Associate Degree in English: Program Information

Associate degrees in English provide students with a specified education in both English literature and writing. Beyond core English classwork, students may specialize in areas as diverse as theatre, literature of a specific period or an instrumental author.

Essential Information

Individuals interested in working within the English field will need a high school education or GED equivalent to apply to associate programs. Potential students are also required to submit high school transcripts, and possibly SAT and ACT scores. These programs are typically two years in length and are offered through community and junior colleges. Students may be required to complete general education courses in math, life sciences, physical sciences and social sciences alongside core classes. Graduates may continue their studies at the bachelor's and master's degree levels.

  • Prerequisites: High school diploma; possible SAT scores of a certain level
  • Program Specializations: Drama, literature time periods, specific author
  • Program Length: Two years

Associate Degree in English

This 2-year program is one in which students are prepared in the fields of literature, poetry and critical theory. Typical programs include core courses and electives. Students may be required to complete a foreign language course to meet program requirements as well. Along with taking the required core courses, students may choose to explore and study areas of drama, literature or Shakespeare, among other concentrations. Typical classes include:

  • Advanced reading
  • American, English and world literature
  • Contemporary and dramatic literature
  • Critical thinking
  • Fiction and science fiction
  • Poetry and creative writing

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Career opportunities exist in business, communications, education, government and civic organizations for associate degree holders. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), authors and writers were projected to see a 3% employment growth from 2012 to 2022, which is slower than average. The average annual wage for authors and writers was $67,870 in May 2014. Additionally, technical writers were projected to see an employment increase of 15% from 2012 to 2022, and the mean wage was $71,950 annually in 2014, according to the BLS.

Continuing Education Information

Graduates with an associate degree may wish to further their education by enrolling in a bachelor's degree program. The Associate of Arts in English degree program provides a strong basis and foundation for those who want to pursue an English baccalaureate degree program. Students may transfer their credits and enroll as a junior at most colleges and universities. A bachelor's degree will open up more career opportunities and may be required for many entry-level positions.

Bachelor degree graduates may even further their education by applying to a master's degree program. A master's degree furthers students' knowledge and is obtainable after approximately three years of full-time study.

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