3 Colleges You Can Attend for Free

The cost of college tuition prevents many people from enrolling in higher learning programs. But, you might be surprised to learn that not every college costs money. A few colleges waive tuition for all of their students. Here are three accredited colleges that qualified students can attend for free.

1.) The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is among the nation's oldest institutions of higher learning. Every student who is accepted to this school receives a full-tuition scholarship. Program options include art, architecture and engineering. Students are admitted on merit alone and must demonstrate the ability to keep up with the school's rigorous curriculum.

2.) Berea College

The first racially integrated coeducational college in the south, Berea is widely considered to be one of the nation's most distinctive colleges. The school mainly serves students in the Appalachian region. Students can attend Berea without paying tuition if they work 15 hours every week. Each student also receives a free laptop to use during the school year. To be considered for admission, students must possess academic promise and demonstrate financial need.

3.) College of the Ozarks

Also known as Hard Work U, the College of the Ozarks discourages student debt and allows enrolled students to work their way through school rather than paying tuition. Students must work 15 hours each week during the school year and are required to participate in two 40-hour work weeks during school breaks. The campus of Hard Work U, which is located in Missouri, is a Christian environment. Attendance at Chapel is required and the use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited. To be admitted to this school, students must demonstrate academic ability and financial need.

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