the possible careers in different fields that involve methodology. For each career option, we'll explore the job duties, median salary, outlook and education requirements.

Careers Involving Research & Analysis

There are many careers that incorporate research and analysis as a regular part of their duties. Those interested in careers involving research and analysis will find this article covers a wide range of jobs that emphasize using those skills.

Careers That Allow You to Work From Home

Whether you are interested in working in the beauty industry or with computer technology, there are career options that will allow you to work from home. It's also possible to work in design or communications, or pursue a career as an artist...

Careers Working With Troubled & At-Risk Youth

There are several career options for individuals who wish to work with troubled and at-risk youth. Your career may allow you to play a more preventative role in a youth's life, help them not make bad choices, and help youths get their lives on...

Careers Working with Abused Children

Children are among the most vulnerable members of society, and this article focuses on professionals that may work with abused children. Learn more about careers in this field, including salary and job growth information.

Careers Working with Families

Some people may enjoy working with families and the different dynamics that they offer. This lesson discusses a handful of jobs, including salaries and educational requirements, that specialize in working with families.

Careers for Abstract Sequential Thinkers

Abstract-sequential thinkers are creative, imaginative people who like to follow a logical process. Careers in a range of fields can be ideal for these types of thinkers; keep reading to learn about job options for abstract-sequential minds.

Careers for Abstract Thinkers

Abstract thinkers are interested in concepts; they may be thought of as living inside their minds because they spend a lot of time thinking about the topics of interest to them. Careers in art, mental health, communication, design and education...

Careers for Adventurous People

Adventurous people looking for excitement and unpredictability in their careers have a variety of jobs to choose from. Learn about some of the available careers in different fields that may be a good fit for adventurous people.

Careers for Ambitious People

Ambitious people can find success in numerous careers across various fields and industries. Learn about several career options for ambitious people, as well as their education requirements, salaries and expected job growth rates.

Careers for Analytical Extroverts

Those who do well analyzing data and communicating with others have several job options to consider. Learn about some of these options, along with growth and salary statistics.

Careers for Analytical Introverts

There are several career options for analytical introverts in varying fields. Take a look at what each career entails, along with salary, education, and job growth information.

Careers for Artistic Personalities

People with artistic personalities may have a very specific artistic interest or talent they want to pursue as professional artists. Others with artistic talents may incorporate their skills into more conventional careers.

Careers for Charismatic People

Charismatic people may thrive in careers that cast them into the public eye and/or allow them to lead and interact with various groups of people. Learn about some of the jobs that could be a good fit for a charismatic person.

Careers for Conventional Personalities

Conventional personalities can explore career options in medical, financial, mathematical, legal and administrative fields that cater to their interests and strengths. Several options in these career fields are explored here.

Careers for Creative People

For a creative individual who is struggling to decide on a career path, there are so many options. From architect to art director, individuals will have to weigh their own strengths in order to pick the right job for them.

Careers for Critical Thinkers

Critical thinking ability is a skill that could be applied to a wide number of jobs and career fields. However, we will discuss a number of careers in which critical thinking is basically a requirement.

Careers for Culture Lovers

Working in a field that allows you to satisfy your craving for culture is not as difficult as you might think. Careers in history, the arts, and even aviation can allow you to stay exposed to culture your entire life.

Careers for Deep Thinkers

Deep thinkers may be interested in jobs that stimulate their curiosity and fulfill their desire to share thoughts with others. This article explores a number of these careers, with information on each.

Careers for Emotional People

People who are emotional, or sensitive to their surroundings, may like careers with minimal activity that allow them to work independently. Check out the following to find jobs that suit emotional need, educational background, and desired income.

Careers for Energetic People

Working with the public often means that you don't have time to sit still at work. Many careers require workers to be on their feet all day, and for those with a lot of energy, this is a desirable quality in a job.

Careers for Extrovert Intuitives (Myers Briggs)

According to the Myers Briggs personality assessment, some people are extroverted intuitive, meaning they love exploring new ideas and like to live in a world where anything is possible. Find out about some of the career options for individuals...

Careers for Gamers

Gamers may be interested in finding a career path that will allow them to continue developing their love of video games and be compensated for it.

Careers for Happy People

Happy people can work numerous jobs across any career field, but some may be more suited for these individuals than others. Explore a handful of career options for contented people and learn about each job's expected growth rate and education...

Careers for Highly Sensitive People

A highly sensitive person, or HSP, is a person who reacts more strongly to sensory stimuli than most people. This can make ordinary work environments much more stressful. In this article, we'll explore some of the better career choices for the...

Careers for Homebodies

For homebodies, having the opportunity to stay in their own dwellings as much as possible is ideal. This makes work-from-home jobs a great choice for these individuals, especially since more and more jobs can be done without stepping out the door.

Careers for ISFJ Personality Type

ISFJ personality types are introverts who value teamwork and professionalism. There are many careers discussed here that favor their organizational skills, as well as their interest in helping others.

Careers for Idealists

There are a number of career paths and job fields that may be of interest to individuals who are idealists. An idealist's specific interests and passions will help them determine the best fit for them.

Careers for Introspective People

Introspective people tend to be aware of how they think and feel about things. They are self-aware, and can take advantage of their ability to understand the thought process of others for careers in the arts, education and social services.

Careers for Introverts Who Like People

Although introverts typically like working alone or with just a few people at a time, this doesn't mean that they don't like people. Introverts who like people may be drawn to professions, like healthcare, where they can help improve people's lives.

Careers for Intuitive Feelers (Myers Briggs)

Intuitive feelers work best in environments in which they can provide support and assistance to other people in need. There are a number of careers that intuitive feelers are particularly well-suited for.

Careers for Investigative Personalities

Having an investigative personality means that you are likely to enjoy research and looking closely into situations to find the truth. Some careers are better than others when it comes to having this kind of personality.

Careers for Lazy People

Ideal careers for lazy people are those with low stress, minimal responsibilities, and little challenges. Those who are lazy will thrive in careers that allow them to set their own hours or work fairly independently.

Careers for Nature Lovers

Nature lovers may enjoy having a career that allows them to work outdoors or with various aspects of nature. Learn about some of the career options that may be a good fit for nature lovers, as well as each job's salary and education requirements.

Careers for People Over 50

If you are getting ready to retire or are simply tired of your current occupation, you might be looking for careers that suit people over 50. There are quite a few out there, from writing to helping people find books.

Careers for People Who Get Bored Easily

There are many jobs available that provide the necessary outlets to hold the attention of someone who gets bored easily. Learn about a few of the possible career options and their education requirements.

Careers for People Who Like Helping People

There are many options for people who are hoping to find a career path that involves helping others. Learn about five of these careers, including typical tasks, salary and job growth statistics, and educational requirements.

Careers for People Who Like to Read

There are many readers out there, people who like reading and are adept in it. The careers they're suited for not only entail reading and writing, but demand a good understanding of what is being read. These careers can take place in educational,...

Careers for People Who Like to Work Independently

Being able to work independently is usually a feature of numerous jobs, even when interaction with coworkers is required. These jobs are in all kinds of fields, from the arts to healthcare. Explore a few of these job options and the duties they...

