Associate of Marketing and Sales: Management Degree Overview

A variety of business and marketing topics will be covered in an associate's degree program in marketing and sales. Students will learn about market research, sales, business strategies, and other aspects of managing a business.

Essential Information

Courses in sales and marketing programs explore Internet commerce and traditional retailing and may include instruction on working collaboratively with colleagues and clients to develop marketing and sales plans. An associate degree program in marketing and sales management prepares graduates to provide products and services to the public or to an organization's buyers. Pursuing a business and marketing curriculum is beneficial, but not mandatory. Entrance into an associate's of marketing and sales degree program requires a high school diploma or GED.

Associate of Marketing and Sales Management Degree Overview

Students learn core business principles at first, then move on to courses in marketing and sales. The curriculum usually includes courses in business theory and practical marketing applications. All schools require a high school diploma or GED certificate for admission. Taking business and marketing courses in high school might be beneficial, but is not mandatory. Associate's degree credits can often be applied to 4-year degrees. Courses may include these topics:

  • Marketing research
  • Business law
  • Public speaking
  • International marketing
  • Managing a sales territory

Popular Career Options

Graduates with an associate's degree in marketing and sales management are prepared for jobs in many areas of business, including customer service, market research and e-marketing. Popular career options include these:

  • Product sales representative
  • Advertising account executive
  • Distribution manager
  • Social media marketer

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the employment of advertising sales agents will decline by 3% between 2014 and 2024 ( Market research analysts, on the other hand, should see a 19% increase in job opportunities during the same time period. Based on May 2015 data from the BLS, advertising sales agents earned a mean annual salary of $61,690. Market research analysts and marketing specialists received a mean annual wage of $70,030.

Continuing Education and Professional Certifications

Students who have earned associate's degrees often pursue bachelor's degrees or higher. Often, but not always, credits earned while obtaining the associate's degree can be applied towards the higher degree.

Many career fields have their own professional organizations that offer credentials to qualified individuals. Credentialing often involves meeting educational requirements and passing an examination. The BLS says that while employers seldom require certification, more professionals are obtaining it.

Students in an associate's degree program focusing on marketing and sales management will have opportunities in a variety of business environments that may include sales, distribution, marketing or social media. Program typically focus on management principles and business theory, giving students the skills they need to address the challenge and advantages of working in a diverse global market.

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