Associate of Organizational Management: Degree Overview

An associate's degree program in organizational management can prepare students to manage personnel through effective communication and leadership techniques. Programs can provide students with skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and business planning.

Essential Information

An associate's degree in organizational management can effectively prepare an individual for employment in entry-level management positions across a diversity of industries. Alternatively it can lead to more advanced degrees, which open the doors for even more opportunity. Graduates are typically prepared to lead and manage others, particularly in matters of business.

  • Program Levels in Organizational Management: Associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctorate degree (all in organizational management)
  • Prerequisites: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Online Availability: May be available in certain cases
  • Program Length: 2 years

Associate's Degree in Organizational Management

The associate's degree in organizational management is a 60 credit hour program. The coursework offered can vary by program, but should prepare the student for dealing with customers, supervising employees and completing administrative work. Courses can include topics like:

  • Human resource administration
  • Management concepts
  • Human relations in business and industry
  • Project management in quality organizations
  • Business communications
  • Management and leadership

Popular Careers and Possible Salaries

Companies and other organizations are complex structures that operate on many different levels under the supervision of an assortment of management personnel. An associate's degree program in organizational management can be a starting point in a variety of industries and management titles. More advanced positions, such as public relations manager or marketing manager, may require bachelor's or master's degrees, but associate's degree holders can obtain entry-level positions such as:

  • Frontline manager
  • Office manager
  • Store manager

While salary is really dependent on the exact position, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in May 2014 that general and operations managers overall earned an average annual wage of $117,200 (

Continuing Education Information

An individual who holds an associate degree in organizational management may transfer credits earned towards a bachelor's degree in organizational management or a related field, such as business administration. Organizational management programs may also be obtained at the master's or doctoral degree levels. These advanced programs can focus on the study of group behavior and the development of communities, and can offer elective coursework in subjects like healthcare management.

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