Careers for People Who Like to Work With Their Hands

Career options for people who like to work with their hands can be found in personal care, the social sciences, construction and transportation. Some jobs in these fields are explored further here.

Careers for People With Caring Personalities

There are several jobs for people who care about others and like to help, listen, and make a difference. Read about career options for caring people, education requirements, salary, and job growth information.

Careers for People with ADHD

There are a multitude of career options for individuals who have ADHD. Because these people sometimes struggle with staying focused on one topic at a time, careers that involve creativity, problem solving, and thinking on your feet are likely to...

Careers for People with Dyslexia

Having dyslexia can create challenges in the workplace. In this article, we'll explore some good career choices for people with dyslexia, along with the salary and outlook for these options.

Careers for People with ENFP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

This article discusses career options for people with an ENFP personality type. ENFP stands for extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. People with this personality type can be enthusiastic and are sometimes described as dreamers.

Careers for People with ENTJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

Have you recently taken the Myers-Briggs personality test and discovered that you are an ENTJ? If you have ever wondered what the best matches for your personality type are with a career, you've found the right place!

Careers for People with ENTP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

ENTP personality types are known for being flexible, creative and logical. They are extroverts who are skilled orators and love verbal debate. Careers for those with the ENTP (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving) personality type vary...

Careers for People with ESFJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

The characteristics of the ESFJ Personality Type on the Myers-Briggs Indicator include extroverted, sensing, feeling and judging. Many jobs exist in a variety of fields for people with these traits.

Careers for People with ESFP Personality Type

ESFP personality types are very outgoing. People who fit in this personality category focus on feelings rather than facts and are very sociable. There are lots of different career options that ESFP personality types might be interested in.

Careers for People with ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ stands for extroverted, sensing, thinking and judging. People with an ESTJ personality type can consider a number of career options that take advantage of their preference for structure, their rational nature and their social skills.

Careers for People with Epilepsy

Depending on the level of a person's seizure control, most careers are safe for people with epilepsy. Explore some of the different job opportunities for epileptics, as well as the education requirements for each job.

Careers for People with INFP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

The INFP Personality Type on the Myers-Briggs Indicator is particularly well suited for a number of different jobs, especially those that allow them to use their excellent communication abilities and work towards a meaningful goal.

Careers for People with INTJ Personality Type (MBTI)

INTJ personality types are introverts, who are intuitive thinkers and judgers, according to the Meyers-Briggs personality type assessment. A very small part of the population possesses this personality type. This article will discuss career...

Careers for People with INTP Personality Type

INTP personality types are introverts who favor intuition, thinking and perceiving. They enjoy independent work and careers that allow them to take advantage of their analytical skills. Find out about a few suitable job options and what they entail.

Careers for People with ISTJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

ISTJ stands for introverted, sensing, thinking and judging. This is one of the most common personality types, and those with an ISTJ personality are known for dependability and loyalty. A wide range of careers, which are discussed here, are...

Careers for People with Type A Personality

Career options that may appeal to those with type A personalities include jobs that require leadership, high goals, competition, multitasking and risk taking. Learn about these careers, salaries, growth, and required education.

Careers for People with Type B Personality

Individuals with a Type B personality are well-suited for many different careers, especially those that allow them to interact with people and operate within a low-stress working environment.

Careers for People with a Good Memory

Some people have a good memory, and there are jobs that let them take advantage of their ability to recall information. Occupations that rely on professionals with good recall skills are shared here, along with the requirements and salaries.

Careers for People with the ENFJ Personality Type (Myers-Briggs)

The ENFJ Personality Type refers to individuals who are extroverted, intuitive, and full of feeling, according to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. There are a number of careers that appeal to their social, creative and caring natures.

Careers for People with the S Personality Type (DISC)

Are you an ''S'' personality, and thinking about what sort of career may be your best fit? You don't have to worry, because several different options await you, no matter what your professional area might be!

Careers for Phlegmatics

Phlegmatics can work in any field, but they tend to remain impassive and may want to avoid professions that involve providing direct emotional support for people and focus on careers where remaining unemotional can be an asset.

Careers for Rebels

Why be tied to a desk or a time clock when a rebel like you was made to do something more alternative? Convention has its place everywhere else, but not in your world.

Careers for Sanguine Personality

The sanguine personality type is drawn to careers that are lively, varied, and adventurous. They like to be in roles that are constantly changing, as they bore easily and enjoy confronting new challenges with their creativity.

Careers for Social Personalities

If you're an amiable person who lives for socializing, and interpersonal skills are your strong suit, you'll want a career that embraces those characteristics. Keep reading for an overview of careers that may be right for you, such as in...

Careers for Social Realists

Social realists are organized, sociable individuals who care for others and are always willing to help a friend. There are a number of careers in social services, healthcare and education that are ideal for social realists that are discussed here.

Careers for Socially Awkward People

Careers in mathematics, social sciences, communications, healthcare, maintenance, law and life sciences may appeal to socially awkward people because they do not require a lot of social interaction or offer opportunities for controlled interaction.

Careers for Spontaneous People

Having a spontaneous personality means you are impulsive and do things without having to be told. This quality can be good for some careers, such as when creativity is required, or you need to think of things quickly.

Careers for Tactile Learners

Tactile learners like to interact with things physically and may be drawn to careers in trades. There are also hands-on professions in engineering, education, the arts and health care that tactile learners may want to consider.

Careers for Tattooed People

For individuals who have tattoos, especially in very visible locations on their bodies, job prospects may be affected. In some fields, however, tattoos are welcomed.

Careers for Visual-Spatial Learners

Visual-spatial learners prefer working with visual images. They can see how things connect, which makes them good at putting things together. They may be drawn to careers that involve architecture, mechanical repair, navigation or art and design.

Careers for Young Adults with ADHD

People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder often do better in structured environments with clear expectations. There are careers that allow them the organization they need to go with their hyperactivity. This article addresses some...

Careers in Demand for the Future

Although many jobs will be phased out in the future, certain sectors and careers will be in great demand. Read about professions that should add thousands of jobs in the coming years, the education you need to land one of these positions, their...

Careers on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer many career options for those wanting to work on a cruise ship that vary in education requirements. Learn more about some cruise ship careers, salary information, and job growth.

Careers that Help Children & Pay Well

This article explores careers in education, law, social services, healthcare and design that provide opportunities for professionals to help children while earning a good salary. Some of these career options involve working directly with...

Careers that Involve Building Houses

The construction industry employs a wide range of people who perform different functions related to building houses. There are also professionals in management, architecture and social sciences who are involved with house building.

Careers that Involve Working with Kids

Jobs in several different fields involve working with kids of all ages. We discuss some of the job information, including salaries, expected growth and job duties, for a few of the possible careers involving kids.

Careers that Only Require a High School Diploma

Careers in protective services, transportation, construction, sales, healthcare and other fields can be pursued with a high school diploma. Continue reading to learn more about occupations that do not require formal postsecondary training.

Careers that Require Teamwork

For those who like working with others and being part of a team, there are many career options in various fields. Learn about a handful of the careers that require teamwork, as well as their education requirements, salaries and expected job growth.

