7 Great Sources for Free Environmental Management Courses Online

Learn about environmental management with these free online courses. See the full list of free environmental management courses and find the course that's right for you.

Info on Free Online Courses in Environmental Management

Environmental management can include studies in law and policy, urban planning, economics, engineering, agriculture and public health. These free online courses might feature lectures, readings, assignments and quizzes. Materials can be completed at students' own pace, but online learners do not receive academic credit or grades for their work.

Johns Hopkins University

The School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University offers this free Environmental Health course, which looks at health issues caused by environmental contaminants. Topics of study include environmental risk assessment and management, toxicology, carcinogenesis and environmental policy. The course includes slides of lecture notes, but students must purchase books to complete suggested readings.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT offers 2 free graduate-level courses in environmental management that include lecture notes and lists of recommended readings, some of which are available on the website. These materials can be viewed online or downloaded in a ZIP file.

Global Climate Change: Economics, Science and Policy was originally offered by the Sloan School of Management. Problem sets and lecture topics examine techniques for measuring global climate change. Students can also look at the policies that have been put in place to mitigate its effects. The Impact of Globalization on the Built Environment explores how factors like financial crises and international markets affect the environmental engineering field. Students are encouraged to complete a business plan for growth in a developing country.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sustainable Development consists of video lectures that cover sustainable environments, ecological design and international sustainability. The lectures can also be downloaded as PowerPoint presentations. No homework, readings or exams are included in this non-credit course.

Tufts University

These graduate-level courses include lecture notes, optional readings, quizzes and a final paper assignment. An image gallery is also available, though online students do not participate in field trips and labs. Agricultural Science and Policy I begins by teaching students about plant ecology, soil conservation and irrigation technology. Students also learn approaches for maintaining healthy agricultural and environmental systems. Agricultural Science and Policy II discusses sustainable methods for increasing crop yields and producing livestock. Pesticide use and animal welfare are also discussed.

University of California - Berkeley

UC - Berkeley offers free video lectures recorded in live classrooms. They can be watched online or downloaded as a video file, but no assignments, readings or exams are included among the course materials. Energy Regulations and the Environment is a law course that looks at such topics as pollution management, energy planning, deregulation and alternative resources. The lecturer in Environmental Science, Policy and Management discusses how ecologists manage wildlife, as well as wildlife's interaction with and influence on human economy, society and culture.

University of California - Irvine

UC - Irvine offers the free social ecology course, Planning, Policy and Design: Sustainability II. It includes a set of PowerPoint lectures that examine how such factors as climate change and land use affect sustainability planning. Students do not complete research projects or participate in class discussions in the free version of this course.

Utah State University

Utah State University offers Soil-Based Hazardous Waste Management, a free engineering course that includes lecture topics in fugacity, sorption dynamics and biodegradation kinetics. It's recommended that students complete prerequisites in organic chemistry, fluid mechanics and environmental engineering before tackling this course's lecture notes, assignments and optional readings. A fugacity calculator tool - which is used to create simulations of soil environments - can be downloaded from the site. Users will need Windows to run this program.

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