Best Career Fields for Introverts

Introverts turn their attention inward rather than on external stimuli; their reflective natures may make them analytical or good listeners that enjoy working in smaller groups. These qualities can make introverts an asset in careers involving...

Best Careers for Antisocial People

There are several career options for people who are antisocial and would prefer to have limited contact with other individuals. Learn about the different jobs, salary information, and education needed for careers that fit antisocial people.

Best Careers for Shy People

Shy people may not feel at ease around a lot of people, but there are careers out there where shy people can thrive. This article builds on jobs for the shy that may be for creative or technical or talented individuals along with info about pay...

Best Creative Jobs for People Without a Degree

Creative jobs are as plentiful as leaves on a tree. Many people desire to fulfill that creative spark in their soul where they are employed. Depending on the career choice and the interest of the person, there are tons of creative jobs available...

Best Jobs for Creative Extroverts

This article focuses on professions that may appeal to people who are creative extroverts. Creative people are imaginative and like originality, while extroverts are stimulated by interaction with other people.

Best Jobs for Empathetic People

As an empathetic person, you know how it feels to feel, anywhere and all the time. Others are just as important as yourself. The best jobs for this type of personality are those that revolve around care, such as a teacher, an animal service...

Best Jobs for Opinionated People

Having a strong opinion about something can get you in trouble sometimes, but some employers may consider it an asset. In fact, there are many occupations where being opinionated is essential to the job.

Best Jobs for People with the D Personality Type (DISC)

People with D personality type (based on the DISC types) tend to lead organizations and groups of people. Find out more about different qualities type D personalities have as well as potential career options with salary and education information.

Career Information for Non-Degree Programs, General

High school graduates who opt not to attend a traditional degree program may instead choose to acquire certification in a specialized skill or field. Read on to find out about these certifications, along with the career options, job growth, and...

Career Information for a Bachelor Degree Program

A bachelor's degree is generally a four year program conducted on campus or online at a university. Continue reading for an overview of the degree programs available as well as career and salary information for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Certificate Program

If you're not interested in pursuing a degree but want to pursue a new career, an alternative is to enroll in a certificate program. People can complete certificate programs for careers such as caterer, hotel receptionist, network design engineer...

Career Information for a Degree in Curriculum or Instruction

Degrees in curriculum and instruction typically cover instructional leadership, curriculum assessment and teaching. Find out about the requirements of this program, learn about career options, job growth and salary info for curriculum and...

Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Basic Skills

Basic skills is generally a program that helps an individual attain his or her GED. Continue reading for an overview of the training programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Career Information for a Doctorate Degree Program

A doctorate is the highest academic degree attainable in the course of university studies. It requires years of hard work, serious investment and a deep commitment to excellence in one's chosen field. Read on to learn about career options, as...

Career Information for a Graduate Degree Program

Students who complete a graduate degree program can work in almost any field, including research, education and management. Learn more about the types of careers available in these fields, and get info about job outlook and salary potential.

Career Information for a Master's Degree Program

A master's degree program gives students a distinct advantage in the employment marketplace, demonstrating to employers their proven, in-depth knowledge of a subject. Read more about the career options that master's degree holders can pursue.

Career Information for an Associate Degree Program

An associate's degree is generally granted after completing a 2-year program at the postsecondary level, although some programs may be completed in a longer amount of time based on scheduling. Continue reading for an overview of this program, as...

Career Information for an Education in Basic Skills

Degrees in basic skills typically cover high school-level knowledge in math and reading. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for basic skills of GED graduates.

Career Information for an Undergraduate Degree Program

Being an undergraduate student generally refers to a two or four year degree program. Continue reading for an overview of some different bachelor's and associates degrees, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Careers Involving Books

You can make a career out of working with books if you choose the one that fits you best. Whether you want to write for a living or just study the past, you can use your passion for books in a successful career. Get info about job options for...

Careers Involving Caring for Others

Learn about some of the career opportunities that involve caring for others, including median salaries and job outlooks. These jobs vary in their job duties and education requirements to meet the interests and qualifications of different...

Careers Involving Cars

Working with cars is a great way to stay in touch with a machine that you either enjoy driving or working on. Whether you want to learn about how these machines work or simply sell them to people, careers involving cars are diverse and interesting.

Careers Involving Field Research

Learn about some of the careers that involve field research. These careers offer people with different backgrounds and interests the chance to make observations and conduct experiments in a variety of locations.

Careers Involving Research & Analysis

There are many careers that incorporate research and analysis as a regular part of their duties. Those interested in careers involving research and analysis will find this article covers a wide range of jobs that emphasize using those skills.

Careers for Artistic Personalities

People with artistic personalities may have a very specific artistic interest or talent they want to pursue as professional artists. Others with artistic talents may incorporate their skills into more conventional careers.