Careers that are Creative & Analytical

People who are both creative and analytical may be interested career options that involve coming up with original ideas and then developing plans to implement those ideas. This article discusses occupations that benefit from creative thinking as...

Careers with People Interaction

Individuals who enjoy talking and interacting with others on a regular basis may be interested in finding a job that allows them to be social while at work. There are a number of jobs that fit this description across many different fields.

Conceptual Thinker Careers

Individuals who have the ability to think abstractly and solve problems creatively may very well be conceptual thinkers. This way of thinking comes in handy for a number of different jobs, especially those in the research and design fields.

Content Strategist: Job Description & Salary

Content strategists produce written material for websites and social media sites and help create an online image for their clients. This article explores the skills and training needed for this career.

Creative Jobs Using Your Hands

Some people are motivated by the opportunity to think up new ideas and concepts and use their creativity to produce things with their hands. This document looks at occupations that involve hands-on work and require creative talents.

Creative Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Creative stay-at-home moms have several different career options that may provide flexible schedules and extra income for their families. We explore a few of these occupations, as well as their education requirements.

Creative Jobs that Pay Well

Are you a creative thinker looking for a career that pays well? If so, read below about several careers for creatives, including the education and skills needed to perform these jobs, median salaries and expected job growth.

Dangerous & Risky Careers that Pay Well

If you're the kind of person who likes to live on the edge, and get paid for it, there are a handful of jobs available to you. You could take risks by working with electricity, aircraft, criminals, combustible oil wells, or even humans.

Data Scientist: Salary & Job Description

A data scientist is an informational technology professional who is responsible for analyzing raw data and transforming it into findings through statistical data analysis. You can learn all about the necessary education and skills, along with the...

Desk Jobs that Pay Well

For individuals who enjoy working from a desk in an office space, there are many jobs that fit this qualification. Luckily, there are also a wide number of desk jobs that pay well, which we will explore below.

ESTJ Careers to Avoid

In the ESTJ Personality Type, ESTJ stands for extroversion, sensing, thinking and judging. ESTJs like to take charge and work with others, and they may want to avoid some of the career options explored in this article.

Entry-Level Jobs for Introverts

Jobs that require minimal postsecondary training, or that provide on-the-job training, are ideal entry-level career options. Some of these jobs are suitable for introverts and involve research or individual work.

Entry-Level Jobs that Pay Well

A variety of careers offer entry-level employees the chance to earn higher-than-average salaries. We'll examine some of these careers, highlighting job duties, salary, and predicted job growth.

Entry-Level White-Collar Jobs

Entry-level jobs are generally meant for individuals who don't have a great deal of work experience. There are many entry-level positions available in white-collar industries, like finance, sales, and customer service. Read on for more information.

Evening Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Many of the jobs that stay-at-home moms can do in the evenings require typing skills, customer service experience or caregiving time. This article offers insight into several of these positions and supplies some vital information for each.

Fast-Paced Jobs

Some people may desire a career that keeps them busy and engaged by working in a fast-paced environment. Learn about a handful of the available fast-paced careers, as well as their education requirements.

Freelance Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Freelancers can choose clients or projects to work with; they may be employed by a company, but can determine their workload and schedule. This article discusses the duties and training requirements for some freelance options for stay-at-home moms.

Fun Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Just because a mom has chosen to stay home with her family doesn't mean she can't find a job that is fun and rewarding. Stay-at-home moms can do many sorts of jobs, from writing to creating craft art to breeding animals.

Gold Personality Type Careers

The True Colors personality test offers insights into four different 'colors' of personalities. Learn about the Gold personality type and some of the jobs that people with this personality type may enjoy.

Good Careers for Perfectionists

Perfectionists strive for perfection and order, which can be pursued in many different careers. Learn about some of the ideal career options for perfectionists, their median salaries, expected job growth rates and education requirements.

Green Personality Jobs

The True Colors Personality Assessment helps individuals understand personalities through the grouping of traits under various color 'types'. If you are a 'green' personality type, review the following careers to see which are most suitable.

Hands-On Careers for Introverts

Introverts, like many people, may want careers that allow them to work hands-on. This article gives you a selection of jobs with varied education levels that allow introverts to really get involved with their work.

Hands-On Careers for People without a Degree

Hands-on careers involve active participation while performing assigned duties. Hands-on careers that do not require a degree can be found in career fields including administration, construction, transportation and healthcare.

Helping Professions for Introverts

Introverts prefer to be more cautious and think things through before acting, so those interested in a helping profession may find that they prefer careers involving analysis, research or small group and individual counseling.

High Pay Low-Stress Jobs

For individuals interested in finding a low-stress job, they'll be happy to know that there are a number of low-stress jobs across various industries that are also high pay. Continue reading to get details about the salary and job growth for...

High Paying Careers Working with Children

Careers working with children can not only be fun and exciting but also pay well. This article discusses some of the highest-paid careers that involve working with children, including their salary and educational requirements.

High Paying Dirty Jobs

Dirty jobs can come with a nice paycheck if you're willing to do the hard work and handle unconventional working conditions. You'll forget about the sights and smells of your job when you see your bank account.

High Paying Hands-On Jobs

Individuals interested in high-paying, hands-on careers may want to consider professions that involve architecture, engineering, management, transportation or healthcare. This article explores some career options in these fields with median...

High Paying Jobs for Shy People

There are a number of high-paying careers that are well suited for individuals who may be timid or prefer to work independently. Many of these jobs have a big research component, though they are varied from the world of computing to anthropology.

High Paying Jobs that No One Wants

There are many high paying jobs that can be considered undesirable due to the nature of the work, hours, or risks. This article covers the educational requirements, job responsibilities, and outlook for several of these careers.

High Paying Jobs with Low Hours

Earning a high salary is appealing to most people, but many individuals want a career that doesn't involve working excessive hours. Continue reading to explore some high-paying jobs that typically offer regular work hours.

High Paying Work From Home Jobs

Thanks to the Internet, there are now many highly-paid work from home career options. This article describes several of these jobs, their median salaries and projected job growth in the next decade, along with the necessary education.

High-Paying Active Jobs

An active job is great for those who want to avoid being sedentary. There are many careers that have high pay but don't involve sitting in a cubicle. Explore these jobs that require being on your feet or getting some exercise while you work.

High-Paying Administration Jobs

High-paying administration careers are available in several different job fields. We discuss a few of these career options, their median salaries and their education requirements.

High-Paying Jobs in Education

Although some education careers do not pay high salaries, there are occupations within the field of education where it is possible to earn a strong salary. Some of these career options are discussed further here.

Highest Paying Apprenticeships

There are many manual labor jobs that individuals can qualify for after completing an apprenticeship training program. While apprentices usually make less than their fully trained counterparts, there are some jobs that do offer higher paying...

Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs

There are plenty of high paying entry-level jobs in various fields. However, the highest paying entry-level jobs are available to those with bachelor's degrees or higher, while the jobs that require a high school diploma are lower in salary.

Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs without a Degree

There are several well-paying jobs which do not require a college degree. Read about these high-salary careers achieved through apprenticeships, licensure, and on-the-job training.

