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Bachelor of Science (BS): Operations Management Degree Overview

Read about a Bachelor of Science program that teaches operations management. Discover the subjects that prospective students might explore and research career paths that are generally taken. Check the salary information for specialists and see continuing education details for graduates.

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Essential Information

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management programs are designed to help students develop productivity, management and business skills. A typical program lasts about four years and can consist of 120-180 credit hours of study. Coursework often includes lab experiences or internships with local businesses. Applicants to this program must have at least a high school diploma or its GED equivalent.

Course Topics

People interested in the design and management of manufacturing processes may benefit from a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management. Business tools, such as microcomputers and business software, can be explored even as students learn about working in a global environment. Programs teach students how to implement management and take quality control measures. Topics may include:

  • Management principles
  • Management of inventory
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Accounting principles
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Spreadsheet software lab
  • Service management
  • Relational databases
  • Technical report writing
  • Project management

Popular Career Options

Successful completion of this degree program prepares graduates for career opportunities in purchasing, supply chain management, operations, logistics and inventory control. Students may be prepared to handle responsibilities that include setting up manufacturing plants and handling tactical issues. Some of the other duties performed in these sectors include policy formulation, daily operations management, materials usage and human resource management. A professional working in this field could work in wage and salary administration, operations research analysis or management consultation. Other job titles may include:

  • Labor relations officer
  • Inventory manager
  • Production supervisor
  • Quality control manager

Salary Info lists the median annual salary for each of these positions as of December 2013. Labor relations managers earned a median wage of $94,244 per year, inventory managers earned $44,660, production supervisors earned $51,759, and quality control managers earned $61,067. Operations managers in general earned a median wage of $64,689 per year, according to

Continuing Education Information

A graduates of bachelor's degree program can go on to complete a master's degree program in operations management to learn advanced skills and improve opportunities for employment. Graduate certificate programs are also available for those wishing to specialize in specific areas of operations management, like supply-chain management. These graduate degrees can be earned online. Additionally, bachelor's degree holders may be eligible to enroll in Ph.D. in Operations Management programs in order to progress into careers based in research and academia.

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