Careers for Culture Lovers

Working in a field that allows you to satisfy your craving for culture is not as difficult as you might think. Careers in history, the arts, and even aviation can allow you to stay exposed to culture your entire life.

Careers for Energetic People

Working with the public often means that you don't have time to sit still at work. Many careers require workers to be on their feet all day, and for those with a lot of energy, this is a desirable quality in a job.

Careers for Extrovert Intuitives (Myers Briggs)

According to the Myers Briggs personality assessment, some people are extroverted intuitive, meaning they love exploring new ideas and like to live in a world where anything is possible.

Careers for Intuitive Feelers (Myers Briggs)

Intuitive feelers work best in environments in which they can provide support and assistance to other people in need. There are a number of careers that intuitive feelers are particularly well-suited for.

Careers for Investigative Personalities

Having an investigative personality means that you are likely to enjoy research and looking closely into situations to find out the truth. Some careers are better than others when it comes to having this kind of personality.

Careers for People Who Like to Read

There are many readers out there, people who like reading and are adept in it. The careers they're suited for not only entail reading and writing, but demand a good understanding of what is being read. These careers can take place in educational,...

Careers for People Who Like to Work Independently

Being able to work independently is usually a feature of numerous jobs, even when interaction with coworkers is required. These jobs are in all kinds of fields, from the arts to healthcare. Explore a few of these job options and the duties they...

Careers for People With Caring Personalities

There are several jobs for people who care about others and like to help, listen, and make a difference. Read about career options for caring people, education requirements, salary, and job growth information.

Careers for People with ENFP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

This article discusses career options for people with an ENFP personality type. ENFP stands for extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. People with this personality type can be enthusiastic and are sometimes described as dreamers.

Careers for People with ENTJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

Have you recently taken the Myers-Briggs personality test and discovered that you are an ENTJ? If you have ever wondered what the best matches for your personality type are with a career, you've found the right place!

Careers for People with ENTP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

ENTP personality types are known for being flexible, creative and logical. They are extroverts who are skilled orators and love verbal debate. Careers for those with the ENTP (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving) personality type vary...

Careers for People with ESFJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

The characteristics of the ESFJ Personality Type on the Myers-Briggs Indicator include extroverted, sensing, feeling and judging. Many jobs exist in a variety of fields for people with these traits.

Careers for People with ESFP Personality Type

ESFP personality types are very outgoing. People who fit in this personality category focus on feelings rather than facts and are very sociable. There are lots of different career options that ESFP personality types might be interested in.

Careers for People with ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ stands for extroverted, sensing, thinking and judging. People with an ESTJ personality type can consider a number of career options that take advantage of their preference for structure, their rational nature and their social skills.

Careers for People with INFP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

The INFP Personality Type on the Myers-Briggs Indicator is particularly well suited for a number of different jobs, especially those that allow them to use their excellent communication abilities and work towards a meaningful goal.

Careers for People with INTJ Personality Type (MBTI)

INTJ personality types are introverts, who are intuitive thinkers and judgers, according to the Meyers-Briggs personality type assessment. A very small part of the population possesses this personality type. This article will discuss career...

Careers for People with INTP Personality Type

INTP personality types are introverts who favor intuition, thinking and perceiving. They enjoy independent work and careers that allow them to take advantage of their analytical skills. Find out about a few suitable job options and what they entail.

Careers for People with ISTJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

ISTJ stands for introverted, sensing, thinking and judging. This is one of the most common personality types, and those with an ISTJ personality are known for dependability and loyalty. A wide range of careers, which are discussed here, are...

Careers for People with Type A Personality

Career options that may appeal to those with type A personalities include jobs that require leadership, high goals, competition, multitasking and risk taking. Learn about these careers, salaries, growth, and required education.

Careers for People with Type B Personality

Individuals with a Type B personality are well-suited for many different careers, especially those that allow them to interact with people and operate within a low-stress working environment.

Careers for People with the ENFJ Personality Type (Myers-Briggs)

The ENFJ Personality Type refers to individuals who are extroverted, intuitive, and full of feeling, according to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. There are a number of careers that appeal to their social, creative and caring natures.

Careers for People with the S Personality Type (DISC)

Are you an ''S'' personality, and thinking about what sort of career may be your best fit? You don't have to worry, because several different options await you, no matter what your professional area might be!

Careers for Social Personalities

If you're an amiable person who lives for socializing, and interpersonal skills are your strong suit, you'll want a career that embraces those characteristics. Keep reading for an overview of careers that may be right for you, such as in...

Careers for Spontaneous People

Having a spontaneous personality means you are impulsive and do things without having to be told. This quality can be good for some careers, such as when creativity is required, or you need to think of things quickly.