Human Capital Strategist: Job Description & Salary

As a business's practices evolve over time, their staffing needs also change. Human capital strategists help restructure the way human resources departments function. Read on to learn more about what they do and how to enter this career field.

Humanitarian Jobs that Pay Well

It is possible to earn a good salary while pursuing a career that involves helping others. Humanitarian jobs involve taking actions that will help people's lives improve. This article covers opportunities to do this in a number of career fields.

INFP Careers to Avoid

INFP stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving in personality assessments. These people are more interested in originality than convention, so may want to avoid some of the careers discussed in this article.

INTP Careers to Avoid

INTP personality types are cautious and prefer to work methodically by themselves. They are good planners, but not good at making quick decisions. Read on to explore occupations that are not ideally suited to an INTP personality type's temperament.

ISFJ Jobs to Avoid

ISFJ (introverted, sensing, feeling, judging) personality types like stability and consistency. They aren't suited to careers that involve a lot of socialization or making snap decisions. Jobs they should consider avoiding are discussed here.

ISTJ Jobs to Avoid

Introverted, sensing, thinking and judging is what ISTJ stands for in the ISTJ personality type. People with this personality type tend to be rule followers, and they may also prefer to work alone or in small groups. This article explores career...

ISTP Careers to Avoid

ISTP stands for introverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving. The ISTP Personality Type not only prefers to work independently or in small groups, but also enjoys perfecting hands-on skills through practice. ISTP Personality Types will want to...

IT Jobs for People Without a Degree

Many positions in the information technology (IT) world do require the knowledge that a degree program bestows, but not all of them. If you want to work in IT but don't have a degree, there may be some options for you.

IT Jobs that Require Certificates

Information Technology (IT) jobs that require certifications and may or may not require bachelor's degrees. Information on their median salary and predicted job growth is also included.

In-Demand Associate Degree Jobs

With an associate's degree, careers in fields such as healthcare, science, media and engineering are attainable. Many jobs that only require an associate's degree are currently enjoying high job growth rates, and some are explored further here.

In-Demand Careers that Require Certificates

Certificate studies are available in a number of career fields and many jobs with positive employment growth require applicants to have a relevant certificate in their field. These include occupations in construction, personal care and...

In-Demand Jobs Without a Degree

Looking for a career that is hot, but doesn't require a degree of any kind? Even without a formal college education, your options are plenty if you are interested in a new path!

In-Demand Technical Jobs

There are many different job choices in the technical world that are in high demand. Individuals who want to increase their odds of landing a job after receiving an education may be interested in pursuing one of these growing fields.

In-Demand Trade Jobs

Tradesmen don't work at desks; they are physically involved in tasks such as building walls or installing wiring, and often learn through an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. This article looks at some of the fastest-growing jobs in this field.

Jobs Dealing with Numbers

Some people love numbers. They could work with them all day. For those people, there are a lot of careers available in fields like education, accounting, science and construction, and this article addresses some of these options.

Jobs Involving Cars

From sales to driving to automotive repair, there are a number of career options that involve cars. Those interested in automobiles may also want to consider working in the insurance industry or automotive design, and can learn more about these...

Jobs Involving Children's Books

For people who would like to incorporate children's books into their career, they have a number of options to choose from depending on their own interests and educational background.

Jobs Involving Dream Research

Dream research deals primarily with analyzing the neurotic patterns in which dreams occur. Those interested in a sleep research career must obtain a post-graduate degree in a science-related field such as psychology or neurology.

Jobs Involving Football

Jobs are available that involve football directly and indirectly, but may allow those who love the game to work a job that includes the sport. Learn about the job duties of some of the careers that involve football.

Jobs Involving Guns

Individuals who want a career that involves working with and handling guns and other firearms have a number of options to choose from, depending on their interests and education level. Find out about a few of the options.

Jobs Involving Motorbikes

Some people are interested in motorbikes and may want to consider a career that involves working with them in some capacity. Continue reading to explore occupations that involve motorbikes, and learn about how motorbikes can be incorporated into...

Jobs Involving Outer Space

A few different disciplines offer careers that involve outer space in some way. Learn about a handful of the available careers involving outer space, their education requirements and more.

Jobs Involving Presentation Skills

Having presentation skills is useful in many careers. These skills will be helpful in convincing others to agree with you, clarifying your discoveries, or sharing new ideas.

Jobs Requiring Attention to Detail

Details are important in many occupations. Details can mean the difference between life and death or between success and failure. There are many jobs that need employees good at paying attention to details.

Jobs Requiring Language Skills

There are a wide variety of jobs requiring language skills, including those focusing on multiple languages or teaching others how to communicate. Some jobs require strong written language skills, while others involve polished verbal communication.

Jobs Supporting Young People

Young people may need additional support outside of their parents and families in various aspects of their lives. Here we discuss a few of the career opportunities and educational requirements for individuals interested in jobs supporting young...

Jobs That Allow You to Work With Dogs

There are a number of interesting career opportunities that individuals who have a desire to work with dogs may be interested in. These jobs range from providing dogs with medical care to making sure they are kept properly groomed.

Jobs That Involve Money

Careers that deal with money are available both inside and out of banks and may involve handling, managing, or even producing money. Learn about some of these occupations that involve money, including their education requirements and job outlook.

Jobs Where You Set Your Own Schedule

Flexible scheduling has benefits for people with specific needs or preferences. There are occupations that involve working from home or in the community where individuals can set their working hours, and some of those options are examined here.

Jobs Where You Talk on the Phone

Jobs that require frequent talking on the phone are quite varied in nature as they exist in a number of highly diverse fields and industries. We will explore some details about these jobs below.

Jobs With Little Social Interaction

Careers that involve low social interaction are not as scarce as one might think. This quality can be found in certain legal, science, and computer-related professions. All the jobs listed here require working by yourself, either in a company...

Jobs Working with Babies & Toddlers

For those interested in having a job working with babies and toddlers, we discuss a few options, their job duties and education requirements. We also look at the median salary and predicted job growth for each career.

Jobs Working with Children with Disabilities

Children, especially those with disabilities, have special needs, and there are several different careers that specialize in meeting those needs. Learn about a few of the jobs that work with children with disabilities.

Jobs Working with Mothers & Babies

For people interested in working with mothers and their babies, there are several different job opportunities. Learn about a handful of the available related jobs and their education requirements.

Jobs Working with Teenage Parents

Although almost any career that involves working with teenagers may involve working with teenage parents, there are some specific careers that offer professionals the opportunity to assist teenage parents with their needs. This article is about...

Jobs Working with Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage girls facing an unplanned pregnancy need support not only from family and friends, but also from professionals who will help them navigate their pregnancy.

Jobs Working with Terminally-Ill Children

There are a number of professions that involve working with children who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This article looks at several career options that involve caring for terminally ill children and their medical, emotional and...

Jobs You Can Work at Night

People who want to work at night can consider careers in protective services, transportation, communications, finance and healthcare. This article explores careers that require people to work at night some or all of the time.

Jobs for Abstract Random Thinkers

Abstract random thinkers process information or ideas in their minds rather than working with their hands, and they also like to work with people. Learn about several jobs that are great for these types of thinkers, and get details such as...

