All About the GED: Indiana

As Indiana and the rest of the country moves toward a more knowledge-based economy, government officials recognize the importance of providing the current workforce with educational opportunities. If you never graduated from high school, the General Educational Development (GED) credential can provide you with a helpful alternative to a high school diploma. Interested residents of Indiana may earn a General Educational Development Certificate of Achievement.

The GED Test in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is home to all GED services for the state of Indiana. The state offers several adult education centers designed to prepare candidates for the GED exam. Indiana also contains just over 60 official testing centers for students to choose from. To take the GED test in Indiana, a student must have been a state resident for at least 30 days. Test takers also cannot have already earned their high school diploma or GED.

Overview of the GED Test

The GED test was originally developed to provide high school equivalency credentials to military veterans and enlisted individuals who hadn't finished high school. Today, the GED test is available to most adult citizens who wish to prove competency in high school course material. The American Council on Education (ACE) owns the content of the GED, including the official test.

The GED has five subtests: math, writing, science, social studies and reading. In order to pass the GED test, a student must earn an overall score of at least 2250, which requires an average score of 450 on each section. Students must score at least 410 on each section, which allows test takers to compensate a higher score on one section for a lower score on another. Because the test takes over seven hours to complete, you may want to test over several days instead of sitting for the entire exam all at once. To become more familiar with test content and any changes to the GED, visit ACE's website (


Students with disabilities and speakers of other languages can request special accommodations for testing through local adult education centers. If you aren't using an adult education center, you can download the required request forms, along with complete instructions, at ACE's website. In Indiana, the GED test is also offered in Spanish and French.

Preparing To Test

Indiana students who are preparing for the GED test can locate one of many adult education centers through the Indiana Department of Workforce Development ( Adult education centers typically offer a variety of services, from formal classes to tutoring programs and study material rentals.

Students may also choose to invest in an online GED prep course. However, you should use caution and make sure that the program offers study material that is current and accurate. A good indicator is if a program operates under a licensing agreement with ACE.

Students may also use the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) for televised GED study. The air times vary according to your cable or satellite provider and the location in Indiana where you live. Broadcast schedules can be found at PBS's LiteracyLink under the heading 'GED Connection' ( .


Students who don't pass the GED test may retest in the state of Indiana after 30 or 90 days, depending on the score that they earn. If a student tests twice and still doesn't pass, he or she must wait six months before attempting the test again.

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