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BBA in Acquisition & Contract Management: Degree Overview

Read about a BBA program in acquisition and contract management. Discover what students learn, and browse a list of potential courses. Review the career options, and check the employment outlook statistics.

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Essential Information

Degree programs in acquisition and contract management are offered at the bachelor's degree level but are more common at the graduate level, where such subjects can be explored in detail. When an undergraduate degree program specifically in acquisition and contract management is not available, a Bachelor of Business Administration program offers coursework that prepares students for work in the field.

Students might develop a firm foundation in concepts related to both federal and commercial contract procurement. Emphasis is also placed on establishing strong oral and written communication skills so that students can clearly articulate their goals for a contract and convey their overall management philosophies. Internships and other hands-on opportunities may be available to prepare students for real-world contract acquisition and administration scenarios.

Course Topics

Studies begin by addressing various foundational business principles, such as accounting, management and general business law that help students understand how contracts are set up and how to approach procurement ethically and effectively. The curriculum then specifically highlights such aspects as negotiating, pricing and administration of contracts along with fundamentals of contract law and the inherit responsibilities put in place at the initial awarding of a contract until its ultimate termination.

The curriculum focuses on subject matter such as these:

  • Contract formation
  • Business ethics
  • Accounting
  • Management philosophies
  • Acquisition administration
  • Leadership and group dynamics
  • Contract management pricing
  • Organizational communication
  • Management information systems
  • Marketing concepts

Popular Career Options

Once they've finished the program, students are primed to begin more advanced training at the graduate level or to embark on some immediate employment opportunities with titles such as these:

  • Contract manager
  • Procurement specialist
  • Logistics analyst

Salary and Job Outlook

Although these careers have overlapping duties, the salaries and employment growth vary. For example, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for purchasing managers, buyers and purchasing agents, including procurement specialists, was projected to increase by a slower-than-average rate of 4% over the 2012-2022 decade, while the demand for logisticians was projected to increase by a faster-than-average rate of 22% over the same period. The BLS reported in 2012 that wholesale and retail non-farm products purchasing agents earned a median annual salary of $51,470 in 2012, and farm-products purchasing agents earned a median of $55,720. Purchasing agents who procure machinery and equipment earned a median salary of $58,760. In May 2012, the BLS reported that logisticians had a median annual salary of $72,780.

Continuing Education

After completing their undergraduate studies, students are able to further solidify their understanding of contract administration and acquisitions in order to equip them for advanced leadership occupations in public or private arenas. Emphasis is placed on research as well as tangible applications of their knowledge within the field.

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