Jobs for Active People

Careers that involve constant movement or physical challenges may be a good fit for active people. Learn about several career options for active people in different fields, as well as their salaries and expected job growth.

Jobs for Agoraphobics

Agoraphobics fear being in public and they may want to seek out careers where they can control their work environment or work from home. This article explores some career options agoraphobics may want to consider.

Jobs for Artistic Introverts

Are you mostly introverted, but you have a very artistic mind, and you want to turn that into a career? You might be surprised by the number of potential career paths that exist for artistic introverts.

Jobs for Athletic People

Athletic people may want to consider career options that involve sports; they may also want to avoid sedentary jobs that limit their ability to move throughout the day. Continue reading to learn about some careers that incorporate physical...

Jobs for Blind & Visually Impaired People

With various accommodations established in the Americans with Disabilities Act, blind and visually impaired people are free to pursue a variety of careers that may interest them. Learn about a few of these jobs below.

Jobs for Concrete Thinkers

Concrete thinkers are more likely to pursue occupations that involve working with their hands; they like to deal with physical realities, and may be interested in working in trades, transportation, agriculture or construction. Options in these...

Jobs for Creative Introverts

Creative introverts may like to work a job that requires little social interaction and allows them to use their creative thinking. We discuss a few of the possible careers for creative introverts, including the education requirements for each.

Jobs for Curious People

There are several jobs in different fields that would allow curious people to explore and learn about new topics. Learn about a few of these careers, their education requirements, salaries and expected job growth.

Jobs for Deaf & Hard of Hearing People

This article explores some careers in communications, healthcare, art, education, business and technology that may be appealing to individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. These careers may involve working independently or working with...

Jobs for Depressed Introverts

Depressed introverts may suffer from the loss of energy, appetite and pleasure, as well as naturally prefer to keep to themselves and work at their own speed. Learn about a few career options for these people and each career's education...

Jobs for Detail-Oriented Introverts

Detail-oriented introverts may be interested in pursuing careers that offer opportunities for research or careful review of relevant information. There are a number of careers that feature independent or small group work that require attention to...

Jobs for Easygoing People

It is sometimes hard to be an easygoing person in a high-pressure society, yet this quality is often useful. Some jobs need people who are good at staying calm and relaxed even when things aren't easy.

Jobs for Excitable People

This article discusses occupations that excitable people may excel at. Since excitable people like to respond to situations as they occur instead of processing and analyzing information for prolonged periods of time, they are more likely to...

Jobs for Extreme Extroverts

There are many career options for those who are extroverts and are extremely sociable. Learn about these options, as well as salary, growth, and education information for each occupation.

Jobs for Former College Athletes

Former college athletes may prefer to work in jobs that allow them to directly or indirectly participate in certain physical activities. Learn about a few of the different career options for former college athletes.

Jobs for Friendly People

Friendly people may not be interested in careers with limited opportunities for social interaction. The career options they might excel at include jobs that involve talking to people as a regular part of their duties. Careers that are ideal for...

Jobs for Funny People

It is possible to bring a sense of humor to many different jobs and careers. However, there are some career paths that funny people may want to consider more heavily than others.

Jobs for Good Listeners

Good listeners will likely excel at jobs that involve working with people in different ways. We explore a few of the career options in different fields that are available for good listeners.

Jobs for Innovative Thinkers

People who are innovative thinkers are creative and can use their talents to improve the world around them in a number of ways. Read on to learn about careers in education, design, performing arts and healthcare that benefit from innovative...

Jobs for Intelligent Extroverts

Intelligent extroverts have several career options that might be of interest to them. Check out information on these career options, salary and job growth information, as well as any education that will be needed.

Jobs for Introverted College Students

College is never easy especially for people who are introverted. There are jobs available to people who suffer from this problem looking to work during their college years. This article points out some important information about a few of these...

Jobs for Introverted Teens

Many teens struggle in social situations and have social anxiety. It can be difficult to get respect from adult customers when working as a teen. These jobs have limited social interaction.

Jobs for Introverts Without Experience

If you are an introvert, you don't have to have prior experience to get a job. There are some positions available that allow you to get on-the-job training, although sometimes a certificate is needed first.

Jobs for Introverts Without a Degree

Not everyone decides to go to college, and not everyone likes to work closely with other people. That is okay, because there are still many jobs available that don't require a degree and have a low amount of contact with others, making them good...

Jobs for Introverts in Education

If you would describe yourself as an introvert, you can find a job in education that suits you. Although most jobs in this field require a lot of contact with others, there are some positions that require less interaction.

Jobs for Introverts with ADHD

Having ADHD and being introverted doesn't necessarily limit your future job options. There are many things you can do that allow you to work on a variety of tasks with limited amounts of people.

Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety

Introverts may gain energy from careers that allow them to work alone, and these positions may be also be preferred by those dealing with anxiety. Learn about a few of the possible job options for these individuals across different fields.

Jobs for Lazy Introverts

Not thrilled about positions that demand heavy social interaction in a fast-paced environment? For introverts who enjoy a relaxed pace, consider these top career options.

Jobs for Logical People

Logical people are often able to look at and solve problems using predictable or standardized methods, which can be applied to numerous jobs. We discuss a few of the career options in different fields that could be a good fit for logical people.

Jobs for Lonely People

The best way to combat loneliness is to get around other people and interact with them. We discuss a handful of the many jobs that could bring joy and fulfillment to those who are lonely.

Jobs for People Who Don't Like to Work

Although all jobs involve some level of effort and work, for those who do not like to work, it is vital to find a job that interests them. Explore a handful of career options that turn hobbies and passions into paychecks for those who do not like...

Jobs for People Who Like to Research

For individuals who are enjoy the process of research, finding a job that involves research may be important to them. There are many research-oriented careers across a number of industries like medicine, zoology, and writing.

Jobs for People Who Like to Talk

Has anyone ever told you that you have the gift of gab? Many employers view this trait as strong communication, and are looking for people who like to talk to fill a variety of jobs.

Jobs for People Who Like to Write

Written communication is an essential component of a wide range of careers. Here are some of the career options that may appeal to people who like to write.

Jobs for People Who Speak Multiple Languages

Individuals who speak several foreign languages may want to use this skill in their career. They may be interested in careers in travel, education, communications or government, where foreign language skills may be required or can be an asset.

Jobs for People With Outgoing Personalities

Individuals who speak up and are friendly and confident are normally known as outgoing. Outgoing people have many job opportunities that would fit their personality. Learn about career options, salaries, job growth, and education needed.

Jobs for People Without a High School Diploma

Several careers are available in different job fields for people who do not have a high school diploma. Find out about some of these careers, their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

Jobs for People who Like to Solve Problems

If you like to solve problems, you are probably well-suited for many different kinds of jobs. You may want to work in emergency response, or you may enjoy a career solving math problems.

Jobs for People who Love People

There are many jobs available for those who love people. Whether you want to manage a team or be available to help those in need, having a knack for making people comfortable is needed in nearly every industry.

Jobs for People with Anxiety

Those with social or generalized anxiety will find that they can turn what may be considered a weakness into a strength by choosing a career well-suited to their personality and needs.

