Assisted Living Administrators License: Online Licensure Options

Assisted living administrators are involved in the planning, directing and coordination of assisted living facilities. Administrators must take a state-approved course or program and pass an exam in order to become licensed. In most cases, the actual licensure application and exam must be completed in-person.

What Are Online Licensure Options for Assisted Living Administrators?

Potential assisted living administrators may enroll in an online program in assisted living administration - a course, certificate or bachelor's degree. Students learn about long-term care and health administration and general management. Students should make sure that the program they choose meets state requirements for licensure.

Online Assisted Living Programs

Online core courses may include management of human resources, management foundations, healthcare ethics and regulations and laws for long-term care. Specific assisted living administration course instructs students in management and design models for assisted living institutions. Students may be required to take an internship within a facility to learn about its various departments and areas.


NAB (National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards) oversees assisted living administrators' licensure. In order to become licensed, applicants take and pass an assisted living licensure course. The course must cover resident care, human resources, organizational, physical environment and business management. They then must pass an assisted living licensure exam and a state exam if necessary. There are minimum experience and educational requirements as outlined on NAB's website.

Idaho, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina and Virginia all license assisted living administrators, requiring applicants to pass the NAB assisted living exam. In Minnesota, North Carolina and North Dakota, the exam is voluntary and can be used to signify entry-level competency. Interested applicants should check with their state to determine exact requirements.

Assisted Living Continuing Education Credit

A licensed assisted living administrator must take a certain number of continuing education (CE) credits that are state-approved over a certain period to maintain their licensure. Requirements vary by state. Online certificate programs and courses are available.

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