All About the GED: Oregon

Oregon's General Educational Development (GED) credential can help open the door to jobs and higher education. Individuals who want to prepare for earning this credential can find a number of resources in Oregon.

The GED in Oregon

Using the community colleges as GED testing and preparation centers, the state of Oregon hopes to entice students to continue their education. With Oregon's diverse geography and proximity to Canada, the state offers many employment opportunities that require workers with advanced skills and the ability to continue their education. Oregon residents can take advantage of government sponsored adult education classes to help them on their road to earning their GED.

Overview of the GED

Employers and institutions of higher education often see the GED credential as being the equivalent to a high school diploma. The test is owned and maintained by the American Council on Education (ACE). It is composed of five subject subtests in language arts reading and writing, math, science and social studies.

In order to pass the GED test, you will need to earn no less than 410 on each subject subtest and no less than 2250 on the overall score. The test is available in Spanish, French and Braille. The times, dates and locations of testing are handled by individual states.

Preparing for the GED in Oregon

Students who want to prepare for the GED exam in Oregon have several choices. Each study option has its pros and cons depending upon a student's lifestyle and learning style.

Classes and Tutoring

Oregon has 17 official GED preparation programs through their community colleges. Enrollment in classes requires taking an assessment test in order to best meet the needs of the student. Class times, locations and fees vary from one community college to the next.

Online resources

Oregonians who prefer to study online on their own have a few choices in available programs. The student should use caution and ensure that the online program has up-to-date and relevant study material. ACE has partnered with a few educational publishing houses that offer online GED prep classes. Other sources for online study include for-profit schools that may or may not be based in Oregon but still offer preparatory courses designed to prepare the student for success on the GED exam.


The Public Broadcast Service (PBS) airs GED and pre-GED classes on local networks in Oregon. Students should check their local listings to locate their PBS station. Although PBS offers a full range of courses pertaining to the five subjects on the GED exam, broadcasts of individual classes are at the discretion of individual PBS stations.


Public libraries are often a treasure trove of study material for GED students. The state of Oregon has over 200 public libraries, many of which have an online presence making the search for GED study materials easier.


The GED test is offered at many of the same community colleges that offer the GED preparation programs. Testing center locations and hours will vary across the state. Students need to register and attend an orientation prior to taking the GED exam.

The student will also be required to show proof of identity in the form of a government issued photo ID. The GED exam does not have to be taken in its entirety in one test session but the student should be aware that future changes to the GED test might affect scores earned in previous testing sessions if the student has not completed and passed the entire battery.

Retesting on any of the five subtests can take place twice per year. Oregon does not require the student to attend classes or be assessed for readiness in order to test or retest.

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