Jobs for People with Anxiety & Depression

Discover five top careers for individuals suffering with anxiety and depression symptoms. Compare job descriptions, average salaries, and projected job growth for each position.

Jobs for People with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

For the person with anxiety and panic attacks, the work environment may only serve to exacerbate the problem. Finding the right workplace can be instrumental in controlling attacks. In this article, we'll explore some good career choices for the...

Jobs for People with Asperger's

There are good career options for individuals who have Asperger's Syndrome. The careers span all degree options and verbal abilities. These careers maximize on the strengths people with Asperger's are known for and limit their areas of concern.

Jobs for People with Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory processing disorder (APD) affects an individual's ability to understand speech sounds. This article provides an overview of career choices for people with auditory processing disorder, including salary information, education...

Jobs for People with Avoidant Personality Disorder

Avoidant personality disorder can make it difficult for people to work jobs that require a lot of social interaction and evaluation of their work. Learn about some of the careers available for those with avoidant personality disorder.

Jobs for People with Bipolar Disorder

People with bipolar disorder must: minimize stress, maintain a consistent schedule, not work night or overnight shifts, and avoid excessive exposure to stimuli. This article discusses some of the professions people with bipolar disorder can do,...

Jobs for People with Depression

Ideal careers for people experiencing depression include those that are low-key and peaceful. Those with depression may thrive in careers that allow them to utilize their talents without experiencing too much stress.

Jobs for People with ESTP Personality Type (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment can help people understand their work and lifestyle preferences and the strengths of their personality. The characteristics of an ESTP personality type will be explored here, as well as some ideal career...

Jobs for People with Enneagram Type 4 Personality

Of the nine Enneagram personality types, type 4 is introspective and creative. This makes them prime candidates for jobs that involve the arts or helping others understand their own emotions. Discover more about job options for this type.

Jobs for People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is a disorder that creates more anxiety in the sufferer than is normal. Living with this disorder can make work difficult--especially if it is a high-stress environment. In this article we will explore seven...

Jobs for People with Good Interpersonal Skills

From waiting tables to helping students succeed after high school, interpersonal skills are a plus in the job market. There are many job options out there if you have good interpersonal skills.

Jobs for People with Good Social Skills

Social skills are valuable to several different types of jobs. Those who enjoy talking to others and are very friendly may be interested in some of the job options. Take a look at the salary, growth, and education needed for these jobs.

Jobs for People with INFJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

The INFJ Personality Type on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator represents people who are inspirational, imaginative and sensitive. They are humanitarians, and are often drawn to careers where they can help others or explore their creativity.

Jobs for People with ISFP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

ISFP stands for introverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving, and people with this personality type may prefer careers that let them work independently and be creative. Good job options for ISFPs tend to be more cooperative than competitive.

Jobs for People with ISTP Personality Type (MBTI)

Careers for people with ISTP (introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving) personality types are discussed in this article. The careers that ISTPs prefer are roles that take advantage of their analytical skills, where they can apply logic, or...

Jobs for People with PTSD

Depending on their own specific triggers, those with PTSD have several job options across different fields that may suit them and their needs. Learn about some of the available career options and their median salaries.

Jobs for People with Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities can include limitations affecting a person's eye sight or hearing, or their ability to perform certain physical functions, such as walking or standing for long periods of time. This article discusses careers that are more...

Jobs for People with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a condition that affects a person's ability to thrive in social settings. People with social anxiety will find they are most successful in occupations that involve opportunities to work independently or with small groups of...

Jobs for People with Type C Personalities

Someone with a type C personality is attracted to details, facts, and logic. Because of this characteristic, there are a number of careers in which they could be highly successful.

Jobs for People with Type D Personalities

The Type D personality individual is typically great at seeing the big picture, with a knack for problem solving and staying motivated. They like their work to be varied and interesting.

Jobs for People with a Bad Memory

People who have a bad memory may be drawn to routine jobs that involve performing the same tasks each day, or jobs that emphasize collecting and analyzing data. This article explores career options for people with a bad memory.

Jobs for People with the I Personality Type (DISC)

According to the DISC personality assessment, type I personalities are very enthusiastic individuals who derive their energy from others. They love collaboration, making them ideal candidates for a number of different jobs.

Jobs for People with the ID Personality Type (DISC)

There are many jobs that utilize some of the common characteristics of the iD/Di personality type, according to the DiSC profile. Learn about a few of the career options for this personality type.

Jobs for Personable People

Those with a personable personality are normally pleasant, nice, generous, and helpful. Learn more about several career options that personable people would excel at, as well as salary and education information.

Jobs for Persuasive People

Being persuasive is a good thing in many industries. Whether you need to sell a product, convince someone to agree with you, or persuade people to act, being persuasive is useful for many different jobs.

Jobs for Right-Brained Introverts

When a person is right-brained, it means they're intuitive and favor creative thinking. Meanwhile, introverts like to work in small groups, or independently. Career options for right-brained introverts will be discussed in this article.

Jobs for Spontaneous Idealists

Spontaneous idealists, also known as ENFP (extraversion, intuition, feeling, perceiving) on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, are warm, flexible, and make fast connections. There are many jobs that need these personality traits.

Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms with Degrees

In a world that is becoming more digital, there are more and more opportunities for moms who stay at home with their kids to find work. Stay-at-home moms with degrees have a good chance of finding a job that fits their skills on the internet.

Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms with No Degree

Working from home is a reality for many people, and you don't have to have a degree in order to do it. There are many different types of jobs, from secretarial work to selling properties, that a stay-at-home mom can do.

Jobs for Task-Oriented People

Being task-oriented is a useful quality for many jobs today. Many service jobs and organizational positions need someone who is good at managing and performing a variety of tasks throughout a single work day.

Jobs for Travelling the World & Helping People

Many people have a natural desire to help others. For those people there is a need for this kind of altruism around the world. This article addresses several careers that fill a need for world travel and helping people.

Jobs in Nature for People Without a Degree

If you like to be outside in nature but don't have a college degree, there are several job options available. Whether you like to work with animals, children, or to just take pictures of nature, there is a job out there for you.

Jobs that Do Not Require Experience

Practical experience isn't always needed to be hired. This article looks at several career fields where it's possible to find employment without prior knowledge gained from already working in the field.

Jobs that Don't Involve Paperwork

People who work at desks typically do a lot of paperwork. This article discusses occupations in construction and personal care, as well as several other career fields, that don't involve paperwork.

Jobs that Help Children with Cancer

For individuals who want to work with child cancer patients, there are a few different career options within the medical field. Some jobs involve hands-on treatment of pediatric patients in an oncology ward, while others focus on research.

Jobs that Help Kids

Children bring joy into our lives. For those who are interested in careers involving child welfare, there many jobs that will allow you to improve the lives of children in a number of different ways.

Jobs that Help Others & Pay Well

Many people are motivated by a desire to help others, but they still want to earn a good salary from their career. Continue reading to learn more about careers that involve helping others that pay good salaries.

Jobs that Help People in Need

There are a variety of fields where people can make an impact and help those in need, including jobs in government, mental health, rehabilitation, and teaching. Read on to discover the educational requirements, salaries, and job growth for...

