Algebra 2: Coursework Overview

Get detailed information on where you can find Algebra 2 classes. There's also information on how this class can be helpful in different careers and what topics are covered in these sorts of classes.

Essential Information

An Algebra 2 coursework program is a needed step to excel in almost any career choice. Algebra 2 will build upon the basic math skills you developed in Algebra 1. This course may be part of a school's general education requirements and likely requires a prerequisite such as Algebra 1 or another advanced math course.

Another way to learn Algebra 2 is through the OpenCourseWare system of a university; this network of courses is free, open to the public and posts information such as syllabus and assignments of courses previously taught on campus.

List of Algebra Courses

Discover the myriad of content that can be learned in an Algebra 2 course.

What is a Course in Algebra 2?

A course in Algebra 2 will help students better understand the world around them. This course is the next course in learning a new scientific language. Algebra 2 courses are 1 year programs designed to help students learn the concepts of quadratic functions, probability and statistics, geometry, and trigonometry. In Algebra 2, students will continue to develop problem solving skills. Sample Chapters in the Algebra 2 textbook are: Exponential and Logarithmic Relations, Sequences and Series, Matrices and Trigonometric Graphs and Identities.

Coursework in Algebra 2: An Overview

Algebra 2 will make the world come alive for you. Throughout the course, you will learn the many ways Algebra is used in the world today. You will develop an understanding of how Algebra 2 is used in the World Cup of Yachting, in medicine and determining where the next earthquake will occur.

Career Related Information

Reasons For Taking Algebra 2

A course in Algebra 2 will introduce you to the world of technology and science. The way you look at the moon will change once you see how symbols and numbers are used in space exploration. The next time you read about the beef industry's problems with diseased cows, you will realize that Algebra is used to help stop the spread of disease.

Economic Outlook and Growth with Algebra 2

According to Rita Colwell, Director of the National Science Foundation, and the web site, 'mathematics is biology's next microscope--only better.'

Algebra 2 is the way into a more scientific and technological future. The skills you develop in Algebra 2 will help determine the future of the world around you. Algebra 2 teaches you a different way of thinking says Doug Arnold, Director of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications at It is not about memorization--it is about taking numbers and symbols and learning how to use them to carve out a new and better future.

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