Careers on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer many career options for those wanting to work on a cruise ship that vary in education requirements. Learn more about some cruise ship careers, salary information, and job growth.

Evening Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Many of the jobs that stay-at-home moms can do in the evenings require typing skills, customer service experience or caregiving time. This article offers insight into several of these positions and supplies some vital information for each.

Hands-On Careers for Introverts

Introverts, like many people, may want careers that allow them to work hands-on. This article gives you a selection of jobs with varied education levels that allow introverts to really get involved with their work.

Jobs Dealing with Numbers

Some people love numbers. They could work with them all day. For those people, there are a lot of careers available in fields like education, accounting, science and construction, and this article addresses some of these options.

Jobs Involving Presentation Skills

Having presentation skills is useful in many careers. These skills will be helpful in convincing others to agree with you, clarifying your discoveries, or sharing new ideas.

Jobs Requiring Attention to Detail

Details are important in many occupations. Details can mean the difference between life and death or between success and failure. There are many jobs that need employees good at paying attention to details.

Jobs Requiring Language Skills

There are a wide variety of jobs requiring language skills, including those focusing on multiple languages or teaching others how to communicate. Some jobs require strong written language skills, while others involve polished verbal communication.

Jobs With Little Social Interaction

Careers that involve low social interaction are not as scarce as one might think. This quality can be found in certain legal, science, and computer-related professions. All the jobs listed here require working by yourself, either in a company...

Jobs for Artistic Introverts

Are you mostly introverted, but you have a very artistic mind, and you want to turn that into a career? You might be surprised by the number of potential career paths that exist for artistic introverts.

Jobs for Creative Introverts

Creative introverts may like to work a job that requires little social interaction and allows them to use their creative thinking. We discuss a few of the possible careers for creative introverts, including the education requirements for each.

Jobs for Easygoing People

It is sometimes hard to be an easygoing person in a high-pressure society, yet this quality is often useful. Some jobs need people who are good at staying calm and relaxed even when things aren't easy.

Jobs for Introverts Without a Degree

Not everyone decides to go to college, and not everyone likes to work closely with other people. That is okay, because there are still many jobs available that don't require a degree and have a low amount of contact with others, making them good...

Jobs for Introverts in Education

If you would describe yourself as an introvert, you can find a job in education that suits you. Although most jobs in this field require a lot of contact with others, there are some positions that require less interaction.

Jobs for People Who Like to Talk

Has anyone ever told you that you have the gift of gab? Many employers view this trait as strong communication, and are looking for people who like to talk to fill a variety of jobs.

Jobs for People Who Like to Write

Written communication is an essential component of a wide range of careers. Here are some of the career options that may appeal to people who like to write.

Jobs for People With Outgoing Personalities

Individuals who speak up and are friendly and confident are normally known as outgoing. Outgoing people have many job opportunities that would fit their personality. Learn about career options, salaries, job growth, and education needed.

Jobs for People who Like to Solve Problems

If you like to solve problems, you are probably well-suited for many different kinds of jobs. You may want to work in emergency response, or you may enjoy a career solving math problems.

Jobs for People who Love People

There are many jobs available for those who love people. Whether you want to manage a team or be available to help those in need, having a knack for making people comfortable is needed in nearly every industry.

Jobs for People with ESTP Personality Type (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment can help people understand their work and lifestyle preferences and the strengths of their personality. The characteristics of an ESTP personality type will be explored here, as well as some ideal career...

Jobs for People with Enneagram Type 4 Personality

Of the nine Enneagram personality types, type 4 is introspective and creative. This makes them prime candidates for jobs that involve the arts or helping others understand their own emotions. Discover more about job options for this type.

Jobs for People with Good Social Skills

Social skills are valuable to several different types of jobs. Those who enjoy talking to others and are very friendly may be interested in some of the job options. Take a look at the salary, growth, and education needed for these jobs.

Jobs for People with INFJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

The INFJ Personality Type on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator represents people who are inspirational, imaginative and sensitive. They are humanitarians, and are often drawn to careers where they can help others or explore their creativity.

Jobs for People with ISFP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

ISFP stands for introverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving, and people with this personality type may prefer careers that let them work independently and be creative. Good job options for ISFPs tend to be more cooperative than competitive.

Jobs for People with ISTP Personality Type (MBTI)

Careers for people with ISTP (introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving) personality types are discussed in this article. The careers that ISTPs prefer are roles that take advantage of their analytical skills, where they can apply logic, or...

Jobs for People with Type C Personalities

Someone with a type C personality is attracted to details, facts, and logic. Because of this characteristic, there are a number of careers in which they could be highly successful.

Jobs for People with the I Personality Type (DISC)

According to the DISC personality assessment, type I personalities are very enthusiastic individuals who derive their energy from others. They love collaboration, making them ideal candidates for a number of different jobs.