Jobs that Help People with Cancer

Cancer patients can benefit from the experience of a number of professionals to help them make lifestyle adjustments, manage their treatments, understand their illness and cope with their diagnosis. Learn about a few jobs options and what they...

Jobs that Help People with Depression

People who are interested in helping others with depression as part of their career will find that there is a range of professions available. These jobs include both mental and physical counseling.

Jobs that Interact with Celebrities

If you want to interact with celebrities, there are many jobs out there that may get you the connections you need, including the careers profiled here. Since many celebrities are actors and singers, it may help to stick to a career in the arts...

Jobs that Involve Brainstorming

We often produce options for specific issues, which means we regularly use brainstorming. It's a skill that can be particularly beneficial in a variety of professions, including those in business, science, and education.

Jobs that Involve Exploring

Exploration can involve physical travel, research or study to learn about new places, people or subjects. Careers with opportunities for exploration are highlighted in this article.

Jobs that Involve Patience

Patience is a valuable skill that can be applied to almost any job, but some require more patience than others. Here we discuss a few of those jobs, as well as their education requirements and salary information.

Jobs that Involve Politics

The world of politics is very complex. There are several options for individuals who want a career that involves politics, either directly or indirectly.

Jobs that Involve Sharks

Have you ever wanted to study sharks for a living? There are a number of careers that can offer you the opportunity to work with these animals, either directly or indirectly. Learn about the median salaries, job growth, and education requirements...

Jobs that Involve Sitting Down

There are many different types of jobs that involve sitting down, some of which are explored in this article. These positions fall within the legal, design, business, education, transportation and technology fields.

Jobs that Involve Sleeping

Jobs that involve sleeping can involve managing facilities where people sleep, or performing medical tests on people as they sleep; in some cases, it may be possible to be paid to sleep at work. This article explores some of these employment...

Jobs that Involve Travelling to Other Countries

When you travel to another country, it is usually for a short time. If you want to travel for the long term, you may want to consider finding a job that involves a lot of travel abroad. Read about some travel-heavy job options here, and see what...

Jobs that Involve Video Games

There are a lot of career opportunities for people interested in working with video games. Some require a degree, while others involve no postsecondary training. These career options will be explored further here.

Jobs that Involve the Ocean

The ocean provides a wide range of career opportunities in several different job fields. Learn about some of the career options, their median salaries, expected job growth rates and education requirements.

Jobs that Involve the Water

There are many different jobs that involve water, whether it is managing this valuable resource or using it in some beneficial way. Learn about the salaries, expected job growth and education requirements for a few jobs involving water.

Jobs that Make a Difference Without a Degree

For those without a degree, there are several different career options in the medical field, social services and more that impact people's lives. We discuss just a few of the careers that do not require a degree, but still make a difference to...

Jobs that Make a Difference in People's Lives

There are many ways to make a difference in someone's life, and many different kinds of careers that help people in some way. We discuss a handful of the available jobs that make a difference in people's lives.

Jobs that Pay 50K Per Year Without a Degree

A college education may not be the way for some people looking for high paying jobs. There are many careers paying over 50K a year to folks without degree. This article gives information about some of these non-degree positions.

Jobs that Require Analytical Skills

Careers that are ideal for individuals with analytical skills can be found in a number of fields, including marketing, research, finance and business. This article identifies and discusses some career options for people with analytical skills.

Jobs that Require Good Observational Skills

All kinds of jobs require good observational skills to notice little details or changes that may impact a particular project, experiment, test and more. Learn about some of the jobs that require these skills, as well as their education requirements.

Jobs that Require Imagination

For people who love creativity and using their imaginations, there are numerous career options that require these skills. Learn about a handful of these occupations that require imagination, as well as the education requirements.

Jobs that Require Isolation & Working Alone

Many career fields require employees to work independently and isolated from others. Working alone is not a rare employment choice. People who enjoy this lifestyle will find information about some of these careers in this article.

Jobs that Require On-the-Job Training

Jobs that require on-the-job training are often well-suited for individuals who enjoy hands-on work, since many of these careers are in fields like construction, installation, and maintenance. Explore the potential job duties and salaries for...

Jobs that Require Organization & Creativity

It is possible to be both organized and creative. In fact, many career options require a strong mix of the two. Whether you want to work as a designer or a manager, you will need both of these important skills.

Jobs that Require Quick Thinking

Quick thinking is often associated with the ability to act quickly as well. Careers in law, emergency services, sports, healthcare and transportation can all depend on the ability to think quickly and act accordingly.

Jobs that Require Suits

While some individuals prefer to wear casual attire, others may prefer dressing formally and want to consider career options with professional dress codes. This article looks at careers that involve wearing suits some or all of the time.

Jobs that Require Travelling the US

There were over 457 million overnight business trips taken within the United States in 2016. There are many different occupations that involve travel to some degree. Here are six occupations that often require full-time travel.

Jobs that Require Working Alone Outdoors

If you like to be alone outside, there are several job options that might work for you. You could work with trees, keep up with elements in the soil, or observe animals.

Jobs that Require Working Independently

Independence can be a very important job characteristic to people looking for work. There are a variety of positions that require employees to work unsupervised. This article presents different career fields involving independent work and the...

Jobs that Use Imaginary & Complex Numbers

There is an assortment of jobs that involves using imaginary and complex numbers. Individuals who pursue careers that include using mathematics and science will most likely need to know how to use imaginary and complex numbers.

Jobs that are Always In-Demand

There are a number of fields and jobs that are always good choices for individuals to pursue because of their near constant job growth. These in-demand jobs span several industries, like healthcare, technology, and finance.

Jobs to Help People with Disabilities

There is a great need for jobs across different fields to help people with all kinds of disabilities. Learn about a few of the job possibilities, as well as their specific education requirements.

Jobs with Growth Potential

Selecting a career field in which there are many growth opportunities is a wise move for individuals who do not want to spend the majority of their career in an entry-level position. There are many jobs that offer opportunities for advancement.

Jobs with Opportunities for Advancement

When looking for a job, it is important to consider whether your desired field will provide you with opportunities for advancement. There are both entry-level and upper-level positions that allow for advancement.

Low-Stress Jobs for Introverts

Introverts tend to shy away from crowds and people in general. For those looking for a career that keeps the stress low, there are several career fields available to introverts. This article addresses some of those employment areas and gives some...

Low-Stress Jobs for People With Anxiety

Having anxiety doesn't mean you can't find a job you are comfortable in. In fact, there are many low-stress occupations available for people who are trying to minimize their anxiety levels. Some require a degree while others only require a high...

Low-Stress Jobs for People without a Degree

There are a number of different career pathways for people who are seeking low-stress jobs but do not have a 4-year college degree. These jobs generally involve providing some sort of service to clients in a low-stress environment.

Mailing Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Stay-at-home mothers interested in work may find mailing jobs appealing, as they allow flexibility and in-home work. There are multiple opportunities for these direct mail services within many communities.

Minimum Wage Jobs for Introverts

Having a job that requires heavy social interaction with people may cause anxiety for an introvert. For introverts who want to save some of their energy to spend time with family and friends, a job with limited social interaction can be helpful.

