All About the GED: New Mexico

If you take the GED tests in New Mexico and earn a passing score, you can earn a New Mexico High School Diploma. This diploma demonstrates that your academic knowledge and skills are comparable or equivalent to a recent high school graduate.

Taking the GED Test in New Mexico

The GED Testing Service, an extension of the American Council on Education (ACE), is responsible for delivering the GED battery of tests. The GED exams can only be taken at official testing centers and is not available online. The New Mexico Public Education Department authorizes testing to be conducted at several locations throughout the state, including universities, community colleges and county agencies.

Test Format

The GED is made up of five assessment areas: reading, writing, social studies, science and mathematics. You have just over seven hours to answer 240 multiple-choice questions and write an essay.

Scoring Information

To pass the GED test in New Mexico, you must have an overall score of at least a 2250. This score, referred to as the total standard score, is the combination of the five subtest scores. In addition to meeting the minimum total score requirement, you must average 450 on each subtest. While a higher score in one area may compensate for a lower score in another, you must earn at least a 410 for each subtest. You're allowed to retest after 30 days up to three times per calendar year . However, unless you've received a passing score on four out of the five areas, you must wait 60 days between retests if you're testing in New Mexico.

Eligibility Requirements

The New Mexico Public Education Department sets the minimum age requirement to take the GED tests at 16 years of age. However, you're required to obtain and submit a permission form with consent from your local school district, as well as from your parents or guardians, if you're under the age of 18. Other requirements include the following:

  • Can't have previously graduated from high school in the United States or Canada
  • Can't currently be enrolled in high school
  • Can't have earned a passing score on the GED previously (with some exceptions)

Preparing for the GED

The New Mexico Public Education Department offers practice tests and preparation programs at testing centers throughout the state. However, you're not required to pass a pretest before registering for the GED exams in the state of New Mexico. In addition to the testing center directory offered by the New Mexico Public Education Department, you could locate GED study programs through America's Literacy Directory, offered by the Literacy Information and Communication System ( For example, preparation programs can be found at literacy councils, adult education centers and community colleges across the state.

If you decide to prepare independently, ACE provides a number of resources. The GED Testing Service allows you to purchase official practice tests for you to gauge your readiness for the actual test ( The ACE website also lists several free resources, such as sample questions and activities, available in each of the assessment areas. The Public Broadcasting Network (PBS) also presents the GED Connection program via television to several regions in New Mexico.

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