Jobs for Personable People

Those with a personable personality are normally pleasant, nice, generous, and helpful. Learn more about several career options that personable people would excel at, as well as salary and education information.

Jobs for Persuasive People

Being persuasive is a good thing in many industries. Whether you need to sell a product, convince someone to agree with you, or persuade people to act, being persuasive is useful for many different jobs.

Jobs for Right-Brained Introverts

When a person is right-brained, it means they're intuitive and favor creative thinking. Meanwhile, introverts like to work in small groups, or independently. Career options for right-brained introverts will be discussed in this article.

Jobs for Spontaneous Idealists

Spontaneous idealists, also known as ENFP (extraversion, intuition, feeling, perceiving) on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, are warm, flexible, and make fast connections. There are many jobs that need these personality traits.

Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms with Degrees

In a world that is becoming more digital, there are more and more opportunities for moms who stay at home with their kids to find work. Stay-at-home moms with degrees have a good chance of finding a job that fits their skills on the internet.

Jobs for Task-Oriented People

Being task-oriented is a useful quality for many jobs today. Many service jobs and organizational positions need someone who is good at managing and performing a variety of tasks throughout a single work day.

Jobs in Nature for People Without a Degree

If you like to be outside in nature but don't have a college degree, there are several job options available. Whether you like to work with animals, children, or to just take pictures of nature, there is a job out there for you.

Jobs that Help People with Cancer

Cancer patients can benefit from the experience of a number of professionals to help them make lifestyle adjustments, manage their treatments, understand their illness and cope with their diagnosis. Learn about a few jobs options and what they...

Jobs that Interact with Celebrities

If you want to interact with celebrities, there are many jobs out there that may get you the connections you need, including the careers profiled here. Since many celebrities are actors and singers, it may help to stick to a career in the arts...

Jobs that Involve Travelling to Other Countries

When you travel to another country, it is usually for a short time. If you want to travel for the long term, you may want to consider finding a job that involves a lot of travel abroad. Read about some travel-heavy job options here, and see what...

Jobs that Pay 50K Per Year Without a Degree

A college education may not be the way for some people looking for high paying jobs. There are many careers paying over 50K a year to folks without degree. This article gives information about some of these non-degree positions.

Jobs that Require Analytical Skills

Careers that are ideal for individuals with analytical skills can be found in a number of fields, including marketing, research, finance and business. This article identifies and discusses some career options for people with analytical skills.

Jobs that Require Isolation & Working Alone

Many career fields require employees to work independently and isolated from others. Working alone is not a rare employment choice. People who enjoy this lifestyle will find information about some of these careers in this article.

Jobs that Require Organization & Creativity

It is possible to be both organized and creative. In fact, many career options require a strong mix of the two. Whether you want to work as a designer or a manager, you will need both of these important skills.

Jobs that Require Working Independently

Independence can be a very important job characteristic to people looking for work. There are a variety of positions that require employees to work unsupervised. This article presents different career fields involving independent work and the...

Low-Stress Jobs for Introverts

Introverts tend to shy away from crowds and people in general. For those looking for a career that keeps the stress low, there are several career fields available to introverts. This article addresses some of those employment areas and gives some...

Low-Stress Jobs for People With Anxiety

Having anxiety doesn't mean you can't find a job. In fact, there are many low-stress occupations available for people who are trying to minimize their anxiety levels. Some require a degree while many only require a high school diploma.

Non-Retail Jobs for People Without a Degree

People without a degree have several career options that do not involve retail. Learn more about some of these careers and the education required, along with salary and job growth information.

Outdoor Jobs for Introverts

There are several career options for introverts wanting to work outside. Learn about different options, salaries, education needed, and how these outdoor careers fit for introverts.

Overseas Jobs for People Without a Degree

Some people are drawn to travel and work in foreign lands. However, not everyone has a college degree to take overseas work. In truth, many international jobs do not require degrees. Learn about some of these positions in this article.

Quiet Jobs for Introverts

Quiet jobs are usually good ones for introverts because it usually means working with fewer people. No matter what industry you are interested in, there is sure to be a quiet job in that field.

Science Jobs for Introverts

There are several science career options for introverts to consider that allow them to work alone and limit their communication with others. Take a look at some of these options, along with salary, job growth and education information.

Science Jobs for People Without a Degree

Learn about a few of the job opportunities in science for people without a formal degree. We discuss the job duties and education requirements of each career, as well as the job outlook and median salary.

Solitary Jobs for Introverts

Some people, like introverts, just aren't made for noisy work around too many people. Thankfully, there are many jobs that fit the bill for those who prefer to work on one's own. This article covers several careers for introverts who enjoy...