Most Secure Careers for the Future

Job security for the future is never guaranteed, but we discuss a variety of jobs across different fields that are expected to have high rates of growth from 2014 to 2024. Learn about their salaries and education requirements.

Most Stable Jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from 2014 to 2024, the average rate of job growth for all fields is 7%. Those looking for stable employment may want to consider some of the career options with high rates of job growth that are...

Night Jobs that Pay Well

Night jobs vary by field, but they usually involve some unconventional specialty and seldom involve customer service, due to how late at night they occur.

Non-Desk Jobs for Introverts

Most introverts prefer a job where they don't have much social interaction, but that doesn't mean they want to sit at a desk in front of a computer all day. For introverts who want to keep to themselves while working but also want to be moving...

Non-Desk Jobs that Pay Well

There are a wide number of jobs that pay very well and don't involve working at a desk or in an office. For people who enjoy being active and seek variety in their workplace environment, they have a number of career paths to choose from.

Outdoor Careers for People Without a Degree

People wishing to work outdoors who lack a formal education still have several career options available. Find out about some of the outdoor careers that do not require a degree, as well as their median salaries.

Outdoor Jobs for Introverts

There are several career options for introverts wanting to work outside. Learn about different options, salaries, education needed, and how these outdoor careers fit for introverts.

Outdoor Jobs that Pay Well

Outdoor jobs may not be the highest paying occupations, but there are several different options for those looking for careers that both pay well and allow them to be outside. Learn about some of these jobs and their education requirements.

Overseas Jobs for People Without a Degree

Some people are drawn to travel and work in foreign lands. However, not everyone has a college degree to take overseas work. In truth, many international jobs do not require degrees. Learn about some of these positions in this article.

Physically Active Jobs for Introverts

There are a few career options for those interested in an occupation that requires physical activity and limited interaction with others. Learn about these options, their salaries, the education needed, and job growth.

Project-Oriented Careers

For those interested in project-oriented careers, there are numerous options in almost every job field. We discuss a handful of the possible project-oriented careers, as well as their education requirements, salaries and expected job growth.

Quick Training Jobs that Pay Well

Many people want to enter the workforce as soon as possible. Some may be more interested in a trade apprenticeship, while others may want to finish college in two years or less. Learn more about career options that will allow you to start earning...

Quiet Jobs for Introverts

Quiet jobs are usually good ones for introverts because it usually means working with fewer people. No matter what industry you are interested in, there is sure to be a quiet job in that field.

Relationship Building Jobs

Relationships do not only apply to couples or family members, since most people also have social and business relationships. A number of professions in fields such as education, law, healthcare and community service involve building relationships.

Remote Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Many stay-at-home moms are interested in making some extra income through remote jobs. Learn about a few of the possible remote jobs for stay-at-home moms, as well as their job duties and education requirements.

Rewarding Careers for People Without a Degree

Who says that you need to have a degree to have a rewarding job? Take an in-depth look at five meaningful career paths that do not require a college degree.

Rewarding Careers that Pay Well

There exist a number of jobs that offer both a high salary and a high level of meaning, which could ultimately lead to very high job satisfaction. We will look at a number of these rewarding and high-paying careers below.

STEM Jobs for People Without a Degree

Although less common, there are some STEM careers for those without a formal postsecondary degree. Learn about a few jobs across the STEM fields that do not necessarily require a degree, and explore their job duties.

STEM Jobs that are In-Demand

Many STEM careers are currently seeing job growth rates that are significantly higher than the national average, which makes these jobs that are currently experiencing a lot of demand. Some of the fastest-growing STEM professions are explored...

Safe Careers for the Future

Safe careers are ones that offer in-demand services. This article will cover the job responsibilities and educational requirements for several careers.

Science Jobs for Introverts

There are several science career options for introverts to consider that allow them to work alone and limit their communication with others. Take a look at some of these options, along with salary, job growth and education information.

Science Jobs for People Without a Degree

Learn about a few of the job opportunities in science for people without a formal degree. See more about the job duties and education requirements of each career, as well as the job outlook and median salary.

Science Jobs that Pay Well

The science field is full of an extremely diverse number of career options. Many of these job options also offer attractive salaries, especially for individuals who are able to rise to the top of their field.

Science Jobs that are In-Demand

Many scientific careers are expected to enjoy an average rate of job growth through 2024. In-demand science careers that are experiencing the highest rates of job growth during this time period are explored further in this article.

Self-Employed Home-Based Jobs

Careers in art, design, communications, personal care and computer technology that have the option to be self-employed and work from home are explored in this article.

Service Jobs that Pay Well

If you enjoy serving others you may want to consider working in a service profession. Many people who perform service jobs that pay well enjoy the flexibility their jobs provide as well as the income. This article describes several careers that...

Short-Term Jobs that Pay Well

Individuals interested in a short-term position that pays well will find there are many options. This article will cover several positions that have varied educational requirements and salaries.

Six-Figure Jobs for People Without a Degree

Individuals who have decided to skip getting a college degree still are left with a variety of very high-paying career options. An individual's specific skills and areas of interest will help them determine what field is right for them.

Six-Figure Jobs that are In-Demand

This article discusses careers with a median annual salary over $100,000 with high growth rates. These jobs are good options for those who want to earn a high income and also want to be sure there are plenty of job opportunities in their field.

Slow-Paced Jobs

Today's world has a 'hurry up' mentality, which often leads to stress and anxiety, but there are some slow-paced careers that can provide a remedy for that. Learn about a handful of slow-paced jobs and their education requirements.

Solitary Jobs for Introverts

Some people, like introverts, just aren't made for noisy work around too many people. Thankfully, there are many jobs that fit the bill for those who prefer to work on one's own. This article covers several careers for introverts who enjoy...

Summer Jobs for Introverts

Many introverts would love to earn some money during the summer but still feel relaxed. This list of jobs is ideal for introverts looking to work in the summer.

Technical Jobs that Pay Well

Technical jobs encompass trades and jobs that involve practical applications of science and technology. Careers in this field that pay well include jobs in construction, technology, transportation, communications, engineering and healthcare.

Traveling Jobs for Married Couples

There are a number of job possibilities for married couples who like to travel and want to be able to make money while they are traveling. Most of these jobs are freelance in nature.

Unconventional Jobs that Pay Well

Unconventional jobs can include careers that are out of the ordinary as well as careers that may involve unusual tasks, schedules or work environments. Explore some of the unconventional jobs to be found within a range of career fields, such as...

Weather-Related Careers

Since weather is something that people are exposed to or affected by every day, it isn't surprising that there are a number of weather-related careers, including occupations in education, communications, construction, maintenance and engineering.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Science Degree?

From astronomy to zoology, a science degree allows an individual to choose from a multitude of careers, usually in one's specific area of study. Learn about several different career opportunities that require varying levels of a science degree.

White-Collar Jobs for People without a Degree

A college degree is not an automatic prerequisite for working in the white-collar world. There are many office jobs that do not require a college degree that individuals may be interested in pursuing.

Work At Home Jobs that Don't Require a Degree

If you want to work from home, there are many job possibilities. Some require degrees and some don't. Think about what you're good at and consider if it is something you could do from home if you don't have a degree.