All About the GED: Kentucky

With expansion in auto manufacturing, tourism and energy fuel production industries, the state of Kentucky is in need of educated workers. If you're looking to earn your equivalency diploma in this state, you must take the General Educational Development (GED) test.

The GED Test in Kentucky

Kentucky currently offers the GED examination at 41 official testing centers. The content of the GED and the procedures for testing are set forth by the GED Testing Service at www.ged.com.

There are four sections that make up the GED test: math, science, social studies, and language arts. The test takes just over seven hours to finish and cannot be completed online. It might be advised that students take the test over multiple sessions instead of trying to complete all of it in one day. To pass, students must earn a score of 600 overall and no less than 150 on each section. The GED test in Kentucky is available in both English and Spanish.

Preparing for the Exam

Kentucky Adult Education offers GED preparation programs at adult education centers across all 120 state counties (kyae.ky.gov). Kentucky offers several services for free, although some charges may apply for materials. Students can visit Kentucky Adult Education to find the center nearest them. For those who would prefer to do their studying at home, Kentucky offers televised classes and an at-home multimedia study kit through the Kentucky Educational Television's partnership with GED Connection. Specific broadcast and airtime information can be found at their website (www.ket.org).

Students can also invest in an online GED preparation course. Prices and availability vary from one program to another. ACE endorses preparation materials from Steck-Vaughn and Paxen Learning.

Requirements for Taking the GED

Those wishing to take the GED test in Kentucky must first be given the official practice test to assess their readiness. Students must pass each section of the practice test with 150 points before they will be allowed to take the GED. After passing the pre-test, students should contact the testing center nearest them to make a registration appointment. A student doesn't have to enroll in an adult education program in order to take the pre-test.

GED test-takers should be at least 19 years old, should not already have a high school diploma and should not be enrolled in a secondary school program. Students who are 16-18 years old can take the test, but must first certify that they have been withdrawn from high school for at least 90 days. All test-takers should be prepared to show proof of Kentucky residency with a government-issued photo ID.

Retaking the GED

Retaking the GED examination in Kentucky requires students to present improved practice test scores in order to register for retesting. There may be fees for retaking any section of the GED examination. Students can retake the GED test as many times as they wish, but if a student fails to pass a subject after 3 tries, he or she must wait 60 days before retaking the test again.

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