Alameda, CA, Employment Outlook: Job Market & Economy Overview

San Francisco Bay Area residents certainly know where their neighbor Oakland is, but many aren't aware of another close neighbor: Alameda, California. This article discusses occupational opportunities and economic conditions in the city of Alameda.


Alameda is an island city in Alameda County. The city is located next to Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area. While job market information unique to the small town of Alameda is not readily available, job market and economic information about Alameda County, nearby Oakland and Contra Costa County is.

Occupation Projections

The following occupations are the fastest growing in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties, according to the State of California Employment Development Department (edd.ca.gov). Each job requires different entry-level education, such as a master's, bachelor's or high school degree.

  1. Pipelayers
  2. Brickmasons and Blockmasons
  3. Personal Care Aides
  4. Dental Laboratory Technicians
  5. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
  6. Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners
  7. Biomedical Engineers
  8. Personal Financial Advisors
  9. Information Security Analysts
  10. Skincare Specialists

It is reported that the 50 fastest growing occupations expect to see a growth rate of 25.6 percent or higher.

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